Raniere seeks $10 million bail bond – offers to provide – at his own expense – armed security guards to watch him

Keith Raniere has made an application to Federal court for bail bond, offering $10 million.

Read the complete bail bond application:


Here is an excellent report by the Albany Times Union:

BROOKLYN — NXIVM co-founder Keith Raniere has filed an application seeking to be released on $10 million bail, arguing he is not a flight risk and offering to live in a residence secured by armed private security guards while his criminal case is pending.

In a filing late Monday in U.S. District Court in Brooklyn, Raniere’s attorneys referred to the U.S. Justice Department as the “morality police” and accused them of wrongly implicating Raniere in sex trafficking. They said their client, who is being held without bond since his arrest three months ago, is an accomplished “ethicist” who is not a danger and should be released from custody.

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  • It seems pretty obvious Keith is still trying to be the smartest man on earth, this just does not sound like language that intelligent ,expensive lawyers would use.

  • Oh…., What? Keith? I thought if one connected EKG machine to your person one would see that the Milkey Way operates with you at the center. The cause & effect of our galaxy must be broken PA HA! Suck it up Shit Head.

    • Anonymous Me again – in re-reviewing Ex. 2, Raniere’s name is no where on there that is visible. P.12 of the Application says, “Raniere and the mother of his child rented an Airbnb in Canada for the family to live in while they resolved the immigration issues. See Ex. 2” Ex. 2 does not show that he rented this. Ex. 2 says Clare B. booked it. Is this Application unintentionally asserting that Clare is the mother of his child? Her name is the only one on there as the person who booked it, ie ‘rented’ it. Either the attorneys are using really weak evidence or they just admitted something they probably didn’t want to.

      • Maybe Marianna Fernandez did the same thing and the child now belongs to Keith Raniere! And thus belongs to Clare Bronfman, financial enabler of Keith Raniere’s criminal enterprise. Or maybe Clare’s just stepping up to martyr-role in addition to enabler. Allowing her name to be all over the legal documents seems ill-advised.

  • He has been recognized by no less than the Dalai Lama.

    What BS, I hope the FEDs check this line out. The Dalai Lama was on to him and NXIVM and cancelled his work with him.

    He only showed up to Albany for the money he was paid.

    • The Dalai Lama was only looking out for Number One.

      If the Tibetan Holy Man could have gotten away with it, he would have taken even more money from Raniere and Raniere’s Sugar Mama.

    • Yes, he was. Here’s the facts:
      After the Dalai Lama’s speech in Albany he saw KR and said: “You’re Keith Raniere–where’s my check?”

      • And then the Dalai Lama added, Don’t forget to send that girl to my room tonight. The pretty brunette I pointed out in the audience, you know who I mean.

          • SultonofSix is going to be on you two like white on rice for making such a suggestion about his obsession.

          • They (presuming they are two different people) are referring to Kristin Kreuk. The irony in suggesting such a thing is they’re more like VanFraud than they probably think they are. Or perhaps they know they are.

          • Oh, KK, I get it,thanks. Good taste, dirty llama, but may be in the next life

          • Blind Item NXIVM
            Apparently one of the members who got away a few years back turned to someone she had been ordered to hook up with about a decade ago. That person? A permanent A++ list celebrity known all over the world. She turned to that person when she escaped so she would be safe.
            Popular guesses are Kristin Kreuk/Dalai Lama

  • This reeks of someone from NXIVM (like Clare or KR himself) demanding that their lawyers submit this ridiculous application. Vanturd is losing his goddamn mind in that cell and he and his cronies are paying their attorneys some absurd amount of money to make this request which has literally 0% chance of working. Absolute desperation. I love it.

    • Perhaps by the standards of lawyers, Raniere is “ethical”. Maybe the lawyers should be paying Raniere to tutor them in “ethics”.

      • Just look at their client lists. I feel sick to my stomach just thinking about people they “got off” like Dominique Strauss-Kahn. They are representing Harvey Weinstein, too.

