NXIVM or FBI ‘survillance’?

By Frank Parlato

My computer shows today, among choices of Wi-Fi connections, something called ‘FBI Survillance.’  This is either a blundering FBI, a silly user name for a neighbor, or last, but not least, an attempt by NXIVM to hack into my computer.

Whomever it is, they spelled surveillance wrong, but it’s a hard word to spell.

It’s also true that FBI Buffalo might have motive. That office made one of the most colossal blunders in modern law enforcement. They might have reason to spy on my computer – to save face. Normally you’d think they’d be better at hiding it. Probably they are.

On the other hand, consider: I brought Buffalo FBI office, through my attorney, and then when they chose to ignore it, published in print and online in this publication, evidence of the crimes that Bronfman -Raniere – Nxivm committed back in 2015, just as the branding and blackmail scheme was started.

Buffalo FBI said they wanted me, not Bronfman. Bronfman was going to be a victim. They indicted me instead and let Bronfman and Raniere free to brand blackmail and enslave women. It was right out of a Hitchcock movie like “the Wrong Man.”

Raniere must have realized he was above the law.  Or he had FBI protection. He went on to brand 50 women. I went on to write 1200 stories about the crimes they committed and broke the story about branding first in the world. Finally FBI New York took up the case and soon enough Raniere was arrested. Allison Mack followed.

I was the first to predict both arrests.

Had FBI Buffalo pursued the true criminals – Bronfman-Raniere – instead of an innocent man – 50 women would not have been branded.

Live and learn.  And watch out for surveillance – it’s a hard word to spell.

fbi suvillance

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  • 10 years ago, In Berkely California while at a cafe I noticed a server named “FBI surveillance Van #42”. I thought it was students but in a complaint to the DOJ I mentioned the incident and a week later at a different cafe i saw a server named “Terrorist cafe” . Iimediately knew this was meant for me as their was of saying ‘Yeeah, bitch. Were watching -so what. Lol

  • A Wifi network near me is also named “FBI surveillance” (properly spelled) and I’m a very long way from New York.

    My guess is some neighbors think it may deter others from trying to crack their router password and leech their wifi.

    Why don’t you take your smart phone out for a walk. Turn on the wifi connection app, and when that network’s signal strength bar reaches the max, you’ll know you are closing in on their FBI van. lol

  • My brother, boyfriends, and I would always name our wifi something silly like “DEA Enforcement” and my brother’s last year was “FBI Surveillance” (spelled correctly though and with our zip code). I wouldn’t necessarily read too much into it, but NXIVM does have some spelling atrocities on their publications.

  • You need to put “hillary” bumper stickers on ALL your cars….. then the FBI will leave you alone!

    Sad but True!

  • I hear this story whole story and wonder..where were the teenagers in this NXIVM neighborhood? How does something like this exist in a neighborhood or town and not have a bunch of smart ass kids who do what they can to mess with it? It defies nature.

    • Man I’ve been interested in cults and gulag schools since I was a teen. I had no idea there was a cult buying off law enforcement in my boring hometown until I moved back this summer and the story broke a few months later. Absolutely I would have done some trolling with some of my punk friends, given my good girl presentation perhaps I’d be able to do some subversion – but at that age, I also worry I’d be sucked in given my own adolescent insecurities.

  • People can name their networks anything they like…but if that is a new name than its possible one of your neighbors knows who you are and is playing a prank on you, or maybe there really is a NXIVM member living nearby you. Isn’t that what Scientology does?…They put members into nearby houses to spy on their enemies.

  • Hey Frank. I work in computer networking and I see this SSID (WiFi network name) all the time. Granted, it is usually spelled correctly. Other common names include “FBI Surveillance Van”, “FBI Monitoring Van” and “NSA Surveillance Van”. I can say with almost 100% certainty that this is just one of your neighbors trying to protect their own network from being compromised and/or just being silly.

    Probably good to be a little paranoid under the circumstances though. You are a legend for helping to expose Keith and his harem and I’m sure you have a fair share of haters.

    After this is all over and justice is brought to these criminal lunatics, would you consider a blog about $cientology? DM is equally delusional and the parrallels with NXIVM and Raniere are blatant. Here are a few sites they created to discredit their detractors:


    As another user mentioned, a site like this is a badge of honor. It means the cult recognizes you as a threat. A threat to the cult means a hero to your readers, former nxians, and law enforcement. Keep up the insightful journalism, Frank! We are with you!

  • I’ve named my network “virus” several times when hot spotting. Could just be someone thinking that that they are being clever

  • That isn’t a hacker attempt or the FBI or Nxivm. Its someone in your area who has named their wifi “FBI Surveillance”. Likely as some kind of prank to the neighborhood.

      • You failed to mention the kicker.
        When Mack discovered that this actress was 47 years old — too old for Keith Raniere’s tastes — Allison Mack dropped this actress like a hot potato.

        • How hard would it have been to know she was 47? Star of the Sixth sense. When Allison was 16…..

          I call B.S. on most of the slant of the story to be honest.

  • Seems fake to me, likely a rather stupid attempt of intimidation. Anyone who would really want to spy would name the station after something you might connect with either the home network or, out on the road with the usual free WiFi suspects like Starbucks and the like. All they need is to get a worm or trojan on your phone and then they are in…
    And then there are of course fake cell towers to intercept cellphone connections.

    But the FBI wouldn’t really need any of that. They can hack into your phone without trouble… and legally if they have a judge sign the surveillance warrant.

  • If it is the FBI it would be stupid of them to have their WiFi names FBI Survillance. So either the FBI in Buffalo is stupid or more likely is someone trying to hack into your computer or something using this WiFi network (if that is possible) and is using the network name to throw you off, or just interested in passively terrorizing you…

  • Wow. How impressively stupid the “FBI” are…I think the FBI folks are way smarter than KR’s bunch…

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