Mexico: Emiliano Salinas [and Alex Betancourt] announces he ‘is quits’ with NXIVM – as Mexican media descends

Emiliano Salinas - he barely knew the Vanguard he says nowadays.

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According to reports in Mexican media, the son of former president Carlos Salinas de Gortari – Emiliano Salinas – and his gay lover and business partner, Alejandro Betancourt, will cede the rights of the NXIVM brand in Mexico.

Here is an English [largely Google] translation of El Financiero:

Emiliano Salinas Ocelli (son of former President Carlos Salinas) and Alejandro Betancourt Ledesma, licensees of  Executive Success Programs (ESP) program in Mexico, announced Thursday that they will hand over the firms’ operations in the Mexican market.

“We want to inform you that, after 15 years of successful operation of the Executive Success Programs (ESP) methodology in the country, we have decided to cede the direction of this firm in the Mexican market,” said a document sent Thursday to the public.

It was not specified to whom control will be ceded. The partners explained that with this decision, their activities and collaboration with the ESP Mexico brand, as well as their professional and economic relationship with the corporation NXIVM and its related entities, are concluded as of Thursday.

“We thank our clients and collaborators for the confidence placed in this project and we are sure that they will have the greatest success”, concludes the letter. ESP Mexico has been operating since 2000 via an international license for educational, training, and personalized coaching programs. It has operations in Mexico City, Nuevo León, Jalisco and Guanajuato.

On March 26, Keith Raniere, co-founder of the NXIVM group, was arrested in Mexico on charges that he allegedly manipulated his followers to be part of the DOS sub-group and forced them to have sexual relations, according to authorities. According to the criminal complaint against Raniere – known in the group as “Vanguard” – he supervised a system in which women were told that the best way to move forward in life was to become a “slave” who was supervised by “masters”.

The slave women were also expected to have sexual relations with him and to perform housework for their masters, and to keep everything secret or else they would be humiliated in public. The complaint states that many victims participated in video recorded ceremonies in which they were branded in the pelvic area with a symbol that included the initials of Raniere.


It is widely believed that Emiliano’s father, Carlos Salinas, the former president of Mexico, put pressure on his son to announce he has quit NXIVM.
Emiliano Salinas used to dance to the tune of his master Keith Raniere. Now, he says he knows nothing about the sex-slaver activities of NXIVM.

Last April 2, ESP Mexico issued a statement that said, in part, “The methodology of ‘Rational inquiry’ that we impart in Mexico, under the name of Executive Success Program (ESP), is based entirely on respect for human rights and, of course, attached to an entirely legal framework.”

“It is important to clarify that the directors of ESP Mexico had no prior knowledge of the allegations made against Mr. Keith Raniere, nor of the alleged illegal practices that involve him,” they added.

Sex-slaver Keith Raniere.
Emiliano Salinas with his master, sex-slaver Keith Raniere.

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  • Excellent. Just as expected. How long before Snr. Junco moves against his daughter’s involvement in The Knife? Laura’s high profile membership of an enterprise whose purpose, like all other nxivm orgs. is cult recruitment, can’t be easy for him. As a prominent figure head of the Mexican fourth estate, he will not appreciate the mendaciousness of the knife, or how her position in it might impact on his own credibility.


    Fifteen days after the founder of the self-help group Keith Raniere, accused of three crimes in the United States, was arrested, his main partners in Mexico, Emiliano Salinas Occelli and Alejandro Betancourt Ledesma, announced the end of his relationship with the company created by your old mentor.

    Through a brief statement posted on the ESP Mexico website , the son of former President Carlos Salinas de Gortari also announced that they are leaving the Executive Success Programs (ESP) in Mexico, after 15 years of operation under the methodologies created by Raniere.

    The group Nxivm was accused by former members of this group of being a cult in which women were marked with the initials “KR” , in honor of its founder.

    Following the publication of a report in the New York Times , a federal investigation against Raniere was initiated in the United States, leading to her arrest under charges of sexual exploitation of women, conspiracy to exploit people under conditions of slavery and abuse in the United States. against women.

    Raniere was arrested in our country in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, and immediately deported to the United States on March 26, 2018.

  • Emiliano Salinas, frequently commented that Keith Reniere was the most ethical person he had known in the world; How would it not be if he had as a mentor and example of comparison his father, Carlos Salinas de Gortari.

