‘Allison was given too much power, that’s why poor Keith is in a jam!’

Allison Mack walks out of court. She has been charged with sex trafficking and forced labor conspiracy.

The suspected financial intervention of Clare Bronfman into Allison Mack’s legal affairs raises a point:

If it is true, the two sister-wives, Bronfman and Mack, are working together to save “the mission” – which would be a huge departure from their longstanding distrust of one another.

For years, Bronfman was extremely jealous of Mack’s closeness to Raniere. She constantly submitted to EM [Exploration of Meaning] therapy from NXIVM EM therapists Lauren Salzman and mother, Nancy Salzman, to help overcome her jealousy issues with Allison and other women whom Raniere seem to want to lavish more physical attention on than Clare.

Mack, in turn, was jealous of many of the younger women but not of Clare Bronfman. Allison knows Raniere would mock Clare Bronfman behind her back, but because she had the money, she would subject Mack and others to ‘Cruella’ Bronfman’s caprice and mercurial viciousness.

For his part, as grand master to the women, Raniere saw value in encouraging competition and distrust between Mack and Bronfman, for it helped keep both disciplined, frightened, and insecure, which lends itself to greater obedience  – a necessary factor for many harems.

If Mack has assured Bronfman she will be faithful to Raniere, Bronfman will undoubtedly assure Mack that her legal bills will be paid.

She may tell Mack that no jury will convict Raniere if Mack admits it was her idea to brand women and Keith knew nothing about the plan until after it happened. That, at best, Keith was a passive participant. It was Allison, Nicki Clyne, India Oxenberg and other women who did the actions described by the DOJ as felonies.

Then Mack  – after clearing Raniere – could argue that it was all consensual among the women.

The old guard of NXIVM is united in sympathy for Keith, vilifying Allison for creating DOS. All think it unfair that Raniere is in jail and believe that if anyone should go to prison, it should be Allison.

The mood among faithful NXIVM members is that everything was going beautifully until Allison was given too much power.


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Nicki Clyne, Basit Igtet, Allison Mack, Sylvie Lloyd gathered to watch Clare Bronfman [r] compete in a 5k run.

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  • Allison’s fast track to “de-programming” = getting laid by anyone other than Keith and as soon as possible. 100% truth.

    • Whar she needs is people she can trust and some self esteem and not some random guy who ends up in bed with her. How is that supposed to help?

    • Please stop trying to encourage Allison Mack to have sex. She is specifically ordered by a court to not have any contact with her “wife”, Nicki Clyne. Any attempts to encourage her to have sex with either her “wife” or anyone else could be considered witness tampering or even brainwashing.

      • Come on, so moronic.

        How’s she supposed to see it when she is not supposed to be using her phone for anything other than lawyer communication?

  • Yesterday, I made a lengthy comment on how Allison’s lawyer Stephen Buckley of the Willkie, Farr, Gallaher law firm actually works for a very prominent New York corporate law firm.

    It is doubtful if Allison Mack ever heard of Willkie, Farr. Gallaher.

    But it is extremely plausible that the Seagrams heiress Claire Bronfman has.

    Allison’s legal team is really Clare’s legal team.

    Should we feel sorry for Allison the Dupe?
    Allison lured women into the cult under false pretenses.
    Allison used her Clifford Park home to conduct brandings.
    Allison supervised the brandings.
    Allison collected blackmail on the women to compel their sexual slavery.
    Allison expected that one day she would be the Queen of the NXIVM cult.

    Save your tears for someone more deserving than the reprehensible, deplorable, depraved, degenerate Allison Mack.

  • When Allison is sentenced to her very very lengthy prison sentence, I wonder if Melinda Mack will finally accept that these are not allegations but the cold hard facts. Her daughter could do the right thing and cooperate with authorities and gain a shit at redemption but instead her mother continues to enable her criminal mind. The comparison to Elizabeth Smart is so laughable. Keep selling yourself that lie, lady

    • Most of the facts quoted here are from the indictment. Good luck trying to prove those are speculation.

      I am so grateful my family is with me on mother’s day because they want to be, not because they are on house arrest.
      Then again, every time someone suggest I take them for pictures to model, I say no. My responsibility is to empower them, not expose them to things too mature for their age group / development, and I know from my experience. Children do not belong modeling and acting.

      How often does anyone hear anybody saying, “Oh, look at that well-adjusted child actor / actress”?? Very rarely.

    • She will never quit blaming everyone else for the trajectory she started her daughter on.

      The delusion runs as deep as her thirst for attention.

  • I’ve heard that prosecution will offer their best deal first and then offer worse deals as the trial approaches. But in the case of someone who is being treated for a possible mental illness, would they be willing to give her time to come around?

    • I would hope they would since Allison is someone clearly suffering from mental illness, It shouldn’t be taken so lightly with her.

    • Prisons are filled with mentally ill people.
      As long as Allison can understand the charges against her and assist in her own defense, she can stand trial.

  • October 1. Is going to be something as I do not know the outcome to be honest with everyone here. I’m not clearly surprised that she might have contact with someone like Clare who may be paying her legal fees during her trial. I hate to be Allison Mack right now; she’s not off to a very good start here and anyone expecting Allison to be deprogrammed within a month is that simple to do. It’s going to take a lot of work to deprogrammed Keith’s control over her and to be very honest here the jury needs to remember that she’s a trained actress who may be pretending to want to testify against her former lover/ master who’s behind bars right now.

