Raniere’s New Bail Proposal – Or At Least What He Might Suggest

By Joe O’Hara and Frank Parlato

It was the lack of “moral suasion” that led Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis to say “No” to Keith Raniere’s extraordinary bail package.

The judge said, “moral suasion” is needed for “the defendant to adhere to the terms of the release. But there is no one to do that in this case, the way you have structured it.” And again, “There’s no moral suasion placed upon the defendant to adhere to the terms of the bail because, frankly, he has nothing to lose.”

We have been told  that Raniere’s lead attorney, Marc Agnifilo, reads posts on this blog.  And why not? He’s billing the irrevocable trust, funded by soon-to-be indicted Clare Bronfman, at $2,500/hour for all his Raniere-related work.

So, why not read the Frank Report? Hell, at those rates, why not read it – and submit comments on every post?

So, in appreciation for Marc’s interest, we thought it would be nice to try to help him understand the kinds of things that Raniere might be too bashful to mention – things he could include in his next bail proposal to squeak up to “moral suasion” – that is give Raniere something to lose.

Without bragging, we both have worked for The Vanguard – and because we both spent a lot more one-on-one time with him than Marc [at least so far] – we think we have a better understanding of how Raniere might try to convince Judge Garaufis that Raniere  should be allowed to reside in a local mansion while he awaits trial on the Feds’ “trumped-up” charges against him.

Without further ado, here’s what we think The Vanguard should include in his revised bail proposal:

1: $100 Million Bond with Patents

A $100 million bail bond secured not only by Raniere’s personal signature but by his patents – including his INTELLIGENT SWITCHING SYSTEM FOR VOICE AND DATA which is the basis of his stalled lawsuit against AT&T and Microsoft. He claims they stole the tech from him for teleconferencing. The two big corporations claim he is a liar.

Besides the disputed patents, Keith Raniere has other patents which the world has yet to discover it needs.









System for videotaping and recording a musical group

Method and apparatus for improving performance

Systems and methods for permitting movement of an object outside a predetermined proximity distance threshold

Athletic course covering system

Sleep guidance system and related methods

Rational inquiry sash

Sash with stripes

Checkered sash

Checkered sash with edge

Sash with edge

Two toned sash

Talk about moral suasion; if Raniere flees the jurisdiction, he will lose the right to issue sashes. That will likely convince him to stay put.

2. Allison’s Unborn Children 

True, he denied paternity of his eldest son – and claimed the boy was a foundling – until the mother fled to escape his psychopathic madness. Then, the Vanguard admitted he was the father (Papa wanted his dear boy back – or at least wanted to find – and punish – the baby mama). .

He also claimed he went to Mexico to be with his new-born son and the boy’s mother, but when he was arrested, he was in a $10,000 a week Villa with several of his front-line sex slaves – and the babe was hundreds of miles away.

So, his present children would not make good collateral. But there would still be something that Raniere would be loathe to lose:

Raniere owns Allison’s future unborn children., She pledged them as collateral as part of her life-long vow of slavery to him. Raniere could forfeit her unborn children if he fled.

Allison Mack  – what she lacks in common sense, she more than makes up for in reckless idiocy.

3. Harem Choice

Pick of the harem.  As Judge Garaufis must have noticed, for he looks like a man of nice judgment and a discerning eye, there are many a fine specimen of femaleness in Raniere’s branded harem. Too skinny? Sure, but they’ll fatten up in no time. They are technically Raniere’s property, so he can post them as collateral. We know not if the judge is a bachelor and might enjoy a finely trained slave or two, but even if he is not, he might have a law clerk or worthy nephew who would benefit by a branded female empowerment-trained slave.

If you want to be with Vanguard, you have to attain that perfection of body that comes from 500 calories per day.

4. Damaging Info

In the past, Clare Bronfman – at Raniere’s behest – hired Canaprobe to spy on federal judges. They got Canaprobe to spy on U.S. District Chief Judge Gary L. Sharpe; U.S. Magistrate Randolph F. Treece; U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Robert E. Littlefield Jr,, U.S. Senior Judge Thomas J. McAvoy U.S. District Judge Dennis M. Cavanaugh and U.S. Magistrate Mark Falk.

