Monte Blu: You don’t understand what really happened

By Monte Blu

Everybody has got it wrong about Keith Raniere.  Frank Parlato and the other people like Catherine Oxenberg and Toni Natalie did not cause the arrest of Keith Raniere.  It was not the FBI either. They are just tools.  It was a group much more sinister. They had to destroy Keith Raniere because of what he knew.

It is at least possible they killed Frank Parlato and replaced him with a lookalike. If you look at his earlier pictures and the latest ones, you see quite a difference. Catherine Oxenberg is dead. She was replaced with a clone. She never defected from ESP, they took her to a cloning center in the Illuminati palace, had her cloned, then killed her.

As for Toni Natalie, she killed herself on September 11, 1999 because she was sad about Keith leaving her. The woman who is claiming to be Toni Natalie is a look alike hired by the Illuminati.

Keith knew this and discovered that there is an entire operation run by the Freemasons, The Vril Society and the Illuminati.  The Royal family of England, Vladamir Putin and the late Edgar Bronfman Sr. are members.

Vanguard discovered to what extent clones were used for entertainment (wrestling bouts, sexual perversions, Illuminati ritual sacrifices.] Other clones are kept as precautionary measures should the clone’s original ever need a new liver. They wanted to clone Keith because of his superior intellect but he refused. They kept him under surveillance. They wanted to kill him and put in his place a clone. That is why he went to Mexico.

Through his superior knowledge, he discovered that Britney Spears is dead. Justin Timberlake is in a coma. Their clones are who you see.

Shady Slim, Eminem, Miley Cyrus are clones. Eminem joined the Illuminati in exchange for wealth, fame, and power.  He became an Illuminati slave before they killed him.

Keith was going to expose this. He found out many things because Edgar Bronfman, Jr. used to own Warner Music. Keith tried to warn Edgar Bronfman, Jr. But it was found out, he was a clone.

The Illuminati control world affairs, mastermind events and plant agents in governments and corporations. Keith Raniere was the greatest threat to their New World Order. He planned to to fight the secretive male dominated Freemasonry with a secret sorority of women.

Here is what he uncovered: The Illuminati has a Rite of Strict Observance and recruit but require members to pledge collateral to keep the deep secrets of Freemasonry in the higher degrees of the Illuminati.  The Illuminati recruited select university students  -young men like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama with little experience and train them.

They have different grades or ranks. The Noviciate [white] the Minerval [yellow], Illuminatus minor [orange], Apprentice [green], Companion [blue], and Master [purple] and these were separated from the higher Scottish Novice [gold] and Scottish Knight [the highest rank and beyond all colors, sometimes symbolized as white].

The Illuminati recruited from Freemasonry, the men who ran the lodges, and often placed the entire lodge at the disposal of the Illuminati.

The sorority was going to stop all this – but then they arrested Keith and the rest will be history for thousands of years in the future.

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  • I’ve watched a lot of those Illuminati YouTube videos (!). I love digging around, investigating things. But to me, the likelihood of a worldwide network being successful, loyal, and secretive for millennia isn’t likely. Look at the American mafia. Someone always rats, or goes rogue, or defects. We would have seen the cloning sites by now, the laboratories & beakers, LOL. I think corruption is real & we have to be on our toes, but painting situations with the broad stroke of the Illuminati is, as many others have stated, reductive. As far as the Clintons running the world, Bill Clinton was disgraced during his administration & impeached. Not really want you’d expect from an omnipotent man?
    Like many other groups, Nxvim is falling apart & I hope the people who have been hurt see justice.

    • Yes but do a quick google search and you can see all of what she/he is saying in all over the internet. They are not alone in this stuff. Someone with too much time on their hands watching Youtube and other sites. Its a bit shocking. Anyone can create any narrative they want these days and the audience through the internet is millions. Not like the old days were you had to have the book or travel from town to town as a tent evangelist.

  • 1. How would taking closeup pictures of vaginas topple the Illuminati?

    2. I’m skeptical about the existence of the Illuminati. It would mean that there are and were millions upon millions of like-minded people who worked together toward a common goal, for centuries, and to me, that just does not jive with human nature. Such sustained cooperation on that scale has not happened anywhere else in human history, so why would this one organization be so successful?

    3. I believe Keith Raniere is the sociopath he was always trying to understand, and his little sidekick Alison isn’t far behind.

