Raniere case hearing moved up to 10 am tomorrow – was 10:30; get there early

The initial status conference in USA V Raniere & Mack has been moved up to 10:00 am. It was preciously scheduled for 10:30 am

Here is the advisory from the court:

10:00 A.M.

USA V. RANIERE.  Criminal Cause for Status Conference. Defts. – Keith Raniere and Allison Mack, charged with sex trafficking conspiracy, sex trafficking, and conspiracy to commit forced labor.  United States District Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis, Courtroom 4D South.Criminal Docket #: 18-cr-204.

Get there early.

Ironically the prison guard accused of sexually abusing inmates at Raniere’s present jail – the Metropolitan Detention Center – appears before Raniere.

9:00 A.M.                   USA V. PEREZ.  Criminal Cause on Trial.  Deft.- Eugenio Perez, federal correctional officer charged with deprivation of civil rights, aggravated sexual abuse, and sexual abuse of a ward.  United States District Judge Kiyo A. Matsumoto,, Courtroom 6C South.  Criminal Docket#: 17-cr-280.


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  • Perhaps Raniere is God in the form of man. We could be witnessing man sacrifice the one true Messiah.

  • Hahahahaha. Look at all the dummies using the brainwashed excuse. Give it up. You are a group of fools and D-list celebrities who chose to follow a conman who looks like a schlub for five to ten years or more. You dropped your panties for a two-bit hack who talked a lot of bullshit and now are using some lame I didn’t know what I was thinking trash.

      • Just calling it like I sees it.

        This shit was in the media since 2003 describing it as a cult. And you all are acting dumb and all surprised fifteen years later like “we can’t believe it happened!” because you spread them legs for a hack job. “We was all brainwashed!” Yeah sure.

        How many black people were ever in this group? Haha. Ask yourself that, you sad feeling whiteys and your first world “what is my life about I got so much time on my hand?” problems.

          • No shit dummies. I didn’t say how many black people were involved in cults. I said how many were involved in this one.

            You just madz u dropped them panties for Bilbo Baggins.

          • Hahaha. Whiteys shouldn’t be talking about not making the cut compared to us brothers.

        • Betting you aren’t even black or you’d have some respect for the sister, Michelle Hatchette. Go reflect on the Jim Jones cult, why’d so many black folk drink that particular brand of kool-aid? Why after so many centuries are you still taking shit from a nation that brought Africans in as slaves? Im from Belfast, when the English came and built their first plantation there, we raised an army. Stop whining and sucking on sour grapes. Get educated, skilled, get organised and fight a real battle for the future of your children. You live in the first world too. Even as a black american your problems are as nothing compared with the majority of this world.

          • Becoming involved in a cult isn’t something that only some races or groups are capable of. I was thinking, too, of Jim Jones, as you mention.
            But I do notice that NXIVM is predominantly white , and I wonder if that suggest there were racist undertones to NXIVM.
            Maybe there is more to the story here….? I wonder what other crimes may come to the surface as more information becomes available.

  • Will be interesting to see the news tomorrow. Would be quite the bombshell if a plea deal were announced.

  • Is the initial status conference when they separate the cases? Thank you!

    • I’ll chime in. Nope. Cases can be separated at any time before trial. A status conference is just that… a status conference.

      Parties will just update the Court on status of the case. Defense counsel for VanGrifter may want to notify the Court if they intend to seek pre-trial release/bond. Pretty soon, the Court should issue a scheduling order. The order will detail deadlines – end of discovery, identify witnesses, submit exhibits, trial date, etc.

      When we say the Court (big C), we are talking about the Judge. When we say at court, or in court… that is the actual location.

  • What is the significance, if any, of rhe US Attorneys merging Raniere and Mack’s cases?

    Is there any inference abour whether Allison is cutting a deal to testify against Keith?

    • Any case can have multiple Defendants. If there is a common scheme, the Defendants will be prosecuted under the same case number.

      Each person will have different counts, based on their involvement. In a case of drug smuggling, for example, the case might have 5 defendants if there were 5 transporters. And it sucks for the Defendants, because each one gets charged for the entire load (total kilos).

      So, there’s no real significance to Mack and VanGrifter being in the same case. The only thing is that different attorneys must represent each Defendant to eliminate adversity. The Defendants are adverse, because one may decide to testify against the other.

  • It also appears JNESS is still active in Guadalajara.