        Some people really will do anything for money. The weird thing is that it is usually their children who end up “paying for the sins of the fathers”.

    • I hope these attorneys realize how deep Clare’s pockets are and how ignorant she is. I hope they bill her for millions of dollars

  • If Pam Cafritz died in November of 2016, and she was the beloved partner of Keith’s for 20 years, would you not think that he was with her during the end stages and mourned for her in November of 2016? Now fast forward…he has a baby in August of 2017? Would that not mean the inception date was probably in the month of November 2016…or there abouts? Wow that is F**ked up even for Keith.

    • “He who has the most Joy wins.” Keith Raniere
      Why should Raniere sacrifice his own joy just because his long-time paramour is dying?

      Did Raniere forego his hamburgers from Hooters just because his female followers were adhering to a strict 500 calorie per day diet?

    • I think the backstory was once told in an earlier Frank Report, that Pam gave her blessing to Keith and Marianna having a baby. Yet, Pam herself may have been forced to abort hers and Keith’s child.

      I first met Pam in late May or June of 1991 on the Shenendehowa High School Campus . She raved about her “boyfriend” at that first meet. At the time and for many years I did not know the boyfriend she talked about was Keith because she was always flying solo at running events. Someone posted here, that Keith used to kick her out of the Flintlock townhouse when he was doing the deed with Marianna and she would have to sit in her car. I often saw her sitting in her car, on her phone in front of 1-3 Flintlock. Of course the tale that was told to Espians apparently was that Pam and Marianna were gay or at least bisexual and were a thing when he went off to play house with first: Toni Natalie, then Barbara Bouchey and at some point Ivy Nevares was also one of his favored ones.

      • what state of mind a woman would have to be in to willingly the accept the indignity of being told to sit in your car while the man you are (however foolishly) in love with has sex with someone else.

        It is mind-boggling.

        Michael Lincoln PhD says one of the emotional causes of colon cancer is:
        “They are not happy with their life or with the world around them. “There is no joy in Bloodville!” is their continuous experience. They were subjected to continuous abuse, exploitation, wrong-making and suppression by their severely domineering and dysfunctional family.”

        That sounds like it would certainly fit Pam Cafritz’s life. Somewhere in there her body and mind knew what was going on, and they ended it for her.

      • I feel profoundly sorry for the women abused over the years by Raniere.
        Even though many people despised Pam Cafritz, in one post she was called “a succubus”, she still deserved more respect than Raniere gave her.

        Moreover, with Keith Ranbiere’s ability to attract so many willing women it leads one to wonder why he needed Allison Mack to blackmail women for him.
        Even with advancing age slowing down Raniere’s sexual performance at the very least he was able to attract Mack to do his bidding.

        To me Raniere’s greatest crime was his conceit in believing he could provide so many women with the affection and attention they deserved.
        Raniere reminds me of the late, great Don Knotts in the movie “The Love God.”

        • – To me Raniere’s greatest crime was his conceit in believing he could provide so many women with the affection and attention they deserved.

          That’s where you have it all wrong. A sociopath doesn’t care about providing them with the affection and attention they deserve as other human beings. He’s only getting off for himself, never to please the other. It’s always numero uno. That’s why it’s so easy for him to move on and not give a shit (as long as he’s not the one being rejected).

  • All kinds of questions raised in that document:

    1) There are many assertions that Raniere was helping an un-named mother of his child comply with U.S. immigration law by going to Mexico. Yet, there is no supporting affidavit or identification of such a woman. Why the gaping hole? What are his attorneys trying to hide?

    2) Why would Raniere need armed guards to protect himself, while pretending that they guards are there to stop him from escaping? This reminds me of Pablo Escobar building a lavish and fake “prison” for himself in Columbia, fully stocked with amenities including liquor and prostitutes, and parties.

    • She has been living with Raniere (and Cafritz before she died and Allison became the new Madame) for years.