  • Why do you mock this? Do you really think 🤔 that there is no people in this world who work in secret to serve their own nefarious ends ? And do you not think that they would seek to destroy the good in people and turn them into monsters? And do you not know that human cloning exists? And would it not be smart of them to want the smartest man under their control and do you not believe that his refusal would have concerned them and they would retaliate? So who’s really brainwashed? You who do not believe in the real global rule. Whether it’s called Illuminati or the privileged few. Grow up. This is real. And before you assholes mock my name ( imagine how immature. Especially that horn dog Hiram ) it is pronounced Pie-a-ya. On-wee. It’s a Bavarian name of great renoun in Europe. Only in vulgar America do people display such ignorance !

    • The only people who scare me Peah are people like you that believe the NWO, Illuminati, Free Masons, Shriners, Rosicrucians, Rastafarians, Catholics, Muslims, Jews, the Clintons et al are in some kind of plot to control the world. You are more dangerous to society then they will ever be.

      • There are more things in Heaven and Earth, dear Laura, than are dreamt of in your philosophy. You might want to start with the book, “The Freemasons,” by respected historian Jasper Ridley, before moving on to classic work, “Proofs of a Conspiracy,” by John Robison, A.M. If your interest is piqued, after reading these two books, then you might want to read Vernon Stauffer’s “The Bavarian Illuminati in America” (Dover edition). However, if you are brave enough, you may just want to throw caution to the wind and read “The Pefectibilists: The 18th Century Order of the Bavarian Illuminati” by Terry Melanson. Of course, the book “Fleshing out Skull & Bones: Investigations into America’s Most Powerful Secret Society,” edited by Kris Millegan, may or may not be beyond your comprehension. And please, don’t forget to include “Operation Gladio: the Unholy Alliance Between the Vatican, the CIA, and the Mafia” by the journalist, Paul L. Williams in your reading. This book is extremely well-documented.

        It’s time to wakeup, Laura; it’s time to rub your eyes and break the spell. You, the scarecrow, the lion, and the tin-man still have a lot of work to do. Those flying monkeys are still out there, not to mention the wicked witch, Clare. Never forget that ESP, NXIUM, and the rest of the rubbish that Raniere and his crew of criminals were selling are the fruits of a criminal conspiracy that included Keith, Nancy, Allison, Pamela, Karen, Clare, and many others. Sometimes people are afraid to call a conspiracy a conspiracy, even after they have tripped over one or live in the same neighborhood as one.

        Peeah Onyou is nothing more than a disinforming catheter bag full of Monte Blu’s drugs-positive urine. Nothing there but a nitwit of a troll out on patrol! Monte Bluish and Peeah-brain and are a pair of insignificant and pusillanimous pissants (formica rufe). Don’t let them bother you.

        There are, however; people who actually do serious research into conspiracies and then analyze them in order to determine whether a conspiracy is real or not. That job requires hard work and the study of actual books that are written by intelligent and well-informed people. It is a steep learning curve. It is not merely finding some superficial article or some regurgitated piece on some unreliable site on the worldwide web or on wiki-whatever-pedia. Critical thinking must be applied to any potential conspiracy and that type of thinking requires a deep knowledge of the subject, an ongoing analysis of the information, and lots of life experience. Be well, Laura and remain lighthearted. After all, It is all about seeing all of these sociopathic criminals in prison, ASAP!

    • Barvarian now? I think the Hawaiin claim was a more plausible fiction, but I don’t think you’re a very plausible writer, less critic. You should try something else, palm reading or tea leaves or angel cards, I dunno you just strike me as a natural born charlatan…

  • There is a Very Interesting tidbit in the Vice article where cult expert Steve Hassan is interviewed about NXIVM. Hassan says he has worked with ex-members. These ex-members report that they have no memory of their very first meeting with Keith. These are 2-4 hour meetings. Hassan thinks Keith used NLP. But I suspect hypnosis, based on Toni Natalie’s experience.
    Hypnosis is bad enough. But is it also possible that Keith pulled a “Bill Cosby” on them while they were “unconscious?”

    • Professor George Hoben Estabrooks (1895-1973) of Colgate University wrote one the best books that there is on hypnosis in 1943. A revised edition of this work came out in 1957. A Google search of Estabrooks will bring up a myriad of websites with either references to him, to his works, or both. His papers are archived at Colgate University. It is best to read his book that is simply entitled “Hypnotism.” A pdf is available.

      I would like to know more details about Keith Ranirere’s ability to hypnotize individuals before I would attribute too much hypnotic power to him. After all, he did not meet Nancy Salttzman until well-after his first encounter with Toni Natalie. But almost nothing would surprise me about that lazy slug, Keith Raniere. Emulating Svengali in order to create dozens of Trilbys, while at the same time fleecing them of all their cash, would certainly be an item on this night crawler’s agenda. When all is said and done, the women of DOS were in effect paying Keith Raniere to have sex with him. I wonder if he may have been inspired by the movie, “Svengali,” with Jodie foster and Peter O’Toole?

