Everything corrupt in the Raniereverse? – not everything

Catherine Oxenberg

One of our readers, Brigid, made an interesting post. A good one I think. And I think it deserves a response.

She was commenting about the last post about the US DOJ Eastern District of New York seeking to seize the home of Allison Mack’s landlord – a medical doctor who had no connection with NXIVM except for the unfortunate luck of having rented a home to two NXIVM members – Allison Mack and her spouse, Nicole Clyne.

Brigid writes: 

“While I am certainly rooting for the EDNY, it sounds like they are running a seat-of-their-pants chaotic operation. This is just chaos. When huge gargantuan financial malfeasance sits right out in front of their noses. How can they not know that it is a rental property? Do they toss contract law out the window when seeking forfeitures? Did no one inquire if Mack had a deed to the property, and if not, then with a few phone calls, locate the owner and move the house to the ‘not eligible for forfeit’ column? They must know that they will lose this round. Yet the doctor has to hire an attorney and deal with this out of her pocket?!?! I tell ya Frank, and you know better than anyone, with the absurd issues you are still facing, everything is a racket, isn’t it? Out of control chaos at every level. Corruption breeds this chaos like a cancer, once some laws are bent beyond recognition, others ignored, others misapplied, until no one can remember what is right and what is wrong anymore.”


The last sentence just about sums up our society.  Almost everything is a racket. But sometimes you get authenticity from someone and because it is so rare, it is striking and oftentimes the world takes note. That is why the efforts of Catherine Oxenberg, Sarah Edmondson and Toni Natalie are so striking. Told in the dull daylight of mere facts, they are not so much, but when you put it in context with the Bronfman/Raniere terror-by-litigation machine,  it is bold. It is inspiring.

Sarah showed her brand. Catherine tried to help her daughter. Toni spent years trying to show the bad side of her ex-boyfriend.

By itself, each of those efforts don’t amount to very much. But put it in context with the terror-by-litigation machine of Bronfman-Raniere and it becomes enlarged for it is an act of bravery. Maybe it was desperation, but I know this – others were desperate but they did not muster the courage to strike back. They hid and let the  devil take the victory while others suffered. Others let Raniere trample people out of sheer terror. I know I spoke to many of them.

As for the EDNY – they should not be unduly blamed for this ‘mistake’ of trying to seize an innocent landlord’s property for the foul deeds Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne did behind closed doors. The feds can rectify this by simply dropping the case against Dr. Pinapati and pursuing the true criminals. I am quite certain that Clare Bronfman has sufficient property where criminality occurred that this $200,000 townhouse forfeiture of Mack’s old landlord’s property can be offset.

As for my case, it is a fascinating – to me at least.  It was started, I am convinced – and evidence shows – by the Bronfman-Raniere litigation terrorists. Their lawyer, William Savino, was retained by Bronfman-Raniere in 2008 to get me indicted. It took him until 2015. He was aided by an assistant US attorney – now retired – Anthony M. Bruce – who is legendary in the Western New York legal community for lying and putting innocent people in jail.

Bruce was almost charged himself in one case where men spent years in prison because he lied, but he escaped prosecution. He retired just after he led a grand jury to indict me in late 2015.  He steadfastly refused to listen to any evidence I had about Bronfman-Raniere crimes in 2015. He once let it slip to one of my attorneys, as he sought to conflict them out of representing me, that Bill Savino wanted the Bronfmans included in the indictment — then he added ‘Not that this office [necessarily] does what Bill Savino wants.”

Brigid’s comment is eloquent:”Everything is a racket, isn’t it? Out of control chaos at every level. Corruption breeds this chaos like a cancer, once some laws are bent beyond recognition, others ignored, others misapplied, until no one can remember what is right and what is wrong anymore.”

Yes, it is true and it is perhaps the natural condition of humankind. But every so often, you see a Sarah Edmondson or Toni Natalie or Catherine Oxenberg – or even  – the EDNY tackle a monster and you begin to have faith again.


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5 years ago

Looks more like the incompetence that I’ve personally experienced while trying to get the government to act on Amway’s scam. Guess where Raniere started his MLM career? It wasn’t Consumer’s Buyline, it was Amway.

