Longtime NXIVM member & salon owner, Alayne Curtiss – wants her ex employees to be silent about her role in NXIVM or else!

By Frank Parlato

With all the scandals reported in the media about NXIVM, it is no wonder that longtime member Alayne Curtiss wants to keep the lid on her role in the sex cult that blackmails and brands women.

After all, Alayne owns the well known Make Me Fabulous salon in Saratoga Springs, NY, and not all her customers are NXIVM members. Indeed, many would disapprove of going to a hair salon whose owner supports branding and blackmailing women.


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Of course, Alayne won’t lose all her customers once word gets out she is part of an alleged sex slaver cult.

She has been doing Nancy Salzman’s hair for over a decade, and [Name redacted] and a bunch of the skinny women.  The late Pam Cafritz was also a customer.  Many who visited there will remember seeing Pam come in with a ghastly appearance and carrying a white milky drink she told everyone Keith Raniere had prescribed for her which was supposed to cure her of cancer.

Alayne recently went to Mexico [while Keith Raniere was hiding there] to do production videos for NXIVM. [She is an amateur filmmaker]. Most likely, she did that work for free in exchange for the work that Dr. Brandon Porter is doing with her 18 year old daughter.
Under the auspices of Clare Bronfman’s Ethical Science Foundation, Dr Porter is reportedly trying to cure Alayne’s teen daughter of Crohn’s disease with a new scientific method that includes “tech” Keith Raniere invented.
All of her employees knew of Alyane’s devotion to NXIVM for years [she is believed to have tried to recruit them]. But, after the branding stories came out, many of Alyane’s employees became disgusted by her continued, rabid involvement in NXIVM. Some quit in protest.
Alayne Curtiss does not want you to know she has been in NXIVM for 13 years. Mum’s the word.
Since none of her employees are known to have signed non disclosure agreements concerning her cult devotion, some who quit dared to mention to family and friends that Alyane is in the notorious cult that brands women and submitted her daughter to dangerous experiments with the same NXIVM doctor who conducts human fright experiments on women.
Alayne has been in NXIVM for 13 years and learned a thing or two from her Vanguard. According to my source, she just served seven former employees with cease and desist letters.  The letters say her employees better stop talking about her involvement with the cult or she will sue them.
Since none of them are rich, they better be careful.  To relieve the pressure on them, they need no longer speak about Alayne Curtiss being in NXIVM.  They can refer those interested to Frank Report where people can learn about the cult and how Alayne surrendered her daughter to them and how she is now reportedly threatening those who dare speak of it.
“Dammit Keith – I’m a doctor not a human brander”– Dr. Brandon Porter has reportedly been trying out a new human experiment on Alayne’s teenage daughter. It is not known if that included special sessions with the good doctor or his Vanguard – who specialized in therapy on teenage girls.


Alyane, don’t bother to send me a cease and desist letter threatening to sue. Get a lawyer and sue me right away.  Discovery should be very interesting.

About the author

Frank Parlato

Frank Report’s founder and lead writer Frank Parlato is one of the internet’s most acclaimed investigative journalists. His writing and investigations have helped expose major criminal organizations and scandals.

Frank’s work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, New York Post, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Rolling Stone, and more.

He is also the publisher and editor-in-chief of Artvoice, The Niagara Falls Reporter, Front Page and the South Buffalo News.


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  • Hey dummies that are on here defending this vile creature … are you aware that she was in Mexico with the rest of the cult losers when Keith was arrested? Oh but wait… you don’t believe she’s a cult member 🤔

  • Rough draft: Karma. Believe it or not, that’s your choice. As someone who’s seen this stir from the beginning, those that “knew” her for 20+years-no, no you did not because if you KNEW Alayne, truly knew her, you’d know she has a very ugly dark side & it’s all been about personal gain covered perfectly with a full face of fabulous makeup. The beauty of it is, everyone thought they knew her. But you didn’t. She was a bully, an abusive (yes! Physical, emotional, and verbally abusive), manipulative, hurtful person. She knew what she was getting into YEARS back, a cult. She embraced it & tried to recruit her own employees into it. Do I know her? No. Not anymore. Because I chose to walk away from a very toxic person involved in very toxic behaviors and toxic people such as this cult.

    • Why is this proof? Alayne does not live in Clfton Park and I am certain Nancy had several 18 year old clients. Stop digging for dirt.

