Source: Clare Bronfman went to France; possibly en route to Fiji – to escape jurisdiction of Feds

Clare may be leaving on a jet plane to Fiji.

According to the website Crazy Days and Nights, Clare Bronfman has been busy – possibly providing provisions for her island sanctuary in the South Pacific. Clare owns 80 percent of Wakaya Island in Fiji.

Here is what the website says. It began as a blind item on May 25:

“There sure is a lot of back and forth of two jets, one of which is registered to this very wealthy family, between various properties in the US owned by the family and an island in the South Pacific. Apparently in the two weeks it has been going on, no one from any agency has even inspected the outgoing planes or the passengers or what they are carrying. On the other end, everything is greased with local officials so nothing has to be done. One celebrity offspring is in the South Pacific, but no one knows if she will stay.”

On June 1, the answer was provided: “Clare Bronfman/Wakaya Island”.

This suggest Clare is in Fiji.  Today, from a reputable source I was told Clare is in France. She may be with her sister, Sara.

Clare has not been seen in Clifton Park since her birthday in early April when a party was held for her at Sara Bronfman’s mansion. Up until recently, she was staying in NYC.

As far as we know, Clare has not been indicted. Her passport is valid. If she is indicted – if she is in the US – she will be arrested and her passport will be confiscated.

If she is going to flee jurisdiction, the time to do so is prior to indictment.

Clare is one of the largest land owners in the island nation. Fiji has an unusual extradition treaty with the US. A judge in Fiji] can order Clare’s trial to be held in Fiji – not the USA.  Or he can allow the trial held in the USA but, if Clare is convicted, the judge can order Clare returned to Fiji where he can set or suspend sentence. The Fiji Attorney General can also make a determination that the US is prosecuting Clare for political reasons and refuse to extradite.

If she cannot buy off her US indictment, Clare needs to purchase her freedom from another nation.  Fiji is consistently ranked by international watchdog groups as having one of the most corrupt judiciaries in the world.

If she is in France, and delivering supplies to Fiji, perhaps the die is cast. If she is indicted in the US, if she remains in the US, she may be placed on home arrest.; If she goes to trial, she may be convicted. If convicted, she may go to prison.

If it is true she left the USA – it is possible she has fled the jurisdiction of US federal court. Unlike Raniere or Mack, she may have enough money to purchase her freedom. And maybe buy Raniere’s too someday.



Wakaya Island, 80% owned by Clare Bronfman, who may use it to seek her own asylum from the NXIVM probe.

Sure she’ll suffer without her Vanguard, but somehow she’ll get by on her resort property.

Wakaya has a number of blue lagoons. It is about 5 miles long.

Ask Clare, would she rather they put her in a dank federal prison for financial crimes Keith Raniere directed her to do or ride it out on Wakaya Island in Fiji?
Clare Bronfman purchased about 80 percent of Wakaya Island in Fiji.




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  • I’ve seen a picture of Clare with a couple of Fijian rugby players, she’ll be pouring money into the national team in an effort to garner some protection, but alas, this will not work. The Fijians are a courageous belligerent people with whom you should not mess. She is already, by dint of her monopoly capital, an enemy of the good and fierce people of Fiji, who already do not take the colonization of their land by carpetbaggers, lying down, why the f should they? The previous mlm running owner of wakaya perfection tried to stop a family from burying their son on land they owned on the island – didn’t work. Also many colonial owners of land and property in Fiji have had to contend with the occasionally quite violent will of the people, which if you’re reading this Clare Bronfman will be the very end of you.

    On holiday, with not much internet access or would provide links for info above. Easy to find though! Sliante!

  • As I said earlier — even if it’s true that she owns the resort — she’s far too wealthy and pampered to live the rest of her life on a dinky 5 mile island that’s infested with mosquitoes and has a population of 300-500.

    Anybody who disagrees with that logic is suffering from Clare derangement syndrome. 🙂

    You can only water ski so many times before that shit gets boring. You can only eat at the same resort restaurant so many times before you’ll beg for other restaurants, casinos and nightlife among lots of different people.

