Cost for Raniere for bail and security and risk of releasing him from jail — he might escape!

Keith Raniere’s lawyers made a motion for him to be released on $10 million bail and home arrest with two armed guards around-the-clock.

if Bronfman makes his bail – it will cost her about $600,000 in cash for the bail bond – the cost for a $10 million bail bond in NYC. She can also just put up the $10 million in cash.

I have to believe the feds will make some arrests pretty soon – in answer to this nonsense.  The prosecution has until Friday, June 8th, to respond to the bail motion. [maybe we will just see some arrests.]

In the motion, there are some pretty wild, extravagant and dishonest claims.

Personally, I think there is a reasonable chance Raniere might try to escape if the motion is granted. He will have his slaves galvanized – remember they actually chased the police car in Mexico to try to free him.

Indeed, Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis will go down in history if Raniere escapes.

Raniere’s top lieutenants – Emiliano Salinas and Alex Betancourt – both have elite teams of military operatives. Both men have around-the-clock security – six at a time – [Raniere is only to be guarded by two men.]

If he should escape, it will be quite a stir and a worldwide media sensation.

If the judge turns down his request, his attorneys can appeal it to the US Second Circuit [cost to appeal about $200,000] – and if that appeal is turned down, they can appeal to the US Supreme Court [ cost to do that is about $400,000]. Isn’t it nice to see Raniere (well, really, Clare Bronfman) spending money on lawyers to defend themselves instead of trying to destroy others?


How Much was that Motion?

As far as the bail motion is concerned, I estimate it cost Bronfman/Raniere about $100,000 – $200,000 for the five lawyers to put it together – with research and  interviews with the Security Firm etc.  [Indeed everybody is getting fat off this except Clare Bronfman who is as skinny as ever.]

If the bail is approved, Raniere [or Clare Bronfman] would retain TorchStone, an elite security company, to provide:

A house/mansion for Raniere to live in in NYC – with 24-hour armed guards [two guards per shift] to see to it that Raniere does not escape. Plus a supervisor to oversee and schedule the security detail.

As for costs – at two guards at $100 per hour – that’s $4,800 per day – plus overlap – about $150,000 per month. Plus a supervisor – plus cost of the home Raniere will live in -it won’t be a shack. Plus his security limo when he travels. The estimated $200,000 per month cost is a probable minimum.

If the company bills at $200 per hour per man – it will cost $300,000 in guards per month – plus additional costs.

Not bad for a man who according to  a New York Times article by Vanessa Grigoriadis, who quotes Raniere as saying, ““I don’t pay taxes because I live under the poverty level.”


My guess is Raniere does not get bail. but who knows?

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  • So in the exhibits there is no way to tell if Raniere ever took the flight back to Albany.

    Why would he leave the home of his baby mama where she should have a lot of family support to go to a 10,000.00 villa to hang out with his gal pals.

    His baby mama could of gone to Mexico by herself to work out her VISA issues, she had enough family in Mexico to help her with the baby.

    If you look closer, Clare’s lawyers have a connection with the security firm Vanboy wants to hire.

    • Cry me a river, If you are correct about the Clare Lawyer / security detail connection, then the jig is up, and maybe gone.
      That can definitely lead to illegal flight, witness tampering, and many other pretrial illegalities.
      Talk about the inmates running the asylum. FEDS TAKE NOTE !

  • If I was ClareBear AKA ‘Scarecrow’, I would not wait around to be indicted and looking at potential sentence of 20 yrs + in the slammer. I hear St. Petersburg is nice this time of year…

    But again, that is supposing these nincompoops are rational. However, they most certainly are not.

      • It’s inconsiderate to us on mobile devices. Pages with your videos load slow and jerky and then become pages to avoid, which is a shame.

        The exception of course are any actual videos of Keith and his minions! That would be a real scoop and welcome everywhere.

  • It is amazing how much Keith Raniere and David Berg of Children of God have in common.

    The amount of harm people can do by using a kernel of truth and twisting the hell out of it to justify achieving their psychopathic goals is appalling.

    • How soon people forget Jim Bakker and Jimmy Swaggert.
      Churches and cults are often marked by sexual scandals.

      In Hammond Indiana, there was a Mega-church called the First Baptist Church with 20,000 parishioners led by a minister named Jack Hyles.
      Accusations of improper sexual behavior, financial and emotional abuse are highlights to Hyles’ legacy.
      He was accused of a decade long affair with his secretary who happened to be the wife of a church deacon,

      When Hyles died in 2001 he was replaced as pastor by his son in law, Jack Shaap, who was later convicted of taking an underage woman across state lines for sex.
      Schaap was embroiled in a major controversy, where he admitted having sexual intercourse with an underage woman across state lines. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison and registered as a sex offender.