5 years ago


show me the money
show me the money
5 years ago

Who owns the home Allison, Keith and his baby mama moved into?

How about an island resort, that would pay some good restitution?

Mike S.
Mike S.
5 years ago

Frank, you used the term “authenticity”.

Please stop doing that. 🙂

Keith’s ‘authenticity’ video (where Allison started crying as he said that word)…..made that word poison to my ears.

Please ban that word from your dictionary as well as from your heart, sir. 🙂

5 years ago
Reply to  Mike S.

Keith Raniere is the least “authentic” man in the world.

5 years ago

Money can’t buy you class, but most of today’s wealthy do believe they are superior to those without and that the rules simply do not apply to them. Let’s prove them wrong .

5 years ago

US filed response to bail

5 years ago

The real problem appears to be that New York State has allowed its state government and its court system to be hijacked by an extremely wealthy person who has no scruples.

This woman is so wealthy and up to this point so bullet proof that she can use the machinery of the legal system to harass her perceived enemies.

This corruption has even extended to the prosecutors of the Western District of New York in the US DOJ.

Only the harsh light of bad publicity caused by the branding and sex slave aspects of NXIVM has made the rot and stench so bad that the scandal can no longer be covered up.

And the NXIVM case displays how incredibly corrupt and immoral American society has become.

American society has been dominated for so many years by a “Do Your Own Thing” mindset that deviant behavior is tolerated and even protected.

These elite leaders of NXIVM are not poor, deprived people from ghettos and barrios.

In many cases, they are well educated and well to do white females.

And yet their behavior, over a course of many years, has borrowed heavily from the anti-social behavior of America’s worst criminal elements.

They torture and brand and enslave their fellow women in a fashion found more commonly among inner city gangsters.

All in an effort, to use the words of Allison Mack, to be the “biggest bad asses warrior b——“.

Is this real female empowerment?

Bringing women down to the level of gangsters and criminals?

“Victim, Victimizer, ‘Badass Warrior B—–‘: Allison Mack Developed the Nxivm Sex Cult Branding Practice”

Has America’s social elite lost all sense of right and wrong?

Has America’s upper class lost its moral compass?

Are these upper class women too rich?

Do these upper class women have too much time on their hands?

What future does America have when even its elite are waging war against morality and decency?

Darth VanDouche
Darth VanDouche
5 years ago

When the elites in a particular civilization lose their moral compass and become morally decrepit that is a signal that it’s destruction is near. This is what happened in Greco-Roman civilization. Licentiousness of the ruling class leading to a society’s destruction is common theme in religious philosophies. This theme was also on display in Mel Gibson’s movie Apocalypto.

5 years ago

You’re right.
The NXIVM story bodes ill for America.
Civilization is really a very fragile construct and when even the elite no longer conform to norms of decency and humanity, it is a sign of a very troubled society.
Since women have traditionally been the more civilizing element in society, the prevalence of many women in the higher echelons of the NXIVM cult is even more disturbing.

5 years ago

I have a feeling there is so much “evil” occurring in the world right now that we, in general, are not really aware of.

I’m not sure if there are more sociopathic woman now than there were in the past, though. But I think there are certainly more sociopaths and more narcissistic people in society than there were a few decades earlier.

Unfortunately the Internet has helped some of these evil people , as it has made it easier for them to spread their hate messages …..though even before the Internet evil people were able to spread this message (look at the what the nazis did prior to WW2).

Utopia has never existed, society has always been a battle of “good” vs “evil” and it always will be to some degree.
I think what we can do is realize that we all are important – we all can make a difference. Every action and decision we make is important.

All of Them Witches
All of Them Witches
5 years ago

Surprising this badass warrior bitch Allie Mack was brought to tears by word salad served up by the smartest man ever to graduate RPI with a 2.26 GPA…

5 years ago

I agree with Frank on this issue. EDNY is making a heroic effort to dismantle the Raniere-Bronfman criminal enterprise. EDNY is stepping up, when others were bought off or chose to look the other way.

COURAGEOUS is how I would describe Toni Natalie, Sarah Edmonson, Catherine Oxenberg, and the INTREPID Frank Parlato.

Hang in there everyone!!!

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