Raniere claims security for his private mansion-prison will only cost $40,000 — he’s lying and here’s why!

Keith Raniere’s lawyers claim the cost for his proposed security that would allow him to leave the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn and reside in a private home detention with guards would be $40,000 per month.

This proposal includes two guards round the clock and a supervisor to schedule them – plus a private secured car with a driver to take him to court, medical, and etc.  This also include the house/mansion in which he is to be guarded and which will be located somewhere in the NYC area.

With two guards, 24/7, it means a minimum 1,440 hours of guarding Raniere, per 30 day month.

If the $40,000 figure Raniere’s lawyers are throwing out is just for the guards – and does not count the supervisor, or overlaps [guards don’t just immediately leave the minute the new guy shows up], or any rental or utilities costs for the house he is to be guarded in – the guards would have to be billed at less than $28 per hour.

If TorchStone, the private security company identified as providing the guards, is to make a profit – they would have to be paying the guards net something like $14 per hour – near minimum wage.

What kind of guards are these anyway?  Will they be able to fend off a DOS slave attack of bad ass warrior bitches? Remember the Alamo?

The government argues that the $40,000 a month is low. “[Detention supervised by a full time private security company in other cases has been estimated to cost as much as $144,000 a month.”]

I estimate it will be higher.  Here is my monthly estimates:

Rent of a mansion in New York City: $40,000

Utilities: $1,000

Food: $1,000 [Raniere has special taste although he does like pizza with hot sauce, macaroni and cheese and other reasonably inexpensive fare.]

Various luxuries: $2,000.

Guards: Billable hours @$100 per hour: 1500 hours: $150,000

Security vehicle: $1,000.

Supervisor: $2,000.

Reports and supervision of Mark Sullivan: $20,000 per month.

Total: $217,000.


What does the future hold for Keith Alan Raniere. Will it be this —
Or will Keith live in a place like this – guarded 24 hours per day by two private security guards to make sure he does not escape?

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5 years ago

Let’s not forget that Keith has friend in high places. He had gunman at his expensive Vila in Mexico and his friends Emi and Alex could just send some of their bodyguards over the border to help him escape. Zoom he’d be out of the country on a private jet hired by Clare before you can say “who’s your daddy”.

Mike S.
Mike S.
5 years ago

Government’s response was really good.

The security firm’s guns are — in essence — just an “illusion” (their guns aren’t really useable)…….because they cannot legally shoot to kill if an unarmed defendant is just running away or getting into a waiting car. Especially if female slaves are helping him. I don’t care what waivers are signed, there’s no way they’d risk shooting to kill a guy who’s unarmed and just running away.

Also… Guards are trained to never just “wound” somebody (they don’t ever shoot in the leg on purpose). They only draw their weapons to shoot “center mass”……and they can only do that legally when their life or the life of a bystander is seriously threatened.

Police and corrections officers in a prison have more legal authority for using deadly force to stop an escape. Private security officers don’t. The fact that the owner was a former Secret Service guy doesn’t change this fact.

Also… The mansion rented would probably be huge on a very big estate (not a small property)……so with only 2 guards present, there would be at least 2 sections of the HUGE property where Keith would have a minute head start to make a run for a waiting car with perhaps only a simple fence to scale. Any simple fences could be easily scaled by people waiting to assist him over the fence. His people in the car could cut off the GPS ankle bracelet quickly…..and then he’s free.

I’m not saying it would be super easy, but if you have access to tens of millions of dollars then how hard can it be to have a few waiting cars on standby near each section of the huge mansion property 24/7…..waiting for the ideal moment when Keith gets a chance to run for it.

Also… Guards have to use the restroom a few times each day, which means that only 1 guard would be present to guard a huge estate with several possible cars waiting nearby.

…and since the guards really can’t use their guns (since Keith and his followers would likely be unarmed and mostly female), the whole “secret service” protection sounds more like a NOTHING BURGER. I hope he stays caged. 🙂

5 years ago
Reply to  Mike S.

private sec. guards may employ a variety of non-lethal weapons (batons, stun guns, chemical sprays) The problem isn’t this but setting the precedent for ‘private prisons’ which no self respecting State would countenance, least of all for an idiot who believes himself to be above and beyond that nation’s rule of law.

orangecountydreams - OCD
orangecountydreams - OCD
5 years ago

I normally would be liberal on house arrest in that everyone (at least in the U.S.) is innocent until proven guilty. But in this case there’s no question that 1) KR is a flight risk (guards or no guards); and 2) There is a real danger of him, while out, engaging in witness tampering and obstruction. Remember the girls in Mexico literally chasing the police vehicle carrying KR away? To what lengths would they go to whisk him away while out? Remember the cease and desist letters sent from Mexico? Remember the plans to lure Toni Natalie and others to Mexico for arrest? (Trust me – in Mexico, once arrested, you are GUILTY until proven innocent.) Remember Keith’s minions physically stalking and terrorizing Toni, John Tighe, and others? Remember the attempt to lure Rick Ross onto a cruise ship? Keith is a dangerous man. I am convinced that murder is not beyond his tactics, if it would serve his purpose and he could have others carry it out. Had he not orchestrated such atrocious acts, maybe his “everything was consensual” defense would fly at least to earn him house arrest. Mark my words, if he gets house arrest now, bad things will happen. There is now MUCH MORE at stake than silencing NXIVM’s critics and protecting the cash flow. Judge, PLEASE deny KR’s bail application!

5 years ago

Let’s hope if he does move into that house, he gets into the pool to wash the stink off of him! Hopefully, he won’t drown in the 4ft end from the weight of the ankle monitor saving the taxpayers millions!

Albany County Defense Attorney With Big Ears
Albany County Defense Attorney With Big Ears
5 years ago


You forgot that NXIVM requires that everyone who works for the company take some of its training courses. So, Keith must have been counting on the security company paying at least $150,000/month for those classes. Now, it all makes sense.

5 years ago

Nope it’s too good for him to be in home detention is too good for him. His future will be in a cell with his cellmate Tyrone who will take good care of him for a very long time.

Tyrone Shoelaces
5 years ago
Reply to  Bat

I just loves my new cellmate !

5 years ago

Clare reminds me of a 2nd grader buying friends with candy, except of course she has graduated to fear , intimidation, starvation, blackmail, etc.. She’s still buying the only friends she has.

Please Check In !
5 years ago

Is it not time for Monte Blu to check in ?
How about you Pee Pee, (Pea Onyou) Haven’t heard from you in some time either ?

5 years ago

If Pea Onyou is India Oxenberg (who else would say Allison is a hero?) then maybe her lawyer told her to lie low and prepare for an indictment.

5 years ago

If the Judge approves Raniere’s bail and his house arrest in a New York City mansion, then Raniere will be living in a nicer home than the Judge.
It’s not going to happen.

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