      There are pix of him, her, and a stroller in Mexico from November.

      Baby’s name is not known with certainty.

      • Galen v2.0

        But it does pose an interesting question…How many kids does VanGrifter really have? 2 that we know of.

        How many more are out there???

  • Provision (8) allows Raniere a phone that can receive incoming calls. Only from approved phone numbers, but that doesn’t who is calling from that number. So he can talk to anyone on the phone.

    Provision (9) SEEMS to say that Raniere will have no contact with NXIVM associates. But the Catch 22 is “outside of presence of his counsel” . In his lawyer’s office (the security firm will provide the driver to get him there), he can talk about anything to anyone. And there would be presumption of attorney-client privilege about the content of those conversations.

    • She who pays the piper calls the tune.
      If Cruella Bronfman is paying the bills for the defense lawyers, then the defense lawyers are a network that will allow Cruella to coordinate the defense cases and designate the eager and willing useful idiot Allison Mack as the sacrificial lamb.
      Oh, how I love a good Show Trial like they used to have in the old Soviet Union.
      The biggest True Believers made the best sacrificial lambs.

  • There is suppose to be a status hearing next Tuesday the 12th and EDNY promised more arrests/charges before then. The suspense is killing me.

  • EDNY should remind the Court that Raniere can order his sheeple to surround the armed guards says:

    Armed guards can stop a solo escape attempt. They can stop a (small) armed rescue attempt.

    But what are they going to do when a bus full of NXIANs (young, thin, beautiful women, probably) simply walk up to the guards and surround them? Are they going to shoot any of them?

    Raniere has a unique and proven ability to get his followers to do extreme things for him. The armed guards wouldn’t be able to stop this “non-violent” tactic.

  • Bail should be denied because of the following reasons:

    There are four Bail factors in the Federal system: 1) nature and circumstances of offense, 2) weight of the evidence, 3) history and characteristics of the person, and 4) danger to the community.

    The allegations against Raniere are very serious – sex trafficking and extortion (he’s looking at a sentence of life in prison) There is soooo much evidence against Raniere. Keith also fled to Mexico to delay apprehension and engaged in activities to mask his location (threw away cellphone, use of encrypted email). And NXIVM is still operating in foreign countries.

    I think the kicker for the judge will be the witness tampering (obstruction of justice in the Federal system), whereas Keith and Clare (AKA Scarecrow, AKA The Enforcer) sent letters from a Mexican attorney to witnesses in the criminal case. That is very serious and calls into question how far the Defendant(s) will go to derail the trial.

    So, I think it will be extremely unlikely for VanGrifter to obtain bail.

    • Loads of thoughts and prayers that you are spot on. I know I am not the only expian that feels nervous that they could somehow pull it off.
      I didn’t think Mack would get bail, but pulling all that nonsense about faking a plea deal managed to get her out.
      The idea of him getting out is horrific.

  • Raniere was executor of Pam Cafritz' will, which left everything (the $8 million) to a trust for Raniere says:

    Footnote 6, page 14

    Raniere while hiding in Mexico tried to cover this up by renouncing the trust (not stated is who the new trustee would be, presumably some other NXIAN who he controls).

    • And now the money is going into a trust so the attorney’s can’t take it….isn’t that sweet. Let good ole Clare pick up the whole tab. And he wants to be able to talk to his baby momma…..please, if that isn’t a direct line to communicate with everyone still loyal, I don’t know what is.

    • The will still has to be probated, and I do not believe it ever was. When the will is probated, the trust is either validated or invalidated.

      My understanding is that Rosa Laura Junco is also a signer on the Pam Cafritz account that held the 8M$.

  • um…armed security guards? For what? to keep others out or to keep him in? And who exactly would they be working working for? This makes no sense. Keep the scumbag right where he is and move him into the general population. Let him try his mind bending techniques out on the guards and inmates. If anyone deserves to be bent over it’s him. He’s simply a life destroyer.

