Still a sex slave, India Oxenberg looks healthy, is likely eating again – but is broke

 By Frank Parlato
Executive Success Programs is what NXIVM cult leader Keith Raniere calls his educational courses.
The courses cost from $2,000 to $20,000 per session.
Cult member India Oxenberg spent an estimated $200,000 in Executive Success Programs courses over the last 7 years.  She also became a slave of the cult and was branded on her pubic region with the initials of Keith Raniere and Allison Mack..  Mack was her immediate slave master. Raniere her grand master.
india oxenbergIndia
This photo of India Oxenberg outside Plantmade taken recently by the Daily Mail suggests to some that she looks healthy. She is possibly off the DOS diet and since she works at a place that sells food, she might be inclined to cheat and actually consume more than 800 calories per day.
That’s correct, India Oxenberg may be defiantly off her slave diet.  Even when she was on the DOS diet, disobedient India cheated and was once caught actually eating cheese cake.

The 800 calorie diet plan laid out by Raniere for his slaves consists of several spoonfuls of plain yogurt and fruit in the morning, followed by plain squash, kale, cucumber, or zucchini, and a bite of Kimchi for lunch and dinner. Approved beverages include lemon water with stevia, probiotics and Zevias, a calorie free sparkling water.  Dessert would be several pieces of sugarless gum.

India now works at a café. One would think that after 7 years with Executive Success Programs and more than $200,000 invested in Raniere-based classes, she would not have to work for near minimum wage.

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  • Most of it was recycled material, but there was a moderate amount of new material reflecting the arrests of Raniere and Mack.

  • Correct. Also, remember the Zodiac was killing women to have slaves for the afterlife. Different cultures did that also – Norse and Aztec. Dark and pagan.

  • I don’t find any of these inner circle women attractive. Kristen Kreuk was the most attractive of them all and she seems to have had some gut instinct and sense of morality left to not be totally brainwashed and to GTFO before this DOS bullshit, even if she wasted a half a decade or so in it.

    • After your beautiful avocation for India, I feel like she should be shielded as much as possible by a supportive community. She’s not ready. She needs time to heal.

  • I’ve just had a thought about the whole branding thing: why do it the weird way with a cauterising pen? Why didn’t they just get custom tattoos done? More legitimate and acceptable but still serves the same purpose, no? And still has a physical pain element, but without the messy burning flesh factor.

    Or do tattoos not satisfy Allison’s sick depraved need to smell, hear, feel and taste the air being filled with women’s searing pain (LMAO)?

    • You forgot about Keith, looper. The escalating psychopath without whom his hatred of women and their indulgent ways would have never materialized into a slave society dedicated for life to him?

    • If you want the answer to this, you need to research the occult. Branding someone painfully will bind the spirit of the person to their master. Tattooing isn’t enough. The pain needs to be excruciating. Research this for yourself.

    • She laid her hands on their naked chest to hold them down, stared into their eyes, and told them to imagine how they were doing it for Vangardisil, their master. After instructing another slave to hold the iphone to film it. It is hard to understand how no one jumped up and bitch-slapped them all. Even more difficult to grasp how authorities were informed of this, and did nothing, claiming they couldn’t get involved. It wasn’t until the NY Times article exposed them, repulsing the rest of society, that it seemed to occur to anyone that this is not acceptable behaviour. Even for a ‘sorority.’ It’s like a really bad b-grade horror movie from the drive-in era.

      • I watched the follow up episode of 20/20 last night and Sarah Edmonson talked about two of them holding another woman down as they got branded. None of the women thought they could leave and Sarah specifically talked about giving Lauren Salzman collateral. It would be very difficult for the women to prove they were coerced and/or blackmailed into giving up their free will to DOS because the collateral could easily become destroyed then it’s simply becomes the womens word against KR, AM and the cults. This is going to be a damn hard case to prove.

    • NY State has regulations re tattoos and body piercing, but not scarification as far as I could find. I could see it being deliberate and malicious to avoid legal entanglements just like I think they term their Rainbow Cultural Garden workers “nannies” because the regulations are different. KR likes to play semantics – it’s all part of the gaslighting experience!

  • This a success story for all those considering taking NXSCUM programming. This business will colapse.

    Unusual for NXSCUM to stand behind there flunkie/pedophile leader. An athlete representing a sports drink would have been dropped by there endorsements by now, due to the allegations.

  • She looks like just another corn-fed, all-American blond. Dumber than the average heifer– that’s for sure. Anyone ever hear of a cow asking to be branded?

  • Putting this here too because it’s relevant. At 56 seconds mark, Inside Edition make an attempt to interview India on the street. Sadly and indeed surprisingly she doesn’t have much to say on the subject of NXIVM:

    • From the description, it looks like it is the old one they showed before. Maybe a little updated.

  • It seems beneath India to be working in food service. Maybe she could take Nikki Cline-Mack’s place at The Knife?

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