    On 4/4, Angélica García Jazo advertised on her facebook an event the weekend of April 27-29th. https://www.facebook.com/maestraangelica.garciajazo
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    Leticia Casillas Fenton
    Alberto Sanchez
    Pilar de la Rosa
    Gabita Jima
    Monica Lizarraga
    Zelinda Moreno
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    • Uh…whut? “…to raise awareness of the importance we have as women in the education of our children.” Like women are just incubators on legs….
      I read this stuff and i can’t help but think, “you’re kidding, right?” Maybe I’m too skeptical but some of this is just so weird. Like being involved in the education of your kids is novel??

    • That’s how an ESPian recruit described KK who appeared at her initial intensive:

      “Kristin Kreuk showed up, and proceeded to “help” people with their group exercises.
      All I remember is that she looked half alert and her legs weren’t shaved.
      It wasn’t really judging, so much as just a weird thing that stood out to me because of how tired and run down she looked.”

    • Is the thousand-yard stare a result of superimposing NXIVM logic on every moment, or is it lack of sleep, or is it something I’m not considering, or some combination of those variables? Thank you!!!

      Your insights and perspectives on this blog have been invaluable. And remembering that you’re also a lawyer makes your insights particularly useful now! Yay, they’re getting arrested and some are already in Court!

      • No problem! I think we each have puzzle pieces. The NXIVM Cult is a big mosaic, and we’re now FINALLY ABLE to put all the pieces together to figure it out.

        I think that the thousand-yard stare happens bc of: 1) sleep deprivation and 2) conditioning. Again, in NXIVM, we’re taught to think with a different part of our brains. Keith calls it ‘resetting a computer’. It’s almost like the mundane can falsely appear incredibly beautiful, significant, sublime…when in reality it’s not.

        It’s kind of like a sobriety test, when the Officer asks you to recite the alphabet backwards from Z. Most of us can’t do it automatically, because that is not how we think. We’ve memorized the alphabet song and that is how we recite it. Now, if someone asks you to do it backwards, you have to think about it (and you are using a different part of your brain).

        So, that is what the training does. After a bunch of EMs and lessons, you’re not thinking clearly…because it is not you – the ‘you’ is now using a different part of your brain. Vanguard has overwritten your operating system. You are now thinking with a new set of morals, a new type of program. A new computer has replaced your soul/personality. That is the best way I can explain it.

        • You just drew one hell of a mental image of this process. I was just reading about what you are describing, as nxivm discussions are all over twitter, reddit, everywhere: “The mind control methods used in cults (or in one-on-one cultic relationships) are designed to create a pseudopersonality in the members, a clone of the leader, that thinks and makes decisions in the same way…cult leaders often have a grandiose sense of self, think they are above everyone else (and the law), and have a huge sense of entitlement. And they are always right. So if they are the best, they believe that everyone should copy them! This is achieved by unfreezing the new recruits personality, making changes (indoctrination), and freezing the new pseudopersonality (or pseudo-identity).”

          And then it goes into detail about the process, which results in exactly what you describe! Keith himself has that look, check the photos with the Dalai Lama.

          • FormerNexian, I sincerely hope you will, down the line when these cases are resolved, write about your experience; I hope that everyone will whenever they are ready (Kristin Keeffe, we can’t wait to hear from you!). It is one thing to read the mechanics of this from a psychological viewpoint, but another thing entirely when someone has experienced it themselves and has the insight and intellect to process it in the way that you have. There was much ‘cult awareness’ that came out of the legendary 1970s period, when the news was filled with stories from Jim Jones to the Bagwan Shree Rajneesh being revisited now on Netflix to many lesser figures, people like Marjoe Gortner figured in the public consciousness. Patty Hearst and the Symbionese Liberation Army. The Weathermen were a cult as well, they came in all shapes and sizes, getting people to destroy their lives for a seductive idea as much as a charismatic person. But note that the generation that appears to be front and center right now with this bunch are too young to have been exposed to that era and the intense media exposure of cults in general in popular culture during that period. There needs to be a new push towards educating people, once again, on the techniques and patterns and dynamics of totalitarian thought control groups, not just the salacious details. Especially in the new internet age, being ripe for breeding this dynamic, and preying on the vulnerable. An article read in 2018 may help someone swerve away from getting caught up in some future group years from now. And hearing firsthand accounts have the most impact. Your comments here are deeply appreciated.

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