  • Release him. Then let the authorities in upstate New York do what they should have done 10-15 years ago: Arrest him.
    NXIVM is dead. The Salzmans and Raniere can sit in a lonely circle and lament the end of the golden civilization they were trying to create.
    No more sycophants paying for NXIVM bullshit. Only someone who is brain dead, lacking internet access, or from Vancouver would buy into the bag of shit Raniere, Salzman and Bronfman have slung over their shoulders.

    • The only way to destroy a racket like NXIVM is a concerted effort by the DOJ and the FBI.

      Don’t rely on local officials who can be paid off.
      (Apparently in the case of NXIVM they were.)

    • It’s NOT over. Rainbow is full of believers and the children are still learning these terrible strategies. This needs to close ASAP. RAINBOW GUATEMALA IS OPEN UK IS OPEN AN MEXICO MONTERREY GUADALAJARA AND LEÓN ARE ACTIVE. pw

  • Hopefully the judge considers seriously the side, the pain, the anguish of the victims. Hopefully the criminal file includes thorough information regarding the link between “rational inquiry method”, hypnosis, brainwashing and lose of total self-control of free will (which would be strong support to discern whether the DOS women decided freely to be there and being tortured and branded). “Rational Inquiry” is sold by ESP-NXIVM as an innocent “method of questions which leads to answers, meanings, ethics, personal essence, purpose and a greater awareness” …. that is…. people who believe in such misleading advertising fall are scammed!!!!. One serious danger is that victims are enrolled to pay and attend continuous brainwashing-hypnotic sessions until they lose all sense of awareness. That is a real danger for society. ESP is a club of sociopaths!!!. This includes children at Rainbow kindergardens and other businesses where ESPIANS apply such malignant techniques full of word salad and an ideology plain of selfishness and antichristian values. Raniere is able to continue doing his brainwashing even inside jail. Living him free at his home is the key of a continuity of NXIVM and ESP with all its perverse plans to conquer the world!!! He is a true danger for humanity, may the judge see this reality. Raniere is far far far from being an ethicist, he is a criminal whose main power resides in his manipulative techniques. I lived some years under the nightmare of being and employee of an ESP boss. She gradually lost self-control since the moment she joined ESP. Year by year she lost all interest on the things, topics, people, purpose that she previously was fully passionate about. She used to be chasing all employees for forcing them to enroll ESP. She turned bisexual, she got divorced, she finally distroyed the company where we worked at as she diverted funds from the company to ESP in order to pay for ESP seminars and climb the ladder of “success”. One great problem I observerd throughout that awful time was that her behaviour turned out to be that of a zombie, not connecting to people, just judging, scolding, calling us names like “you are a looser” all time, etc.. Finally, she was fired, she threw her carreer and reputation to the waste basket, and, as far as I know, she is now dedicated full time to ESP. A very sad story.

  • EDNY should now counter with those superseding indictments and arrests.

  • An “accomplished ethicist”? What the heck is that? LOL.

    “Morality police”? That’s actually a term used in some Islamic countries. To have a “morality police” as if it is distinguishable from the “police” is just muddle-headed. That’s because the police and legal authorities of a society are used to enforce its laws which are essentially a reflection of its moral code. Morality presupposes concepts such as right and wrong. A wrong act in a particular moral code is considered a violation of morality which often entails punishment. So any societal laws that Raniere is alleged to have broken is him violating its moral code which results in any punishment it deems fit, e.g., fines, jail time, execution, etc. The government of the US finds sex trafficking, conspiracy to commit sex trafficking, blackmail, tax evasion, money laundering, etc., as wrong, therefore, all such acts are violations of its overarching moral code. I would think that an “accomplished ethicist” would know this.

  • Incredible to both be living below the poverty level and have $10 million bond money plus $ for armed security officers. Unbelievable.

    • the judge has heard about, and probably read that article, and even if he hasn’t, the prosecutors are going to bring it up.

      Mack had to prove where her funds were coming from. Let’s see Raniere do the same.

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