Dr. Roberts video, using NXIVM tech, speaks of “Miraculous healing”!

Anyone who thinks that NXIVM is done has failed to consider that the now-jailed cult leader, Keith Raniere, has trained his minions well. Listen to Dr. Danielle Roberts, one of Raniere’s numerous DOS slaves and the one who wielded the branding pen, cutting excruciatingly painful scars forming Raniere’s and Allison Mack’s initials on the pubic region of slave women who gave their masters blackmail worthy material.

At a seminar, she is one of the “World’s greatest healers” [and one of the world’s greatest branders, I dare say!]  But is this is a physician you can trust, when she tells you about the powers of the mind?


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  • You have to guess her preferred hand is where her hair band is. So she makes a couple of “alarm signals” around 4.52 (touching nose) and 13.59 (hair flick plus poss. ear) and 17.10. (nose again). Her fingers and hands at points are very red. Could be the light but all capillaries are open here and touching said parts of the body is/was sometimes understood to be not natual i.e. poss. lying.

    Someone or herself has also given her a pen as a poss. distraction as there is no need on the stage for it otherwise. I wonder how she would perform without it?

  • I watched this very interesting video (Placebo Effect: Creating the Belief systems for Miraculous Healings) yesterday, May 07, 2018, on the recommendation of onewomanarmy (OWA). I am thrilled that Frank has brought it to the attention of a wider audience. It deserves the attention. I recommend that you watch it very carefully.

    The following are just a few of the important highlights that I noticed. Of course, the Love-Doctor is there to promote her EXO|ESO yoga and wellness brand of voodoo-witch doctoring. “EXPECT A MIRACLE!!” Notice the EXO|ESO t-shirt underneath her jacket – Ooowee, so stylish! Then we have the THOUGHT MASTERY PROGRAM or the “don’t-let-it-bother-you-because-it-don’t-bother-me program.” Once you complete this program, “you’re not dependent on anything in the external world for YOUR JOY!” Now you, you, you are calling the shots and if somebody don’t like it, well; TOUGH SHIT! Remember, whoever has the most JOY wins!

    “Do you have the persistence to continue the new pattern UNTIL YOUR BRAIN IS WIRED IN THE NEW DIRECTION,” asks the “love-is-pain” doctor. If you just go over to the table and sign up with Isabella “Tourette”, you to have good chance of becoming a rewired Raniereian, but only for a hefty fee. (Hey, look it’s a business; just ask Ilsa (oops!) Clare..

    However, my super-favorite part comes at frames 16:45 and 16:50 of the video, wherein this sadistic little pelvic-thrusting, pen-wielding twerp gives a rather (unconsciously?) long Nazi salute. Reportedly, there was a doctor who was fascinated by tattoos at Buchenwald. It was alleged that Ilsa Koch (The “Bitch of Buchenwald”) would send prisoners with tattoos to this specialist so that he could experiment on them. She got their skin for her lamp-shade collection in return. Was Danielle Roberts that doctor in her former life? I guess that we will all have to wait until Vanguard publishes his autobiography. I am sure that he’s scribbling away on prison-issued toilet paper right now.

    In the meantime folks, just master those thoughts and get in touch with your inner selfishness by stilling your mind and getting beyond all of those annoying societal rules, regulations, and laws that prevent anarchy from breaking out. Those silly man-made commandments are for losers and, besides; they suppress the psychopathic criminal behavior of cults and that of New York attorneys general. But EXO|ESO can help you to become so much better at being a selfish criminal bitch or bastard for a nominal fee of not more than all of your cash (after that you become a slave). EXO|ESO can help you to become that psychopath that you always wanted to be. Aim low and turn out just like Doctor Danielle Roberts. After all, you don’t need to be an M.D. or a D.O. to brand people above their private parts – you can get your own starter kit on Amazon, and get rid of those annoying skin tags at the same time. OMG, Danielle is going to look so fabulous in her gorgeous new prison pajamas! I hope that someday we all get to see that pic on the cover of Navel Expo’s swell magazine.

  • Radar Online is not available to anyone outside the US FWIW. See for yourself as by using an online VPN like hide.me only the US proxy server shows the site.

  • Why this woman has not been brought up on charges is beyond me. She needs more media coverage so people recognize the total scum bag she is.

    Why is the media just reporting on Raniere and Mack. Without this so called “do no harm” doctor who would of they gotten to do the branding.

    How about 20/20?

    • please the media just concentrate on allison and already while keith raniere does not love anywhere that is suspicious besides everything now revolves around her it seems that they only buy and paste talk about DOS in the same way as NXIVM, saying that she It was the second store of NXIVM, they do not even know NXIVM’s hierarchy, on a website in Spain I tell you that TWO tube 16,000 women in some YouTube videos and conversations in networks design things that she traffic with children from Mexico and that even had marked or killed meanwhile keith is not a single photo it seems that Keith’s plan from the beginning to put her as a leader was precisely that the media and the public are focused on it while at some point keith and clear achieve leave through the back door when everything has calmed down and the dust has settled

    • This Radar Online article is very interesting. Seems like wherever Dr. Porter goes, people vomit and have diarrhea. Very suspicious. Sounds almost criminal to me. Especially given that he failed to report anything. Dr. Porter should lose his license and then be brought up on criminal charges.

      • The YMCA affair is the same event than the Vanguard Week’s massive flu : probably that most of the kids were sleeping in the YMCA building.

  • Wow. Watching Danielle Roberts talk about healing is like watching Donald Trump talk about the benefits of telling the truth. Or Charles Manson talk about living a virtuous life. Or like Keith Raniere talking about having a large penis. I guess no one would believe that last one, it’s too preposterous.