      The hypnotic subject has to be trained by suggestion over a period of time by means of multiple hypnotic sessions. It is the conscious mind of the hypnotist/operator that is attempting to gain control of the unconscious mind of the hypnotic subject. In deep hypnosis, which requires working with a subject over a period of time, the subject’s conscious mind has been overcome and their actions are now dictated by the hypnotist/operator.

      I would like to see some direct evidence before giving credence to any claim that either Keith Ramiere or Nancy Saltzman used advanced hypnosis on anyone with or without their consent. Steven Hassan’s book, “Combatting Cult Mind Control,” is worth reading. I am enjoying it. I am also looking forward to reading Clifford Wright’s “Basic Techniques, Book II: Introductory Level NLP Workbook.” It is very important to try to understand exactly what this band of criminals was doing to people in order to control their minds. What was in their bag of tricks? It is entirely possible that Keith Raniere may have been using any number of substances (drugs/alcohol) on his unsuspecting victims as adjuncts to his mind-control techniques. These could have been administered through food or drink at low levels. It is only by exposing them and their techniques that we can bring an end to any an all of these mind-control cults!

      • LOL, read something written about hypnosis in the last decade and the first thing you automatically begin to realize is how quickly and easily you can induce trance in the mind of your target and instantly install suggestions that will be acted on as if it were there own thought. No hoops to jump thro to get there- it is literally that easy.

        • By the way, “the hypnotic subject has to be trained by suggestion over a period of time by means of multiple hypnotic sessions” completely untrue. It is called fractionation, bringing a subject in and out of trance, rapidly and repeatedly, amplifies the suggestion very, very quickly- during one session. Read something on hypnosis from this century.

  • If you look at pics of Toni Natalie and Keith when they were together and look at the woman called Toni on 20-20 etc That’s not the same woman

    • Mate, do yourself a big favour and read Heraclitus, available for nought-pence from the Gutenberg site or your local library. Things and people, hell, everything changes, it’s an inherent quality of what there is. there’s no Illuminati replacing everything at every moment. Obsessing over the ‘Conspiracy’ conspiracies, will merely serve to distract and nullify any useful purpose your inquiring mind could serve were it not wasted, possibly for an entire life time, on pointless nonsense. Might as well smoke crack as drink kool-aid.

  • “an entire operation run by the Freemasons, The Vril Society and the Illuminati. The Royal family of England, Vladamir Putin and the late Edgar Bronfman Sr. are members.” I started to laugh this off…..until I saw you included the Russians ! Gotta have “Russians” in any New Plot !

  • New reader here. I’m interested in the prosecution of this cult because I survived 30 years married to an abusive psychopath who killed himself after I filed for divorce. I see similarities between the cult’s abuse of its members and what I experienced. I think it likely that Raniere will also kill himself rather than serve a prison sentence, although first he’s likely to milk the publicity of the trial. I’m sorry for those the cult targeted who are now dealing with their shame.

    Any Nxivm/ESP survivors interested in reading and adding their perspective about recovery from abuse are welcome to visit my blog at

    My congratulations to Frank for airing out the cult’s hideous secrets.


    In the exclusive clip above, Edmundson describes the Jness track of NXIVM, which cost entrants $15,000 for three eight-day trainings designed for women “to help us figure out who we are at our core.” In it, she claims Raniere told them “women are designed to be loyal to our man and be subservient.”

    “In the process of understanding our indoctrination, he is slipping in a new indoctrination,” Edmundson adds. “I actually remember the last training I took with Jness. I was like, ‘Wow, I’m not obedient enough.’”

    • Anyone who wants a self-help book can go to Barnes and Noble or Amazon and buy one for less than 30 bucks.

      And as for what most men want, most men want women with a little sass to them.
      It makes life interesting.

      Most men do not want “Stepford Wives.”

    • It’s interesting it costs so much, since it was just another thing I was invited to attend for free.

      Training women to be subservient under the guise of women’s empowerment fits perfectly with my experience of NXIVM.


    Asked to elaborate on how Raniere interacted with members, Edmondson replies, “You’re not going to like this answer—he kisses everyone on the lips.”

    “I want to say something was off, but it was countered by all the good things in NXIVM and I couldn’t quite reconcile it,” Edmondson concludes. “In retrospect, Keith doesn’t care about humanity and ethics. We were all pawns for him in his little chess game. Especially women.”

    • – Asked to elaborate on how Raniere interacted with members, Edmondson replies, “You’re not going to like this answer—he kisses everyone on the lips.”

