Prosecutors: More indictments are coming in NXIVM sex slaver cult case

Clare and Sara Bronfman.

Prosecutors said today more indictments are coming against others involved with the NXIVM crime syndicate.

That is not good news for Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman, Clare Bronfman, and Sara Bronfman-Igtet.


Mack appeared in court wearing black pants, a plum-colored blouse and a black cardigan, kept her eyes down, and was escorted by her lawyer into court.

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  • Where is Kristen Keefe? She has more knowledge than anyone else about NXIVM’s dealings. I know she left and went into hiding but with Raniere in jail why hasn’t she come forward to put the nail in his coffin.

    • Kristen was inner circle and is culpable in much of the illegal dealings even if she had nothing to do with DOS. If they are planning on further indictments, Kristen may be on the list as well. I certainly hope she is talking with the FBI already.

  • Keeping 10k – 500k in your house is not a crime unless of course you cannot account for its origins and that it was declared for taxation purposes. Smuggling all that undeclared cash from Mexico was a big mistake but certainly not the only mistake/crime you perpetuated. You will be jailed soon enough and can defend yourself in court rather than on this blog. Do not count on being able to use hypnosis or nuero linguistic psuedo science on a jury, Prefect. Chances are extremely high that they will undoubtedly see you for the pariah you truly, truly are

    • At first, Sara was the one calling the shots and was the dominant sister. But the exciting prospect of being the First Lady of Libya was too much of a pull to go up against. Vanguard had some serious hots for Sara and had grand plans for the two of them together, but even his charm could not match the Boy Wonder of the Middle East

  • God, she looks so much older than 38, or 30-whatever. I always thought Sara was the younger one but that’s not the case. Crazy!

    • woohoo,
      Yes, I bet Nancy Salzman gets arrested for having over $10,000 cash in her house and Lauren Salzman for bringing woman in to be branded.

      • Is not an arrestable offence, regardless how many ninnies want to claim that in comments.

        • Wrong. Not accounting where the money came from makes it a big cause to arrest. Now they have the IRS and the FBI on them.

  • Allison Mack was more than happy to enjoy the status as head woman in the DOS.
    But now that the heat is on, she is showing her true colors as a rat fink.

    All of Allison’s old friends in NXIVM will be thrown overboard.

    The Vanguard’s Greatest Gift to Allison Mack

    Allison Mack is on the verge of selling out her friends and lovers in order to save her own skin.

    Mack’s wife Nicki Clyne is a poor dear sweet loving doe-eyed innocent.
    Allison and Nicki are almost doppelgangers.
    Kindred spirits brought together by the Love of the Vanguard.
    And yet Allison is ready to toss Nicki under the bus to save her own miserable hide.

    Mack’s good friend India Oxenberg is a young woman and friend who looked to the older Allison for wisdom and guidance.
    And how is Allison Mack prepared to deal with her protege?
    By making her walk the plank.
    Is that any way for a mentor to treat a protege?

    Allison Mack was befriended by Nancy Salzman and her daughter Lauren Salzman.
    And how does Allison Mack intend to repay this friendship?
    By selling the mother-daughter duo down the river.

    The Bronfman sisters Clare and Sara financed the NXIVM organization which for years has provided an identity and community for Allison Mack to belong to.
    And how will Allison Mack repay the Bronfman sisters?
    With the back of her hand and a kick in the seat of the pants.

    And last but not least for years Keith Raniere provided Allison Mack with spiritual guidance.
    Keith Raniere shared with Allison Mack his wisdom.
    Keith Raniere shared with her his body.
    Keith Raniere shared with her his “precious bodily fluids.”
    And how does Allison Mack repay the Vanguard’s sharing of these gifts?
    With ingratitude.

    These betrayals should serve as no surprise.
    When it served Allison Mack’s interests she made up false stories about her parents and nephews.

    Keith Raniere’s Greatest Gift to Allison Mack is to reveal to her her true nature.
    Allison Mack is a Rat!

    General Jack Ripper of the US Air Force explains “Precious Bodily Fluids.”

    • If a person had the moral ideals that allowed them to become one of the top cult members, is it surprising that they would sell out their friends when cornered?

      We are taking about folks with very low moral standards here….nothing they do is surprising.

      • or Allison’s mother will be back again spouting about how it is only allegations and speculation.

        I agree, though. There is a reason some of us got away from NXIVM and others didn’t.

          • Maybe instead of making assumptions, wait until the facts come out. You act like you’re a lawyer shadowstate but meanwhile you live with your mother fapping over smallville memorabilia

    • Shadowstate is back to fueling his hate for allison after being burned by her on twitter. Give it up and go back to fapping over smallville memorabilia

    • I don’t understand how you can pretend that the mother/daughter Salzman team or the Bronfman sisters or that Keith Raniere himself are innocent lambs being lead to the slaughter by Allison Mack. Are you serious with this gem: “And last but not least for years Keith Raniere provided Allison Mack with spiritual guidance”–a rapist conman who’s abused women for years is now a spiritual guardian?

      I’m wondering if you are deliberately trolling with such hypocritical statements or if you hatred for Allison has caused you to lose any sense..

      • *shadowstate1958 is a brainwashed ninny! this is complete nonsense… “Keith Raniere shared with her his body.
        Keith Raniere shared with her his “precious bodily fluids.” REALLY??!?!?!?!?!

    • Shadowstate aka American_Gadfly reddit aka Americangadfly2 twttier, active in Shadowpeople subreddit, lover of Trump, virulent misogynist says:

      “Keith Raniere shared with Allison Mack his wisdom.
      Keith Raniere shared with her his body.
      Keith Raniere shared with her his “precious bodily fluids.”
      And how does Allison Mack repay the Vanguard’s sharing of these gifts?
      With ingratitude.”


      • It looks like ShadowState is being sarcastic. The character in the movie Doctor Strangelove who talked about how women will steal a man’s precious bodily fluids, was clearly an insane man. So, the intent here seems to be to make fun of and belittle Raniere.

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