Part of the bail could be a personal promise from Raniere that he will never spy on the judge or even the magistrate in this case.

5. Los Angeles Real Estate

-Raniere could pledge any of the $26 million of prime properties that Clare and Sara Bronfman, with Raniere’s expert advice, were going to develop in the Los Angeles, CA area. Most of these are still being marketed by one of The Vanguard’s favorite expert witnesses (More on her in a later post).

6. Commodities Investment Secrets

Raniere’s secret formula for investing in the commodities market (Not to worry, he’s fixed the flaws that caused the $65 million losses for the Bronfmans).

7. Wakaya Island

It’s infested with mosquitoes but it’s still an island in the South Pacific.

Wakaya Island

8. Credit Card

A credit card tied to Pam Cafritz’s bank account (If you can convince the U.S. Attorney’s Office to back down, there should be at least $8 million in there).

9. Human Substitute

Your Honor, Raniere will actually give you a live hostage to hold at MDC in his stead. His name is Jim Del Negro – and if Raniere decides to skip, Jimmy will willingly serve whatever sentence you decide to mete out.

How the hell can His Honor say “No” to this bail package?

There’s moral suasion oozing out of every nook and cranny of it.


Jim Del Negro – what he lacks in brightness, he makes up for in stupidity.

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  • Isn’t the money someone paid for all the patent filings considered income for Raniere?

    Patents are not cheap to file let alone the lawyers fees

    If Raniere owns the patents, someone else had to pay for the cost of he has zero income and things “just appear”

    Don’t have to be the smartest person in the world to figure this tax evasion situation.

  • I know all about it but I thought I would put them in purple because it’s the color of royalty and they view themselves above the law like royals

  • Hey slow down all you Raneire supporters i”n pressing these purple jumpsuits and shining these new white nikes for you all to wear but I can only go so fast

  • you heard of “lock her up” ? Well I have a new one. “Shut Frank Down!” Repeat after me. “Shut Frank Down!”

    • Prove this is Karen Salzman by showing a close up and whole body view of your KR/AM burned private area. Too bad there’s this little issue called the First Amendment Freedom of Speech. You should know all about that, many of your lawsuits lost on that issue. LOL

  • Look at the bullies. How they mock us. I have sent in an email to Frank with a separate post. Let’s see if he prints it. We are gonna take over this site. This is war for Vanguard and we can win it!
    People post comments in support to Vanguard. Monte

    • Monte, you’re just a fake NXIVM supporter and I can’t believe Frank publishes your FAKE articles.

      You’re not a REAL Keith Raniere supporter and that’s why I hate reading your dumb posts (which all reek of “over the top” sarcasm).

      If you were a real NXIVM supporter and you really supported Keith, then I’d love to read your posts. But you’re not. You’re just a fraud.

      So I hope Frank STOPS publishing your stupid articles UNTIL you make them more believable (e.g. until you begin sounding like a REAL NXIVM supporter instead of a guy using “over the top” sarcasm to pretend like he loves Keith).

      In summary Monte, you hate Keith just as much as we do….and therefore Frank needs to stop publishing your boring shit.

      I’d much rather hear from Pea than from you…..since at least I know that whoever she really is, she’s a real NXIVM supporter.

      Eat shit Monte. 🙂

      • I can’t say that I agree with you John completely about Monte. But thank you for being kind. We all need kindness in these troubling times.

      • *just to be clear.

        I’m not attacking Monte for being pro NXIVM (like others do). I’m attacking him for being so ‘obvious’ (about his sarcasm) that his articles are too boring for me to even finish reading.

    • It would improve the quality of comments on this site for Frank to require everyone’s ID be linked to their website, Facebook, etc., or we don’t know who is saying what.

  • Frank, maybe you can privately contact the NXIVM commenters (Karen, Pea, Peter, etc) and tell them that you’ll gladly publish their defenses of Keith as actual articles here. You should encourage them. It would be cool to see how others view things since I’ve always wondered how North Koreans can believe the things they do about Dear Leader.