      Gross. That should’ve been a red flag right away. I’m sure it’s easier to engage in such behavior when you come from liberal industries that are already predisposed to engage in such behavior for the job as in the acting industries like Sarah and Allison.

      This is an advantage of conservative religions. If you’re raised in a practicing Christian, Jewish, Islamic, Hindu, etc., home and believe in their respective religions, you won’t engage in such behavior.

  • This kind of “comedy” really undercuts the truly valuable journalism being done by Frank and the site. Really don’t know who this is for, and why it’s included.

  • “Frank Parlato and the other people like Catherine Oxenberg and Toni Natalie did not cause the arrest of Keith Raniere. It was not the FBI either. They are just tools. It was a group much more sinister. They had to destroy Keith Raniere because of what he knew.”

    It’s funny how Keith Raniere is omnipotent and is the smartest guy ever one minute, and the poor helpless victim of sinister shadowy forces the next. Whatever he needs to be in the eyes of his followers to command their attention and to relieve them of their money at the moment, he will become.

    Monte, for this to be somewhat believable, you should have dialed it down a couple notches. You really went to 11 on this one.

    • — “All of a sudden I woke up, *and it was like 10 years later*. I’d given up my career as a documentarian and I’m living in Albany in service to this man, Keith Raniere.”

      It seems like this lame cult does this even people who aren’t involved directly but indirectly through some member they are related to or care about, not in the same way, but in sense that it’s a disease that affects their life and wastes just as much of their time.

  • Thank you Mr. BLU.
    For all this time I thought you were just a delusional troll, but now I finally see the truth….you DO really have insider knowledge on Keith and his gang Kool-aide drinkers . Please continue to keep us informed, Monte. I am looking forward to more of your informative insights!

    Now Let’s see if this posts, since I’m apparently banned from posting…maybe changing my name will help?

    • Yes…it worked! It seems I am being “shadow-banned “…lol. I can’t post if I use the name Free Speech. How ironic!
      But FREE SPEECH will post.
      How weird. …

  • OMG, Clare! Don’t you realize that by continuing to ingest even small amounts of substances like “bath salts” and LSD that you are seriously endangering your long term mental health? The Delusions and hallucinations that are caused by these substances can be very dangerous to your personal safety and well-being. You really should stop immediately! In your case, these dangerous substances are only aggravating and enhancing the very serious dissociative identity disorder (a severe condition in which two or more distinct identities or personality states are present in – and alternately take control of – an individual) that was created for you through NXIUM’s programming curriculum.

    Obviously it was Keith and Nancy (who are really just the fronts for an ongoing CIA mind-control program) who have used the monarch-mind-control method upon you and so many others, my dear. The CIA is the real beneficiary of all of that money that was stolen from you and your sister, Sara, allegedly by Keith and Nancy. The CIA is using your millions for black ops! Obviously, the real Keith and Nancy were replaced by CIA impostors once the organization became NXIUM. Vanguard and Prefect are nothing less than nefarious CIA cutouts: Clare, don’t be fooled by these impostors!

    You should really have your “core self” get in touch with Rick Ross and get deprogrammed before it is too late. In the meantime, Clarabelle, why don’t you watch the movie “Hide and Seek,” with Robert DeNiro and Dakota Fanning and Stanley Kubrick’s final masterpiece, “Eyes Wide Shut.” Remember that you are really Clare and not this Monte Blu personality that those dastardly CIA operatives, Vanguard and Prefect, created in your simple mind through hypnosis and mind control.

    P.S. Trilby baby, “Svengali” with Jodie Foster and Peter O’Toole might also be a soothing movie for you to watch while munching on some organic popcorn sprinkled with Mrs. Dash.

      • Not really. Maybe in an indirect sense through the Bronfman billions. “Eyes Wide Shut” was a subtle movie about the financial elite, i.e., the oligarchy that sits at the top of the pyramid, and the secret sexual and sinister machinations associated with their control and power. Some say the movie was Kubrick’s way of indirectly revealing them. He personally dealt with them due to his work as a well-respected filmmaker and some speculate the movie ultimately led to his death.

          • I don’t think so. It doesn’t take a genius or someone with a specialized skill set to exploit emotionally vulnerable people looking for help out of their issues. It only takes being a d-bag without little to no conscience.

    • Why are you so sure it’s Clare writing? This is obviously a joke, right? Or maybe you’re making a joke too…

      • Of course, I am ridiculing whoever is writing under the name of Monte Blu. They are the real joke! I am merely using Clare as a fictitious means to an and end, just a she and the criminals of the Raniere cult used the real means of mind control on so many of their unsuspecting victims of ESP, NXIUM, etc., as an means to extract their money and their souls from them. This was and is the purpose of this evil cult. My words are meant to be humorous and satirical.

