Funny video mocks Allison Mack and ‘Kenneth Raniere’

YouTube’s Random Rants of Ryan is an analysis on a video of Keith Raniere and Allison Mack.

Ryan calls him Kenneth Raniere in this funny video.

He refers to Allison Mack as “so gullible, so naive, so willing to give their power away, so un-independent, so co-dependent. Sad.”

Of Raniere, who Ryan says talks in psycho-blabble, said, “The guys a fuckin’ hoot, especially knowing what a sick fucking creep-o this guy is.”

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  • I hope the nudes & sex tapes Raniere made of Allison Mack & Kristin Kreuk are leaked.

    • There are no nudes of Kristin because she was never in DOS and long gone before it formed.

      If nudes and sex tapes are released they would “hang” Raniere and company for blackmail. The government has them all for the prosecution anyway.

      There is plenty of free porn for you to masturbate to on the internet.

      • Kristin Kook and Ally Whack were both taking the Raniere Salami.
        He was doing any and all girls that were hot long before dos.
        And there might be some video evidence if Fuzzy Testifies.
        Don’t believe otherwise.

  • I hope it AM testifies in defense of Keith they have a couch for him to jump up and down on while shouting she loves me she really really loves me

  • MAny of the people who comment here have had direct contact with Keith and or NXIVM. I haven’t. I started following this case as soon as it became MS news when he and AM were arrested. I had, however, watched all the seasons of Smallville. That being said, as I have watched these “conversations” I have been absolutely floored that ANYONE would have ever seen this guy as someone special. It had to be hypnosis or whatever that ensnared so many because from what I’ve seen, he is an absolute joke and it’s very easy to see he is an egomaniac and a narcissist. How did so many people not see it? He is creepy AF, and it is embarrassing to our society as a whole how many fell for it. In 2 seconds I can clearly see what a fraud he is. He says absolutely nothing special. I have not heard one thing he has said that was profound or worthy of following. I assume so many were enamored by his reputation of being the smartest man in the world. His own self absorbed proclamation. What has he ever said that was smart?? I never attended an intensive so maybe I’m in the dark here. Was there really some aubstance to those sessions?? Because all I can see is a creepy ass hat who preys on admiration. To think he got so many followers is beyond me. Here’s to hoping he rots in prison along with the other psychopaths (Clare) who helped further his abusive empty cause.and here’s to hoping all women (and men) ensnared by him get the F out and heal.

    • It’s tough bc the EMs can really help you to overcome emotional obstacles…

      But, Raniere and the upper echelon of NXSCUM abused their power and position. Moreover, he didn’t come up with new technology.

      Keith only synthesized and distilled Scientology, Tony Robbins, and Ayn Rand into the Executive Success Program. Throw in the lack of morals of a true Psychopath and BOOM! You see abuse without limits…

      The EMs really work. And that’s the part that is difficult to resolve with the dichotomy of NXIVM abuse. Because the tech can be used to help. Instead, it was misused to hurt, kill, and injure.

      • Between Christine Collins completely unprofessional (and unethical) behaviour, and Siobahn Hotaling sucking at EMs, I didn’t get sucked in thankfully.

        I found Raniere’s behaviour completely creepy and repulsive.

        Guess I didn’t drink the kool aid the right way.

      • So Omar, are you on the Bronfman payroll or do they just give you a couple of pennies for each limited hangout or trollish comment you make?

        • HAHAHAHA! You sound like a current NXSCUMER.

          If I were you, I would be more worried about not filing your income taxes and not declaring/reporting your income from NXIVM/ESP to the IRS.

          I would also worry about DHS and ICE getting wind of your VISA fraud. Trump’s ICE is a lot less forgiving than Obamas! You might find yourself on a quick flight back to Canada or South Africa!!!

    • Remember that the Allison Mack/Chloe Sullivan of Smallville was mouthing lines written for her by screenwriters.

      The real Allison Mack is dim witted and fell in love with a misogynistic perverted toad.
      Moreover the real Allison Mack has displayed a cruelty towards her fellow women that proves she is a dangerous sociopath.

  • Whatever kind of sexual relationship Raniere and Mack had it was probably close to the book and movie “Fifty Shades of Gray.”
    Shadow State1958

  • VanFraud likes to speak in general terms that appear to be good trigger words known to many, but he doesn’t define what they mean. What is humanization? What is its opposite – dehumanization? What is ethics? A tool is something people use to help them perform some action. But people can also be used as tools. Case in point: everyone women in DOS. Slavery masked as consent. What is a “fuck toy” except a tool to satisfy someone’s lusts? I’ve said this before. Everything and everyone appears to be a “tool” to VanFraud. Yet he wants to talk about humanization? The irony.

    The discussion of ethics is part of philosophy. Ethics presupposes notions of right and wrong – what one *ought* to do, or what one *ought* to not do. There are commonalities between many ethical systems and there are differences. Even if the former are shared between different ethical systems, the latter may be opposed to each other across them. For example, in secular societies, consensual sex between adults without the bonds of marriage is not considered unethical. In proper adherence to the Abrahamic faiths sexual ethics are more rigorous in the sense that in addition to there being consent between adults, marriage is also a precondition. Sex before marriage is considered a sin, and hence unethical. So when he throws around words like humanization and ethics, whose system is he referring to?

