Sex-slaver Keith Raniere denied bail; next hearing April 27

Keith Raniere has been denied bail. The hearing was about 5 minutes in length and the judge denied Raniere bail. He will sit in MDC until trial. More details to follow.

The next hearing date is in two weeks and the indictment is expected to be unsealed.

The detention is based on the charges in the complaint and not an indictment which was not unsealed. The Next hearing is April 27  at 11 am.

Raniere was dressed in a brown prison bodysuit garb.

No Nxivm supporters in the courtroom. He appeared to look at Toni Natalie and Catherine Oxenberg twice. The chains were taken off outside the door and appeared before Judge Tiscione in handcuffs only.

Three new attorneys made notice of appearances for Raniere: Jacob Kaplan. Teny Rose Geragos Marc A. Agnifilo.

These three are in addition to Albany attorney Paul DerOhannassian.

Marc Agnifilo, Esq. is Senior Litigation Counsel at the firm of Brafman & Associates located in New York City where he concentrates on complex criminal cases in state and federal courts and internal corporate investigations. Mr. Agnifilo was an Assistant United States Attorney in the District of New Jersey.
 Jacob Kaplan is one of the top rated White Collar Crimes attorneys in New York, NY.  Also with Brafman and Associated. Got “Super Lawyers ” rating.
Teny Rose Geragos is the daughter of famed power lawyer Mark Geragos. She was admitted to the NY bar in 2017.

When Raniere wakes tomorrow he will be in prison and his days will be spent all day, every day in the unit. Because he is in pre-trial he cannot get a job. He can go to the library once and week and can check out two books.

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