        Although it has been alleged by reliable sources, that alternative personalities can and actually have been created through the Monarch Mind Control program, I do not believe that Nancy and Keith were either that sophisticated or that skilled. Only forthcoming evidence or affidavits of the use of hypnosis techniques by this pair, and possibly others, could open up that can of worms. Some experts claim that NLP (in which Nancy was trained) is Monarch Mind Control: I do not know enough about that, at this time, to comment intelligently on that particular claim.

        I am merely answering the outrageous absurdities of Monte Blu with even more outrageous absurdities, so that old three-card Monte will overplay the thin hand that they hold and so, even more absurdly, demonstrate the ridiculousness of their silly and childish phantasmagorical jibber-jabber. Monte Blu is a nothing more than a preening prattler, and a ridiculous and silly person with no real talent for or deep knowledge about that of which they write. In short, the fool Monte is not to be taken seriously!

        The point is to see all of these cultish creeps in prison and to close their entire operation down.

      • Dear Schoolboy Joke,

        Scroll up about three the comment that I have written about Blu’s latest pipe dream. God, wouldn’t it be a real tragedy if Monte fell off the end of his own pipe and landed on his dumb ass? Monte is obviously in love with all of the attention he gets from his preposterous confabulations. But butthead Blu’s screed is pure unadulterated disinformation- blather. He is just a “white knight” talking ass-backwards and spewing noxious verbal diarrhea out from his rear end into cyberspace. His have no more meaning or significance than an ephemeral fart. This twisted narcissist is shameless!

  • Thank you Monte Blu. All this time I thought you were just a crazy troll, but now I see you are REAL.
    I can tell you have vast insider knowledge on Keith & Company and all their so-called secrets. I will never doubt you again, Monte. Please reveal more!

    • Are other people having trouble posting lately?
      Oddly my posts tend to disappear, though that seldom happened before. Now, it seems to happen almost every time I try to post.

      • In the past, comments would appear almost instantly. Now it takes a few minutes. Maybe Frank has had to turn on more fltering due to the site’s popularity?

        Comments with more than one hyperlink have always required manual approval, which can take hours.

  • These things do happen. It may be true or not be true that the Illuminati exists. As for Keith, there is little doubt he tried to get his followers to believe it and get them to think they were persecuting him which I think Is highly improbable in fact why would they need to stop a turd like him?

  • I suddenly felt like I was transported back to April 1st with this post. If it’s real, and not Frank himself, this should be presented to prosecutors. This is hysterical. I haven’t had a belly laugh like this in a long time.

  • I can testify that Monte Blu’s theory is entirely correct.
    In college a friend and I once traveled to Indianapolis, Indiana where we visited (infiltrated) the Scottish Rite Cathedral and learned all of the esoteric knowledge about Masons like Hiram Abiff.
    Joseph Smith, the polygamous founder of the Mormon Church, was also a Mason.
    Masonic rituals often involve blindfolding the initiate and paddling him or her, just like the women of the DOS did to each other.

    When Allison Mack drove Jane Doe #1 up from Brooklyn and handed her over to the Vanguard’s evil clone, Jane Doe was blindfolded and led through the woods to a shack where she was tied to a table and sexually assaulted by another person while the evil Vanguard clone made commentary.
    Who sexually assaulted Jane Doe #1?
    Not the evil clone. He was too busy commenting on the action.
    Not Keith Raniere, the Vanguard himself. He was too busy thinking great thoughts and pondering the mysteries of the universe.
    Jane Doe #1 in all probability was sexually assaulted by Allison Mack herself.
    This is the kind of practical joke that the Masons and the Illuminati enjoy.

  • “He planned to to fight the secretive male dominated Freemasonry with a secret sorority of women.” But DOS wasn’t exactly a secret was it? Man, but I love conspiracy theories. So has Allison Mack been cloned? How about the Salzmans? Or maybe the Bronfman sisters? I guess the Holocaust didn’t happen and neither did Sandy Hook right? Please remove the tinfoil hat, get out from behind your computer and go outside and get some fresh air. DAMN!!

  • Monte Blu is a troll comedian (not that funny but funny in parts). That’s all. He’s not Clare. He’s not Nicki or India. He’s just a guy trolling the site to have some fun. Take it for what it is. If nothing else proves it, this does.

  • Of course he has to be destroyed for what he knows. He knows how to brand women, sexually exploit women, manipulate people, starve people and even more.

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His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” In addition, he was credited in the Starz docuseries 'Seduced' for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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