    I promise not to be too mean to them. Really, I’ll make an effort to be more ‘fair’ to them from now on. 🙂

    Note to KarenSalzman: If “fair and balanced” were a legal requirement to operate a web site, then Huffington Post and MSNBC.com would be shut down tomorrow for their one sided reporting that’s 99.9% negative about Trump every single day. Breitbart and Rush Limbaugh’s site would also be shut down for their one sided reporting that’s far too rightwing. LOL.

    Sorry but you can’t get the site shut down, not even if you write to Santa Claus. 🙂

  • JDN wasn’t one of the four to contact you, and say they have gotten out? You should give us an article about The Knife Media and Rosa Laura Junco, so we don’t think she is one who has gotten out. I would hate to see her get away with providing Mexican teenagers to NXIVM members to clean their house and to Raniere for who knows what all he got away with doing to them.

    Overall, very funny stuff. I wish I could think of something really long to say for Agniflio to rack up his billables reading it, but too tired from too long a day in the sun at the water park with the munchkins.

  • Karen, I am sorry to shatter your illusions but I know exactly what this website is, I am anti Keith or I wouldn’t be on here. But I don’t intend to be rude to people I don’t know in order to share a thought. As a mother of a 20-something daughter, he scares the shit out of me. When you think your children are semi safe , educated , smart and lovely, it’s not there in your mind that they might use some of their hard earned money to take a self help class and be lured into something so heinous.

    And unlike Dr Porter they have to pay back student loans.

  • Good grief, start your own website and sing the glory of a con artist on there! We have the constitutional right to say what we want on here or anywhere else we choose. As a supposedly intelligent woman, it amazes me that you would support and idolize a man that degrades and plainly has tried to make women nothing more than play things. As a woman, you should be ashamed!

  • I agree with Karen. And the comments to be split evenly. Half in favor and half against.as Marc Aginifio said there is a pro Nxivm and anti Nxivm. People who are pro Nxivm are afraid to speak out because of the bullying of shadow state Van Douche and others who make us feel intimidated. It must stop there should be rules for comments. That’s all I am trying to say. This blog can help us get our message out.

    • Fuck you and your scam artist master. He’s a rapist of teen girls and an insincere douche bag who manipulates people and scams them out of their money using ripped off “technology” and thought reform methods. Go cry in a corner.

    • There is nothing compassionate about Keith Raniere. The only person VanGrifter cares about is himself.

      The first step is acknowledging that everything Keith said about his background is a lie.

      The next step is realizing that NXIVM was a big scam designed to take advantage of the lost…

      From there, awakening begins…

    • Since when is telling the truth about NXIVM and its members “bullying”?

      Since when is telling the truth about DOS and the sexual slavery it promotes “bullying”?

    • To Karen Lauren Dawn and Esther time to wake up from the hypnotic trance state Keith left you in before he fled to Mexico like the coward he is. Get over it. Wake up and smell the coffee.

  • The site is one sided. It should give equal time to defense of Keith. Heather I don’t see why you can’t see how prejudiced this website is. All it does is attack Keith. Why don’t they have any writers who show what a humanitarian and ethicist he is? How many people whose lives were changed by his tech. How many love Keith and know he is compassionate. For that reason I agree that the website must be suspended or an ageeement must be reached that Frank must give equal space to both sides. I too will write to the judge and demand the site be suspended until the site is fair and balanced. That is the journalistic standard!! Learn the law.

    • Apparently the hundred of reported tens of millions of dollars Clare Bronfman spent on lawyers and PR to promote the fake message of “ethics”, and shut down all critics is not match for what is probably a $50/a month web site. Looks like the Bronfman fortune is no match for a $50/month web site, and now the Bronfman slaves want to bully the operator of a tiny web site.

      Bronfman slaves are such pathetic losers, and when I say pathetic, and mean they are BIG-TIME PATHETIC losers. In fact they should probably all have “FR” branded on their foreheads so everyone knows to avoid them. If they don’t like having “FR” branded on their forehead, they could use “BS” instead to show they are “Bronfman Slaves” now.

      • Not only are Bronfman slaves pathetic losers, they are DUMB pathetic losers. By writing to the judge, that would encourage the judge to actually read the site and learn even more stuff that he wasn’t previously told by prosecutors.