    *It’s possible she may “visit” Wakaya temporarily in the coming weeks just to be outside the US jurisdiction when the new indictments come out……but she ain’t gonna flee to Wakaya permanently. If she flees, it’ll be somewhere more developed and populated with no extradition possibility.

    However, since Keith’s team is gonna try to make another attempt to be released on bail on June 12th…

    How can Keith’s team present a “coherent” argument for bail on June 12th IF his NXIVM benefactor has already fled the USA herself, exactly as prosecutors originally feared he would do along with her? LOL

    I do not believe that the mighty LEGATUS will take flight. I believe she wants to be close to her Vanguard.

    • Especially when the few people that are on that tiny island hate you. It’s not just being stuck on the island. She can’t leave the resort.

  • Clare, you know you can’t hide from this, keep on running (They are watching every move you make).

      • That it is being reported in Fiji that Gilmour still runs the resort? Yes.

        Is the content of the e-mail from the company true? Unknown.

        Is that e-mail actually from Wakaya Ltd? Appears to be.

        If it is true Gilmour sold all (or a portion) of the Ltd to Clare’s Ack Group, and he did it so she could take the fall for property rights violations lawsuits in Fiji, it would make a lot of sense that Gilmour would want to put out an announcement saying that she had taken over the company to appear to be washing his hands of the situation.

  • Fiji is part of the Commonwealth so if the B’s have an English mother and spent A LOT of time in England like reported, then they might actually have dual nationality? If true, extradition should not be a problem.

  • I find it super interesting that people in Fiji have been talking about the NXIVM situation since a few days after Raniere’s arrest.

    Apparently, the hope is that Clare Bronfman being involved in Wakaya Ltd. with Gilmour, it will be easier to take down Gilmour and Wakaya. I don’t think she is going to find it nearly as welcoming there as she might think.

    • Gilmour still owns 20% and is handling the operations. Also, it was 80% of the Ltd company, which actually “owns” it.

      • While this is being reported, upon further research, I am not sure it is entirely true or what the actual numbers are.
        The Fijians are quite clear that Gilmour is still running the show there, but I think some things may be getting confused because it is not a private island. A great deal of the legal issues seem to stem from Gilmour trampling the property rights of the people who own and live full-time on the other area of the island not owned by Wakaya Ltd.
        Apparently, since the transaction with Bronfman, there has been no change in the continuous violation of the rights of these people. Another nail in the coffin of her supposedly superior ethics.

  • In ancient Greece you could be exiled for 10 years as a punishment. She will not stay there forever without all the people and comfort around her. I am fine with her staying in Fiji for life. This way she cannot do harm anymore. Her prison might not have bars and a better view, but it is still a prison after all.

  • A certainly silly question but how do you know that 80% of Wakaya belongs to C Bronfman? Source wikipedia :Wakaya was bought in 1973 by David Gilmour, a gold-mining entrepreneur who has developed the island…etc…

    • The transaction was public. My understanding is that she actually bought 80% of Wakaya, Ltd., which has serious legal troubles in Fiji. Apparently, Gilmour was looking for a patsy to dump these problems on, and found good ol’ Clare. Not only that, she paid him for the pleasure.

      He must have figured if Raniere could scam her, so could he. I am consistently amazed by the stupid things her “advisers” allow to transpire.

      Gilmour has lost at least one court case in Fiji already, so the justice there may not be as entirely for sale as people usually think. If she was looking for someone with ethical standards as low as Raniere’s, Gilmour was a good candidate to get in business (bed) with.

  • I think the people of Fiji might appreciate the opening of a local office of Excessive Sex Programs. They might relish the opportunity to send their children to a Rainbow CULTural Garden. Drs. Porter and Roberts are probably finding themselves no longer welcome in the American medical community, maybe their practices will flourish in Fiji? Nicki Clyne can open a comedy club and entertain herself while her spouse wastes away in prison. Who knows… maybe the fine people of Fiji are as naive and gullible, as say, the people in Vancouver, eh?

