Nancy [Prefect] Salzman cuts the ribbon opening up the Mexico NXIVM center. Betancourt [l] Salinas [R].

‘Pin the Tail on the Asses’ – a challenging game for those who know about NXIVM, ESP and DOS!

“More Fun than Branding!”

When we were kids, many of us used to play “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” – especially at birthday parties and family gatherings. Now, with the revelation that the Office of the U.S. Attorney in the Eastern District of New York is preparing superseding indictments in the pending case of U.S. vs. Raniere et al, readers of Frank Report will have the chance to play an exciting new version of that perennial favorite: “Pin the Tail on the Asses”.

Our fun, new game allows readers to participate in three exhilarating categories.


Category #1

For Category 1, players list any other individuals besides Keith Alan Raniere (AKA Federal Prisoner # 57005-177) and Allison Mack (AKA Formerly Federal Prisoner # 90838-053) who they think should be indicted for things they did for the NXIVM, ESP or DOS missions. Each name is worth 3-points, but an additional 2-points will be awarded for each specific criminal charge that a player identifies for a  nominee.

To earn “Bonus Points” in Category #1, players must list at least 5 different individuals in each of the following categories: High-Rank Members, Corrupt Public Officials, and Other Aiders & Abettors. Once again, each name is worth 3-points with an extra 2-points to be awarded for each specific criminal charge that a player identifies for a nominee.


Category #2

For Category #2, players should list any additional criminal charges that they think should be brought against Raniere a/k/a Vanguard. Each federal charge will be worth 5-points and each state charge will be worth 3-points. For those who really want to earn extra credit, 10-points will be awarded for any international charges that are identified from other countries.


Category #3

WARNING! This is the hardest category – and is really only intended for those who have been paying close attention to the whole sordid story of the Bronfman/Raniere criminal enterprise. In this category, readers must predict the next 10 people who are going to be indicted – and list them in the order that they will be indicted.

Each correct name will be awarded 5-points. And each correct name that is also listed in the correct order will be awarded 5 bonus points.


So, start playing readers! Go to the Frank Report site and feel free to review all 1,738 prior posts, take notes, and make wise choices.


Every contestant who scores at least 100 points will receive an engraved invitation to Vanguard’s sentencing suitable for framing.

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