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Cult child’s mother says NY Times story actually bodes badly for NXIVM — for average reader

By the Mother of a Woman who Got out of the Cult:

Dear Frank;

I was going to bed three hours ago and decided to have a look at Frank Report. I read your blog with regard to the current article in the New York Times.  At first I was totally angered and horrified that an experienced and educated journalist could possibly produce such an upbeat and biased article with regard to these lunatics.

Has she done the research?

Was she part of the Inner Circle?

Had she surrendered herself to NLP?

What’s her bank balance look like after composing that hash?

Or has she just been living on the moon for the last 12 months?

Hey hey hey hold on a minute. I opened up the full unedited New York Times version and it was like the scales were lifted from my eyes.  I learnt over 40 years ago the analogy of microscope and telescope.  Sometimes we are just too close to appraise and quantify and we need to step back and look at things through the telescope. Sometimes we have to do the opposite. We are too far away and we need to peer through the microscope.

At 62 years of age, I’m still learning this art. But as I read the full New York Times version I felt very relieved. Anyone who had not lived in the microscopic world as you and I and others have in the knowledge of this cult will read this article as through a telescope and when I reread it through the telescope it was a bloody Horror Story.

Take heart, Mr. and Mrs. Public only have a telescope and when they read this NY Times story they will be revolted. Just try to think back before you ever encountered these Lunatics. You would have read the article and automatically deduced they were beyond the lunacy.

I speak for myself also — to the average Mr. and Mrs. Joe Public who have only a telescope: this article has just put Mr. Keith and has organisation under public microscope and what they shall see will be confirmation of everything you have stated.

This article is designed for those with the telescope to guide them towards the microscope.

I shall say good night or should I say good morning and it will be a good day. Thank you so very much for everything you have achieved


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Frank Parlato

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  • I was the most disturbed by seeing just how many people commented on the article with things along the lines of, “So what’s the crime? Why is taxpayer dollars being wasted pursuing somebody who didn’t commit a crime?”

    I still feel like that is what was being implied by the article.

    The whole thing has an air of “I went to talk to the weird people and it wasn’t that bad”, versus “I went to talk to the sex traffickers and they tried to convince me everything was fine”.

  • Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

    Where is Prefect?

    I have the feeling that new indictments are coming out this week.

    Prefect is probably shitting her undies. I don’t see how she can escape this.

    Lauren, India and Nicki are probably all sitting in a tree and doing daily group hugs and chanting…..and wondering why Legatus isn’t joining them.

    Will the mighty Legatus abandon these 3 ladies?

    This should be an interesting week. 🙂

    Thank you Vanguard.
    Thank you Prefect.
    Thank you Legatus.

  • No matter what kind of spin Raniere, Bronfman and Mack try to put on their sex slavery cult, most readers can figure out that there was no consent.

    Raniere, Bronfman and Mack are pathological liars.

About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

Frank Parlato was the lead investigator and coordinating producer of Investigation Discovery's 2 hour blockbuster special 'The Lost Women of NXIVM.'

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