    Well the obvious answer is his own. He sees nothing wrong in abusing other people’s money, not paying taxes, money laundering, or forming a master/slave sex cult of women where they are branded and take a vow to be his for life where they must share him, etc.

    What does this video have to do with the technology NXIVM et al purports to sell – Rational Inquiry? Nothing.

    Obviously, these videos were all made prior to the public revelation of DOS. The fact that they are still up on YouTube makes him look like even a bigger hypocritical fool.

    So it is unsurprising that this guy is mocking the hell out of him and Allison Mack.

    • That’s easy.. You are more human if you give Keith Raniere all your money and do what you are told.
      If you challenge anything he says, you are less human.
      Hence why nobody in NXIVM needs to wake up to reality, because everyone they consider not to be human is beneath them, so why would they listen to any of us?

  • Great Analysis. Ryan keeps saying Kenneth, it’s Keith of course. But still, spot-on.

    VanGrifter doesn’t say anything meaningful. He just rephrases your question to provide you a sense of validation. So, the follower feels the responses are PROFOUND. In reality, it is just a parlor trick. Charles Manson did the same thing…his followers described him as the kindest, gentlest, smartest person – depending on who you asked. Charlie was just filling in that person’s gaps and modifying himself to meet that person’s needs/expectations.

    To read more about NXIVM:

    • It has to be totally deliberate. I know you can imagine how offended Raniere would be somebody can’t even get his name right.

      It’s interesting to see people being able to freely slam him without having Clare come after them to attempt to destroy them like she used to do before she got busy saving themselves.

      • LOLOLOLOLolololoooo. Very True… it’s annoying as F#ck… Kenneth Raniere. Hahahaha.

        Yeah, Scarecrow aka ‘Clare’ has bigger things to worry about. I really don’t see her sticking around the USA. If she has half a brain cell, she will be loooooooong gone.

        • Yeah, the name poking thing is quite funny.

          I don’t know, man… I didn’t think Raniere would actually stoop low enough to start sleeping with Clare even with viagara to be able to get it up. Do you think he told her putting a bag over her head while they did it would help clear her ethical breach? Maybe it was one of those funky leather head things with the zipper where the mouth is. I don’t know what they are called. LOL

          Seriously, though… Sara, likely due to becoming a mother, had enough self-preservation to get away sooner. I don’t know that Clare has any self-preservation left. I also don’t know that she has anything to live for if her lord and savior is taken from her forever.

          I always knew she was at least a bit off because of her weird, cold demeanor. I think I feel surprised enough at what we are just starting to find out that I am not prepared to place any bets as to what she will or won’t do.

    • Raniere tells people what they want to hear, hence he sounds “profound.”
      Allison Mack and the other NXIVM robots are too self-absorbed to figure out what he’s doing.
      If anyone at NXIVM is a reincarnated Nazi, it’s Kenneth Raniere.

      • HAHAHAHA! Another NXSCUMER on Frank’s website. You know this website logs in every comment and IP address right?

        If I were you, I would be more concerned about you and NXIVM not reporting your ESP income to the IRS and/or Canada Revenue Agency for the last few years. Tax Evasion is a very serious offense, punishable by a loooong prison sentence.

        I would also be worried about your VISA fraud that NXIVM encouraged members to do. Trump’s DHS and ICE is a lot less forgiving that Obama’s ICE. You might find yourself on plane back to Canada, South Africa, Mexico, or wherever you are from very shortly…after your prison stay, of course.

  • Some hilarious responses to the video from viewers.

    Jamie Dlux
    2 months ago
    Ps. He told her If he jizzed on her that she was his forever! I tell girls the opposite. Lol

    snipers dream
    1 month ago
    on the face, sure.

    First video: he’s saying touching is good and not having contact is bad. He’s speaking as if he is good so others are bad. He’s grooming that lady in front of us.
    (My Comment: Allison Mack was groomed long ago.)

    2 months ago
    Lol! That was lame, cheesy and creepy. Omg! She recruited other women for him. Yuck.

    Amy Grace
    2 months ago
    Actually, the branding includes Allison Mack’s initials as well.

    Harris Anne
    1 month ago
    This video of the perv talking to the airhead is cringeworthy.

    Chino Sanchez
    1 month ago
    These 2 gotta be under psychedelic mushrooms, no way anyone could say this is profound or intellectal

    Barbara Perry
    1 month ago
    Hilarious Ryan!!! Is Alison out of her mind?

    JoAnn Edwards
    2 months ago
    My puppy is listening lol it’s funny hes cocking his head side to side

    Kim Martin
    1 month ago
    Allison Mack is now part of the Superman curse. Nuff said.

    • More comments

      ruthie chapman
      1 month ago
      Lol you’re saying everything I’ve been thinking about these videos. It’s hilarious watching how Allison is hanging out to his every bs word.

      Jessi j
      1 month ago
      you should read her poetry. one title is “one day ill be found out” and another is “after a year” and its obvious that one is about him. she goes into detail that sounds like him and she uploaded a photo at the airport in NY and clearly shes meeting him.

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