    Allison, on the other hand, is on house arrest for the time being during her trial unable to speak to any NXIVM members. I knew it was too good to be true for Allison to turn against Keith; it’s not like Allison hasn’t made any good smart choices in life or she wouldn’t end up like this right now with her reputation tarnished, breaking the hearts her family and friends, also her fans and I mean the good kind who aren’t trying to get with her like Shadowstate who had a hissie fit with me just because Allison Mack just happened to like one of my tweets and even noticed me enough to give her thanks to me. I haven’t forgotten that, also he made threats against my life on Facebook and to some of my friends who were fans of Allison Mack. Shadowstate needs to grow the fuck up here leaving folks alone here.

    I do believe Allison does suffer from mental illness who chooses not to accept it along the fact Keith has been messing with her for years. I’m not saying she shouldn’t be punished but she should not take the whole fall for a guy who cares nothing for her.

      • Bat doesn’t need the cops.
        He/She needs psychiatric help as much as Allison Mack does.
        Bat is Bat Crap Crazy.
        I don’t make threats.

    • You are Bat Crap Crazy.
      I don’t make threats.
      You need psychiatric help as much as Allison Mack.

  • NXIVM DOS most resembles:

    A) Den of thieves
    B) Pack of wolves
    C) Band of gypsies
    D) Pride of lions
    E) Cackle of hyenas
    F) Troop of monkeys
    G) All of the above
    O) Other

  • I’m just here to see Shadowstate spill his anger like fuel. As he was burned by Allison Mack on twitter after his obsession got out of control (yes we have the tweet screenshots), he now goes under multiple alias.

    – one is “Allison’s Mom” ( someone who thinks Allisons mom posts here
    – tex2
    -free speech

    He offers nothing to the conversion

    • I’ve dealt that nutjob in the past on Twitter and remember how his obsession with her went so far he got blocked by her.

    • Its always the same with anyone who speaks the truth. They get their haters. So here we go. Here’s some truth.

      Remember Before 2006, she had no criminal record ( yes keith did )

      How did he control lots of people? Read this from a 12 year insider.


      It’s a bit like an abused women, and why they stay in abusive relationships.

      There is even Barb Bouchey said in a recent video she believes that Allison was brainwashed into believing what he was doing was right.

      Now of course you will get those retards on here like shadowstate who will claim she is a monster and speculate but I can explain why that is. He pursued her on twitter back in 2016 after attending a few NXIVM sessions and she turned him down. Since then, he has fuelled his hate towards her into blog posts, forums and youtube videos. Even when articles are posted that are not about her he makes comments about her as he can’t stop himself.

      But you need to know that Allison is much like Elizabeth Smart, and the victims of Jim Jones and David Koresh. Those were innocent people who had been manipulated ( learn about it before you open your ignorant mouths )

      And yes, the hearing will prove her innocence.

      Now I think its important for all the retards who frequent this comment section (aka shadowstate, tex2, brigid ) that you understand what indictment of charges means.

      Go to Barry Bouche’s website (lawyer) what indicted means. As that is important as just because folks see charges they immediately think ( this is real )

      Right now, because I know you are a little bit slow, I will summarize the best parts below so you can wrap your head around this case

      1. The grand jury knows that the burden of proof is very low, and they also know that the defendant won’t be sentenced or anything.

      2. “Indictment just means the process has moved forward, and the fact of the indictment itself can’t be used against anyone at trial, because it is not allowed to be seen as evidence against them.”

      3. When people turn on the TV and hear that a grand jury indicted someone, they usually have no idea what that means, but it actually means nothing more than the case moved forward; it’s evidence of nothing.

      Yes…..Evidence of nothing? What did i just read? Yes that’s right. It’s evidence of nothing

      That;s because Its simply allegations PRIOR to a trial

      And often it doesn’t go to trial if a plea deal is made

      But….Okay, now back to Shadowstate and his obsession with Mack, Allison Macks mom ( aka shadowstate posting under another name) and sultan and his obsession with Kristen Kreuk and Tex2 and his obsession with sheep shagging, amway and guns.

      These are the real obsessive retards who post here all the time because they dont have a life.

      • I do not think any society, even a society dedicated to “changing by being the change” (word salad courtesy of the former head of the Vancouver coven), has the knowledge or resources to “deprogram” all individuals who are guilty of criminal activity.

        The fact that Allison Mack was a fringe player in the entertainment world should not dictate that she undergo deprogramming while other less privileged criminal actors are deprived of their freedom.

        What kind of bird doesn’t fly?

        A jail bird.

      • Frank Parlato is planning on being on my “obsessive” MLM radio show later today, and we’ll be talking about Amway.

    • Knew it was too good to be true to think her stupid mother wasn’t going to show up defending her again. Yawn.

      • yep with the same old yammering on comparing a full grown woman stepping into this group of her own volition to a 14 year old kidnapped from her family at knifepoint. Repeating it ad nauseam won’t make it so.

  • Clare Butterface

    She was soooooo jealous of the young babes from Vancouver. As were all of the first generation harem ho’s that had Vanguard’s attention for so long.

    There is nothing more worse than an aging woman realizing she is being cast aside for new, fresh meat. There is much of that within the org. Yes that all plays into the Blame Game going on now. I have little sympathy for them, whisltblowers or not.

    After all, would they be Whistleblowers and Critics had they NOT been replaced in Raniere’s bed?

    Sometimes the truth is tough to admit.


      • You need to learn the definition of misogynistic if you think anything in that statement was.

        Being disgusted by what a few stupid women do, does not make someone misogynistic.

        Misogynists truly despise all women and have no respect for any women ever. Women exist solely for their abuse.

        I am a woman, and I have no problem with Hiram or Shadowstate or others that get called misogynistic here, because I know what the word means, and it is patently false to call them that.

        Again, disliking particular individual women and / or their actions, does not a misogynist make.

          • So when women point out your ignorance, you call them stupid?

            And you want to call someone else misogynistic who isn’t, yet you do that?

            Bet you are popular.

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