  • IMO anyone who does not denounce NXIVM is just as guilty. Especially people who have been involved in it for the length of time that Alayne Curtiss has.
    Shame on Kristi Gustafson Barlette for propping up and marketing a long-term NXIVM member.

  • Alayne, Alayne, Alayne…..hell hath no fury….you’ve scorned THE WORLD!! You’re awful behavior and existence, is being answered!! Finally!

  • I know for a fact, that Alayne singlehandedly set out to inflict hurt and pain on a CHILD related to one of her former co-workers! She vilified a family that had unfortunate circumstances, keeping a young boy from partaking in his senior year activities. Going as far as bringing other parents in on it, with no true knowledge AT ALL of what she “spoke”! She made sure this kid could not participate with his friends at prom, referring to him as a criminal, and made sure he couldn’t participate in photos, pre prom activities etc. Her son was sad and torn knowing she was out of line and on a mission. But Alayne, was 100% comfortable with her directed attack, on a child! To this day, it’s not been forgotten, and the parents involved have since expressed their regret. Justice will be served! Alayne will feel that pain she so mindlessly inflicted! She’s a venomous predator, but there’s always someone bigger. Your cult can’t save you Alayne!

    • As a parent who recalls her “mission” I can only say that I am embarrassed and regretful knowing how unfounded her accusations were! I will agree, she was on a mission to hurt a family. I’m ashamed to have any affiliation with such a lowly person.

      • What does any of that have to do with claims that she was involved with NXIVM and supported sex slavery? There are many people in this world who have conflicts with others or behave badly in situations, but to try to tie that to alleged involvement with an organization that brands women and promotes sex trafficking is a bit of a stretch.

    • And how exactly could Alayne get a school district to ban a former employee’s relative’s son from prom?? She could not even get the school district to take action against students who were bullying her own daughter. So much so that it made her physically ill. She had to pull her own kid from school permenantly and she will be unable to participate in any senior year activities either. Whoever the kid is maybe just maybe he and his parents might have to accept responsibility for his actions and not blame Alayne, Seriously!

      • Alayne….save your attempts at redemption by hoping to garner sympathy for your child….no one said “former employee” they said “co-worker”…but you knew EXACTLY what was being referenced in your bullshit reply….sins of the mother….thank yourself for whatever your children suffer…your reign of terror is closing in…there’s a name for it, it’s called KARMA! Maybe YOU and your family should take responsibility for your actions! As the rest of us move on…you’re just starting to feel what YOUVE inflicted on so many! Prayers for your family but you?? Suffer….you’ve earned it!!

  • It’s pretty unfair to lump everyone who ever did business with anyone even remotely associated with NXIVM into one category and accuse them of supporting a cult that brands and abuses women. We know there are many branches and levels of NXIVM and not everyone who may have taken a course (or was hired to do a member’s hair and makeup) even knew about DOS. Who’s next? The Starbucks barista who once served Nancy Salzman a grande nonfat caramel macchiato?

    I’ve known Alayne for over 20 years and I have some serious doubts about the claims made in this post. She is a huge supporter of women, and is fiercely protective of her children. She would never put any of them in harm’s way.

    I have been faithfully reading the Frank Report on a daily basis for months now. While most of what is written is based in fact, many of the more recent posts are filled with unsubstantiated claims and gossip and it’s hurting the credibility of the rest of the articles.

      • I have zero connection to NXIVM whatsoever, other than what I read here and in the media. I just happen to know Alayne and none of what I’m reading here is consistent with the person I’ve known for years.

    • Because they come across awfully afraid, grasping at straws when anyone who knows how NXIVM works knows everything they need to know about Alayne Curtiss.

      Might be smart to distance yourself if you want a chance to survive.

      Otherwise, roll with the brainwashing and see where it gets you.

  • With the exception of two, maybe three people, almost her entire staff has walked out; including a member of her own family. These employees left voluntarily because no one in their right mind would fire staff at the height of their busy season??! And if you are not involved Alayne, why the cease and desist orders? Clearly there’s something you don’t want people talking about. And Mexico? Another moment of weakness as you purport to be a naive victim? Your poor family! Shame on you!