    She comes off as dumb and quite crazy which seems to have been the case in real life. And for those who are going to claim she’s brainwashed, there were a lot of Brainwashed women in the cult who didn’t brand people without any anesthetic. Straight up bad to the core. She should lose her license and go to jail for a while.

    • arrives to inflict their moronic politics on the rest of the world.

      The people who have really been harmed by NXIVM are sick and tired of your moronic b.s.


        So quit putting ugly words in any one else’s mouth. They are your words and yours alone.

      • “Another American” Is your comment directed at Danielle Roberts or my comments? I can’t tell. If at Danielle Roberts, I wholeheartedly agree. Her politics and beliefs are moronic as are NXIVM’s as a whole once you break them down. If your comments are directed at my comments about Danielle, I stand by the fact that any doctor who would do this without anesthetic is evil, cruel and an awful person. Brainwashed or not, if you hear someone screaming in complete pain and are causing that, you probably aren’t a good person.

        • Isn’t a doctor’s Hippocratic oath “First, do no harm”? This so called doctor needs to have her license to practice medicine revoked and she needs to face charges for deliberately harming people.

    • I thought your stupidity and lack of any morality was probably your parents’ fault asshole, but no, I think it’s just your fucked up genes.. you are a victim of your own genes, and so can’t really blame you for being so stupid, moronic and asshole enough to not be able to understand a talk talk given at a medical conference for lay people. You are just a stupid dumb fuck, who only feels better when she can find faults in others far better than himself, but perhaps made some mistakes.. Your existence is your worst punishment.

      • Dear Anonymous. A few comments: 1. Learn proper English. Your use of masculine and feminine pronouns leaves much to be desired. 2. I am saddened that some very nice and kind women were branded – several that I know personally. Why couldn’t an asshole like you who is both stupid and illiterate get branded? Perhaps a big I LOVE KR on your pubic area would solve your intelligence issue? 3. You should start an I Love Danielle Roberts fan club. Maybe set up a tent in the middle of NYC where she can offer free branding without any painkillers. Cause that’s what great doctors do right? My comments about Danielle are accurate. You brand people without anesthetic – you aren’t making a mistake, you are the mistake. She shouldn’t be a doctor and should go to jail. As for genes, etc. Since you are probably the by-product of incest, I’m assuming your genes are flawed and I should give you some leeway for that. I’d guess that you ride the small bus wherever you go and probably have trouble using utensils. Her “talk talk” was quite outstanding with a lot of word salad. Did you “listen listen” well with the three ears you got from being a by-product of incest? Perhaps you listened but didn’t understand. Let me break it down for you: Danielle Roberts bad. Branding bad. Branding hurt. Anonymous go eat with hands. Feed stomach. Then Anonymous get diaper changed by Dr. Roberts.

      • Anon, I doubt anyone has difficulty ‘understanding’ Danielle Robert’s ‘talk’, but what you will find on this site is that no-one is in favour of a quack medic who branded several woman right over their fallopian tubes. We would like to see her receive her just desserts. Dr. Danielle Roberts is a danger, a malign influence, guilty of torture. Her ‘talk’ is ridiculous and raises a lot of questions about her particular use of Placebo method in relation to several woman who died of cancer on her watch. I personally think she has been using the placebo effect in reverse- and is probably culpable for more than just the branding of nxivm women. This site and the criminal activity it exists to address, is in America. Is your nation better? more exalted in some way? Moronic politics are not exclusive to the US.

        She calls out to Sahajo at around 15mins. I don’t know the woman who has Tourette’s mentioned at the end, but in the brochure of the event theres a picture of the dodgy doc with a squad of esoexo members.

      • Dr. Roberts isn’t giving a talk at a Medical conference. She’s recruiting for NXSCUM. The so-called breakthrough technologies are just Explorations of Meaning (EMs) used by ESP, during the classes.

        And yeah, I think burning the initials of your Master onto another human being (without anesthetics), is probably contrary to the Hippocratic Oath…

  • When exo/eso has restructured KR’s thinking and emotions so he is no longer a sociopathic narcissist, maybe I’ll give it a try. Physician heal thyself, y’know.

    And speaking of physicians, where did this chucklehead earn her degree? I wouldn’t trust her to even handle a hangnail.

    • At the US, it is a four year medical school, just like an M.D. They can write prescriptions, everything same as M.D.

    • You know that!! she flails about and has the most clumsy looking hands, i just kept thinking of her brandishing a cauterising device – no precision, no grace in her non-verbal comms. she reminds me of someone high on amphetamines or ritalin, or whatever it is dodgy docs pep themselves up with these days.

  • Couple of questions for anyone who knows the answers:

    1) Did Dr. Danielle Roberts ever admit to branding the women?
    2) Did Dr. Danielle Roberts obtain informed consent forms?
    3) Is branding a medical procedure that falls under the jurisdiction of the state licensing authorities?

  • So is Alex Lubarsky of http:www.navelexpo.com a NXIVM member, too ? Is that why he keeps promoting Danielle Roberts even though he knows what she has done ? I mean, obviously, the guy’s primary focus is profits much more so than actually helping anyone.

    He’s clearly turned off his comments on the video for a reason.

  • Fraternity branding is exceedingly rare and fully voluntary, with many unbranded members as proof, and no blackmail involved. And the location for the brand is up to the student getting branded. All of that is in stark contrast to the DOS branding.

    And fraternity brands takes only seconds!!! Not 20-30 minutes of pure torture. Here’s a video to illustrate how long fraternity branding takes and pay close attention at the 12 second mark because the branding lasts only one second: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urwA1fqDGgw

    Also, fraternity branding is not officially condoned by any universities or fraternal organizations.

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