        Yep, go for it you dumb Bronfman Slaves.

    • NXIVM is one-sided and should give equal time to expounding on Keith’s deceitful and disrespectful behavior towards the many women in his life past and present. Especially about the young girls seduced and raped. And yes, he sure did that – while I warned him off of one 13 year old, and left him shortly thereafter, I later discovered he was raping a 14 year old in my bedroom in our apartment around that same time period. Not to mention the mind bending garbage he did to me personally. So, when NXIVM is prepared to present both sides of the matter, I’ll champion your cause for this site to do the same. Time to exercise some critical thinking skills, hmm?

      • I would say critical thinking skills are lacking in this group of people (Cult members). I mean, who pays thousands of dollars for the same stuff you can find in a library and check out for FREE???? Or, buy in a bookstore for a pittance of what these people paid.

        • and dumb.

          Some people are more comfortable with people telling them what to do all the time.

          The same people will just look for someone else to follow when they realise Raniere isn’t getting out.

    • Karen Salzman, “journalistic standard” and the law are not the same thing. That is why we have Fox News and Rush Limbaugh.
      Furthermore, opinions are are simply that: OPINIONS. They are protected by the First Amendment. Check out the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
      Quite frankly, I find Shadowstate’s “obsessiveness” toward Allison Mack tiresome. However, not once have I seen anything in his writings on her become threatening or that would suggest any potential harm to her on his part. Again, that is free speech. And while I don’t care for what he has to say, I support his right to say it.

    • What a dolt thinks they have the right to violate our free speech or Frank’s.

      If you don’t like the site, don’t read it.

      Grow up.

    • You are pro NXSCUM. Since you follow someone else it is clear you are unable to think for yourself an simply need instruction. I will provide that for you, free of charge! Do Not visit this website agian, your are committing an ethical breach. Begin now to run head first into a tree.

    • Karen and Pea, thank you for being brave enough to post. I am a mere observer who has been interested in this story for familial reasons. I wish that you would be treated with civility here, and that your alternate viewpoint could be discussed with civility.

      That being said expectations of “equal space” are unrealistic at the very least. By your logic- if Frank Report were focused, let’s say, on exposing the dangers of the KKK, it should run an equal amount of articles that are pro-KKK? I don’t know any journalistic entity that holds itself to this kind of standard, and it would often be dangerous. So what you’re considering to be journalistic standards is mistaken. It’s certainly not illegal for a website, nevermind real journalistic entities, etc. to take certain positions without regulating equal space/time to the opposition.

      That being said, I do hope you will continue to post your views here and I hope enough thoughtful people can engage with you respectfully.

  • Ms , I am not sure why this became an issue over you . There is a lot of anger here that I don’t want to be a part of. But it has been cathartic to have an outlet for my humble thoughts and opinions. From the outside looking in Nxivm s that got involved in the inner workings of the cult are damaged but dangerous. The judge is not going to do anything to jeopardize his case . YOU say Keith is innocent, as he is an avid court groupie he needs to tell the truth , don’t you think ? Why does he have the right to have charges filed on others yet these rules do not apply to him? Let him do what he has done to others and prove his own guilt or innocence.

  • I ageee with you Pea. I think Raniere has the right to do anything consensual and did the most part that is what he did. I do ageee the judge should order this website taken down until the trial is over. He says a lot of bad things about Keith and people read who may be in the jury. Shut it down BTW Pea I know where you’re coming from I hate it when people mock our other people name. Let’s stick with the issues folks

  • I think this is a nasty post and is meant to destroy the judges internal representation of Keith. Lay off. Let justice takes its natural course. Keith is innocent. You try to make him guilty. Are you the judge and jury? I am going to ask that the judge order this website be shut down until after the trial. And to all you trolls and cowards out there I am sick of you mocking out my name. My mother was Aleutiian and my father Bavarian. so Stop it. This is the only website I post on where low life people do that.

    • pee-pee don’t forget the Hawiian claim. Frankly, I tire of having to reminding you of your previously stated provenance. Did you drink too much last night? smoke too much weed? Is it early onset dementia? or frequent menopausal moments? or are you just a plain old-fashioned liar? There is no internal representation of Keith that comes close to your own, you should know that by now!

