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NY Post: Bronfman heads cult and ready for ‘war’

Points in story:

NXIVM is run and financed by Clare Bronfman heiress to Seagrams liquor fortune.

Brooklyn is now their headquarters.

With Raniere and Mack, both jailed on federal sex-trafficking charges, the cult is headed by Bronfman.

She’s the enforcer — the brutal one. Clare’s running the operation now, and she’s the most ruthless of them. She is managing lawyers and his case. Raniere is repped by firm of celebrity lawyer Ben Brafman.

Mack and other Raniere slaves moved to a “slave pod” apartment in Brooklyn Heights [near Joe’s Coffee Shop on the corner of Pineapple and Hicks]

Among them was Mack’s wife, “Battlestar Gallactica” actress Nicki Clyne — a Canadian-born slave member whose visa was about to run out.

Also in the “slave pod” was India Oxenberg who works at Plantmade an East Village vegan restaurant [as a Hospitality Manager.]

Bronfman, 38 is determined to keep the cult together until Raniere “comes home.”


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  • A circular firing squad is in order. If the Feds can get these people to turn on each other, it’s going to be a wondrous next few months. Those in the know- what are the chances Allison could break and spill every secret these idiots have?

  • When is Nicki Clyne going to be arrested for defrauding the government with the marriage and her involvement with NXIVM?

    • That is what I expect Sara Bronfman to ultimately go down for. She can get nailed for that in the UK, too, since it is highly unlikely anybody working for Rainbow Cultural Garden in London is there legally (unless they happened to be there already).

    • Clare was never pretty to start.. Add it to the long list of chips on her shoulder. Poor little rich girl who Daddy didn’t pay much attention to and the half siblings want nothing to do with her.
      Even Sara got a husband, but never for Clare, the less attractive spinster.

  • I wish the Gov’t would just arrest one of the Bronfman’s already. That would make a network national news broadcast. Completely ending any change this group could abuse anyone else but themselves. It might even drive out some of the remaining 400. After Raniere, it took a month for Mack to be arrested. Here’s to a happy day in June!

    • hmm not all bad since Keith Raniere is under detention without bail. hence it doesn’t help their cause to drag the case longer than necessary. In either case KR is gonna stay in prison for a long time.

    • Eh. Keith’s already emptied out much of Clare’s and Sara’s trust fund fortune. And a high-priced legal team eats through fortunes fast.

      That’s also assuming any fortune remains after assets are seized. A fortune begun in bootlegging ends in sex slave culting. Classy.

      • They had put quite a dent in their trust funds.
        That was before Daddy died.
        It would be tough for them to manage to run out.
        Now if they all get seized for these being human rights violations…
        Then they are toast.

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