    In fact, let Clare fill two or three jumbo jets with the cream of the NXIVM crop. Let her take them all to Fiji. Permanently. Let her use her dwindling millions to commission a NXIVM Mount Rushmore, with the faces of Vanguard, Prefect, Nancy Cafritz and maybe Emiliano Salinas smiling down upon them as they improve humanity, one heaping helping of word salad at a time.

    Clare can even have a NXIVM Olympics, where athletes from all over the world (assuming they provide collateral) can participate in three events: the 100 yard dash, judo, and midnight volleyball. The top competitors will be awarded gold, silver and bronze sashes.

  • I didn’t know she owned that “resort” on Wakaya…I had previously thought she bought the non resort portion of the island.

    However, even if that’s true…….she ain’t gonna flee to Wakaya.

    Wakaya is still a mosquito infested dinky island which technically STILL has extradition ‘possibilities’.

    Ask yourself this question Frank… Why would a wealthy heiress endure a shitty life on that dinky, mosquito infested island while STILL risking extradition?

    There are OTHER countries she could easily flee to which have NO EXTRADITION possbility with the US and which have much bigger cities with tons of modern restaurants, casinos and overall better living conditions compared to tiny Wakaya Island.

    Mark my words… The FLIGHT OF THE LEGATUS will NEVER happen to Wakaya Island.

    If the FLIGHT OF THE LEGATUS happens, it will happen to a non extradition country with better living conditions.

    However, I don’t believe that flight will ever happen.

    I believe that the mighty LEGATUS will stay and defend her honor alongside her Vanguard.

    Anybody who disagrees just isn’t thinking very logically.

    Have a nice day. 🙂

    • Who has made the claim that NXIVM has an ounce of logic? The “smartest man in the world” is now rotting in jail, and hopefully in the future, prison. For a VERY long time. Let’s support the idea that he will have LOTS of company as well.

  • And we’ll need prayers.

    At one point, I read that Clare and Sara Bronfman’s fortune was in the billions. We don’t know the current scale, but we can guess it’s pretty damn big. Large enough to keep them free of jail. Especially Clare, with her “ethical science” foundation, so unethical and yet just the start of her list of atrocities. Holy shit; she’s immoral and unethical. And I bet Clare perceives herself as ethical.

    She’s a true Luciferian. From one of Keith Raniere’s patent applications: “A Luciferian is a person, who commits destructive acts. A Luciferian is a type of sociopath. He has severe behavioral problems that are masked by good psychological adjustment. He appears on the outside to be sane but he is not… A Luciferian is a person lacking in conscience and loyalty to others. He commonly employs manipulation and deceit to achieve his desired end and is therefore capable of acts that could be highly destructive to those that interact with him. A Luciferian, therefore, typically experiences pleasure or gratification in situations where “normal” people would be repulsed or disturbed.”

    She’s also a narcissist, specifically a “hero narcissist: “The Hero Narcissist is the type of narcissist who is invested in being the hero. The savior, the good guy, the fixer, the problem solver. They often appear concerned, compassionate and helpful. They are often extremely manipulative and use guilt, fear and something we can call “kindness bullying… This is the type of personality we often see involved with charitable organizations, causes, churches and cults. “

  • The US has been known to forcibly kidnap people it wants and bring them to the US for trial.
    Ask Manuel Noriega (Pineapple Face) of Panama.

    Kidnap? Sure, Says the Court

    Sosa v. Alvarez-Machain
    Sosa v. Alvarez-Machain, 542 U.S. 692 (2004),

    The DEA, however, was unable to convince Mexico to extradite Álvarez-Machaín, so they hired several Mexican nationals to capture him and bring him back to the United States. His subsequent trial was appealed all the way to the Supreme Court, which found that the government could try a person who had been forcibly abducted.

  • Nuts. Scarecrow could be on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted List in a few months. How do you go from Equestrian Socialite Heiress to 10 Most Wanted?

    Executive Success Program … turning out criminals for 15 years and counting!

    • And it never does go well with juries, does it? When they have to bring you back from another country one way or another.

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