    • Children of God, 12 Tribes, Peoples Temple of the Disciples of Christ, True Root of the Branch of David, UFO Two, Executive Success…all the same bullshit bc it EQUALS A CULT

      • 12 Tribes community was just raided up in Cambridge NY and is facing heavy fines for child labor law violations.. An ex member went back and filmed children working in their soap factory on Common Sense Farm. It has also been all over the news up here in Cultville. Strangely, 12 Tribes has various communities encircling the Capital District. Coxsackie NY, Oak Hill NY out by Oneonta where the operate a Yellow Deli. The community operates the Peacemaker bus that can often be seen in the parking lots or parked near the venue of Phish and Grateful Dead shows (Laura Darby is among other things a hippie chick who has seen a lot of Dead and Phish)0. They actively recruit looking for breeding stock. We have a running joke amongst my phish twibe about 12 Tribes.

  • Wasn’t there a rumor that Clare has been getting her island ready? Could it be for her Master if he gets bail?

  • when i read in the daily mail yesterday that Keith might get bail, I got sick to my stomach – then I read what his lawyers were presenting as good cause to the judge and I felt better. Citing “morality police” being unfair to their client, using Keith’s words I knew just how out of touch he is with what has happened to him. I really hope there will be more arrests, the Bronfman bitches need to be held accountable and judged every bit as much as Keith and Allison.

    • Unknown how many other people in the top of the slave pyramid have the same capacity that Lauren has to carry out cruelty.

      Without that, I would expect it to fall apart relatively quickly.

  • It is haunting, how much money these idiots wasted on Keith Raniere and what could have been done to actually improve the planet.

    Scholarships for medical students, grants to study autism, fighting tropical diseases. Leprosy is one of the hardest things to see in India. And it is guy-wrenching to see kids with stumps instead of fingers. And it could have been prevented with antibiotics.

    The Bronfmans could have done so much. Instead, they were scammed by people who took advantage of their existential angst.

    • It has never been about doing something good or creating something with the money. You shoulf know that by now. It was all a scam to lead an easy life with all possible comforts. This includes houses, holidays, drugs and women.

  • Clare is basically an extremist with a serious war going on, and an almost unlimited budget, who can’t stop buying weapons without facing utter defeat.

    These lawyers are already wealthy, and have no problem taking whatever size chunk of her inheritance that Clare is willing to hand over to them.

    And let’s face it… Clare is the real client of every lawyer she has paid so far, regardless of what defendant they allegedly represent. It’s quite clear she wasn’t going to let them pass up the opportunity of collecting a fat check for writing a completely ridiculous bail proposal.

  • Does that mean her fortune becomes unavailable to Keith Raniere?

    I’m looking so forward to the next round of arrests!

    • I’d say it’s somewhat unavailable to him already.
      They can load up his commissary and pay his lawyers for him, but that is about it.
      Even the money that is being paid to his lawyers should be taxable. If Clare is just gifting it to him, she has to pay tax on it when she gifts it. If it isn’t a gift, he has to report it and pay tax on it. If it is a loan that never has to be repaid, it is a taxable event. Ironically the more money Clare continues to funnel to him, the more likely it is that both of them are in even more trouble.
      Let alone all of the money he has used for personal purchases from the Pam Cafritz account, which’ even if he was legally executor of her estate, that doesn’t mean he can spend whatever he wants on himself. Pizza and burgers are not legitimate estate expenses. If he is an heir to the estate in any way, there is a tax due. Also, he is required to have filed her last tax return, as well as ongoing filings for the estate until it is completely settled. Removing himself as executor is not going to disappear his liabilities for what he did while he held that position. The more I think about it, the more I think the defence really screwed up bringing up the estate of Pam Cafritz, whom, if he really loved as much as he pretends, he could not have watched her waste away, dying slowly and painfully, doing nothing to stop her cancer. Tumor, thy name is Raniere.
      More specifically to bail, they are not going to let Raniere do all of this without proving he has the financial capacity to do it himself, which is impossible since he lives a life of luxury somehow “below the poverty line”.
      If he ever admits to having any funds, it would open up a world of hurt for him with regard to failure to file, tax evasion, etc.
      The same way Mack’s bail bond could only be secured by herself and her parents.

      • So while custom suits and lawyer money can magically appear, bail requires less magical means says:

        That’s great to hear. $10,000,000 bail would be quite the challenge for someone living below the poverty line.

        • Excellent turn of phrase.

          Exactly. At least that is the precedent set in Mack’s bail being granted.

          She was pretending she was going to take a plea deal, though. If the prosecutors hadn’t agreed to it on the basis of negotiating a plea, I don’t know that she would have gotten bail.

          Her bail could still get revoked if the scuttlebutt that she has totally violated the terms communicating with NXIVM members other than her parents is true.

  • Obviously VanDouche isn’t paying as his #1 slave idiot is, but the question remains, how is paying for your own security detail to make sure you don’t leave house arrest that you don’t actually want to be in, *not* effectively a kind of conflict of interest?

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