    • Pea, it’s ironic that you tell us not to judge Keith……when he’s spent the last 10 years judging and punishing women for committing “ethical breaches” such as not wanting to FUCK him, LOL.

      When he got locked up, it’s rumored that NXIVM leadership convinced India to “take the fall” for him (by testifying that he knew nothing and everything was all her fault). LOL.

      Does a real man let a young woman falsely blame herself and go to prison on his behalf?

      Or does a COWARD do that?

      Keith has committed wrongs which he must pay for. He’s a lowly coward.

      Guess what? Keith probably won’t be coming home for 15-20 years. No more tune up sessions. Go find a real boyfriend and live a normal life. Forget about Keith.

      Oh… Please tell India to stop worrying her mom and to quit this cult, and to help prosecutors in exchange for a plea deal.

      NXIVM will never again resume operations. It’s over. Throw your sash into the trash cuz you’ll never recruit or coach another sucker ever again.

      Hey that rhymes! “Throw your sash into the trash” Kinda catchy.

      Go get a job Pea. I hear there’s a few toilet cleaning companies in Albany hiring soon.

      Have a nice day. 🙂 🙂

    • – I think this is a nasty post and is meant to destroy the judges internal representation of Keith.

      I believe VanDouche’s words and actions have sufficed to do such. And yet, the judge will still implement justice in his courtroom and give the defense every allowable opportunity according to law to rebut the arguments of the prosecution to prove their case against VanDouche.

    • So Pea Onyou, it must be lonely with your “hero” Allison Mack under house arrest in California.
      How are you and Nicki Clyne holding up?
      Are you lawyered up for your own pending indictment?
      Has Clare Bronfman set up a trust fund for your defense?

    • Pea, the first amendment guarantees the right of free speech. While we must certainly allow for the notion of innocent until proven guilty, speculation of this nature is perfectly legal. I doubt the judge is reading the Frank Report since he is concerned with hearing the case as presented by the legal teams on both sides. Go ahead and “ask that the judge order this website shut down…” Good luck with that.
      At the same time, if you’re sick of people making fun of your name, the second line under the details allows you to choose a pseudonym. You don’t really think somebody actually goes by the name Shadowstate?

  • This one is VanGrifter’s patent for Telekinesis…Systems and methods for permitting movement of an object outside a predetermined proximity distance threshold


  • Wonder if Keith is lying in his bunk right sleeping with visions of Mac n cheese and cheese burgers dancing in his head

  • I still don’t understand how he was ever granted patents on sashes. Maybe I should try and patent the black leather belts.

    • Hurry I just filed for the patent on the plastic tips on shoelaces as well as the process to trap air in a jar

      • Can we patent the middle finger as a ‘Technology To Display Displeasure Without Use of Sound Waves’ ???

  • I wonder if in KR’s grand ambition to spread his seed around he ever donated sperm …. Imagine the disappointment of those hopeful parents when their son (who they paid so much money to inseminate) graduates high school still wearing boys size husky jeans and proudly wearing an oversized letterman jacket with nothing but a fuzzy volleyball emblem on the front. Realizing years before they should have seeked therapy for him when he shaved his initials on the family dog and refused to take Mr. Pickles collar from around his neck for three months.

    • He is all about control. He wouldn’t just give semen away and not be able to control the women who got it or exert control over the children conceived with it.

  • Nice post Frank. 🙂

    I especially like the “unborn child” part……since it sarcastically points out (to his attorneys) something that the jury will never be able to forget when deliberating his fate (e.g. the perversion of Keith’s mind that compelled him to demand that Allison sign over her future unborn kids to him, LOL).

    I’m sure ALL of their attorneys are reading your site (attorneys for Keith, Allison, Clare Bear, etc)….since this place is better than a focus group for getting opinions on their clients (and the arguments that they’ll need to overcome at trial). LOL

    • *Even if it was Allison’s idea to sign over her future unborn kids……the fact that Keith ‘accepted’ this perverted collateral shows the jury that his mind is perverted beyond all reason. 🙂

      His attorneys cannot overcome this issue. The jury will see his emails and know that he’s a perverted & sick fuck. LOL

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Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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