  • Alayne, although talented, is also maniacal, cruel and malicious. She’s hardly a victim, she is however represented by someone who will employ that as a “defense” should this become bigger….naive will never be a word used to describe a successful business owner…nice try though. As someone who has seen first hand how unbelievably void of conscience she is, I can only hope things come full circle and she gets the full effect of what she’s made a career of doing to other people!

    • I can only hope that EVERYTHING comes out and she’s left with nothing but regret for how she’s treated people over the years!

      • As a family member who has experienced her wrath first hand I’m sorry to say this is exactly who she is!

  • Alayne has not benefited from this group at all. She was a naïve victim of one of the Cult Leaders, Nancy, and took classes and training lessons from the organization. She received no financial gain and is not a ranking member of this group. She is a talented, hard working business woman and a devoted Mother to all 3 of her children. This article is not a true representation of who Alayne Curtiss is, rather an example of Sour Grapes based on disgruntled former employees.

    • Obsequious is far more accurate than open minded.

      No one who’s ever met Alayne Curtiss would describe her as naive! No one. You, however, are apparently naive, though that may be your obsequious obedience at work. Naive is the one thing Alayne Curtiss is absolutely not.

      Of course Alayne Curtiss received financial gain! It increased her status (especially in the 2000s when then Commissioner of NY Department of Health Antonia Novello publicly praised NXIVM and even enrolled state workers in the program) and increased her clientele (Make Me Fabulous was the go-to salon for cult members) and thus services rendered and profit.

      The Department of Justice, in their letter regarding Allison Mack, defined financial gain as follows: “received financial benefits in the form of continued status and participation in DOS, as well as financial opportunities.” Status and financial opportunities — exactly with Alayne Curtiss received through her NXIVM participation.

      I am not a former employee and I am open-minded. I also believe, as do the vast majority of people, that anyone who has enrolled in multiple NXIVM “classes and training lessons” is tainted by cult association and a public statement would be a wise step to clear away the taint and save one’s public reputation.

  • I can’t imagine her ever putting her daughter in harms way, or being involved in sex trafficking. However…. Alayne has treated people, especially former employees, that she claims to have trained & groomed….horribly. She verbally assaults, tries to ruin lives, spreads viscous rumors…. she’s just cruel, and not the woman she portrays herself to be.
    Her talent is undeniable, and so is the success of her business. But as far as being a good human being , epic fail. Maybe that’s what they teach at Nxivm…

    • She is the Hair Dresser and Make up Artist to many celebrities including the local NBC news team among others. She is a business person that has taken Empowerment Workshops from NXIVM. If it were more than that, she would be under investigation, and she is NOT.

      • She’s a makeup artist for a local news station! She’s also a self serving, shallow, employee abusing, bottom feeding shell of a human who will take ANY opportunity to exploit those she perceives as a threat! There’s the Alayne she wants the public to see….and the Alayne she hopes no one will ever know!

        • Finally! Some justice served! I can only hope the rumor that her husband left after learning of who she is, holds true! A pariah and all around bad seed!

          • Her husband has not left her and the family is still very much in tact. Stop your spiteful wishes. Alayne will prove all haters WRONG! Business is better than ever, family if fine. Sorry to disappoint you.

    • This is a great article that proves the haters wrong. Alayne is FABULOUS just like the name of her Company. Her former employees are just jealous.

      • YEAH ok… fabulously evil! Who in their right mind would be jealous of her?! She’s rotten to her core. In my opinion, all the talent and business savvy in the world cant make up for years of being evil. She’s an embarrassment to the industry.

        • FYI… not a former employee, but a former client that sat in her salon getting my hair done, listening to Alayne make fun of another client…..classy 👍🏻

      • A positive peace in the Times Union does not negate the fact this woman was a long time member of NXIVM. If she did fly to Mexico after the news of DOS broke one has to ask why she has or is remaining so loyal. Regardless her involvement shows an extreme lack of good judgement.

        NXIVM involvement aside the fact remains she has a long history of being vindictive where her employees are concerned. There is a huge contrast in calming to be a promoter of women’s empowerment and behaving in way that deliberately endangers a women’s (ex-employees) ability to support themselves and their families.

        Sour gapes or not while this woman may be talented and business savvy it appears she is also lacking in character and basic human decency!

About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

Frank Parlato was the lead investigator and coordinating producer of Investigation Discovery's 2 hour blockbuster special 'The Lost Women of NXIVM.'

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