  • Emiliano Salinas, frequently commented that Keith Reniere was the most ethical person he had known in the world; How would it not be if he had as a mentor and example of comparison his father Carlos Salinas de Gortari.

  • This does not let either one of these idiots off the hook for being a part of NXIVM’s, Raniere, and Salzman’s criminal enterprise.

    • They were likely violating some Mexican laws, too, when they sent all that cash they supposedly didn’t receive over the border.

      Twitter is going wild right now with Mexican media posting about Emiliano Salinas and NXIVM. Just do a search for NXIVM without the hashtag.

  • Whatever their motivations to cover their asses or coming to their senses. Bravo Emiliano and Alex for walking away. Or perhaps there was a nuclear option in their contract that said if the US falls then they have to cede their rights to Clare, Nancy et al. Then again we still have those troublesome Boones who run Monterrey.

    Speaking of the Boone’s home on 7 Oregon Trail white sedan with white drivers side door open but no one in or around it this AM.

    It was reported and I confirmed that there are cars in Lauren Salzman’s driveway. White SUV, the other car or cars were too far in the back to see in the dusk. One was a black/grey sedan and could be Lauren’s BMW.

    Maybe they are all plotting to spring Keith tomorrow. Let’s hope if Espians do show they are immediately greeted with silver locking bracelets for their wrists and ankles

    • The Mexican articles I read said they were very surprised Raniere was even hiding in Monterrey at any point, because the center there collapsed when the scandal broke. Apparently, the only support he has left there are a handful of powerful families, and without any minions, it doesn’t do them much good.

      Interesting to hear that somebodies are back. Part of me expects them to try to come out “in force” for the arraignment tomorrow. We shall see. Thank you for the update.

      • Monterrey predated Mexico City in the NXIVM universe. It is stunning to hear that the DOS revelations caused such collapse in Monterrey, apart from harem-level insiders. Kudos to Tony Zattarini for the courage to lead in the right direction. In contrast to Salinas and Betancourt in Mexico City, who are doing too little, too late.

      • That’s actually a worrisome thought. I hope Toni Natale will not be there alone if a mob of these nxzombies are there. Toni, please take care of yourself!

        • Read it in a couple of different articles.
          One said Raniere didn’t leave Monterrey by choice in spite of him having been photographed there.

  • I think Carlos Salinas’ political capital is spent. He was teetering on the edge, and his son’s unwise affiliations put him over. The guy Salinas has been battling with for control of the country for years is getting credit in the Mexican newspapers for Raniere’s speedy exit from the country. There was already previous talk that Salinas can’t get his party’s nomination to run for President again because of the whole scandal.

    It is just way too late. There is too much attention, and walking away now is unlikely to slow it down any. It is basically an admission of guilt.

    Should’ve done the right thing and walked away when Mark Vicente did, if Emilio Salinas wanted to have any plausible deniability.
    And, the Los Angeles center that he took over running (not that there was anything left) after Mark Vicente shut it down? Is he going to walk away from that, too?

    What about their license from NXIVM for the VAT recoupment business? Going to walk away from that, too?
    Guess they won’t be attending Vweek this year.

    The same thing that made NXIVM so powerful in Mexico (their ability to attract high net worth and powerful families) is ultimately what is making for such a spectacular downfall. Bravo.

    • Guaranteed Salinas knows some bad Mexicans who know some bad Mexicans in whatever prison Raniere is in. My prediction is still Raniere doesn’t make it to trial. I hope he does. Having his stupid ass on the stand getting grilled and proving once and for all that not only isn’t he the smartest man alive, but he’s also a total fuckup moron, would be great. At the same time, one less sociopath in the world might be great too.

      • I do hope he makes it to trial for a few reasons.

        I am pretty sure even if the mindless fill his commissary account to the max, he still can’t buy organic vegan fare. Even once his intestines adjust a little better, he is still suffering every single day that he is locked up. Death isn’t really much justice from my viewpoint. Let him live with pain and fear and anxiety and stress like the people have that he has preyed upon.

        I also think it may help bring enablers to justice, as well as potentially free other wrongly accused and / or convicted people.

        I would be concerned that if he died too soon, it may not be pursued in the same way.

  • This is amazing news. The entire house of cards is falling down. Don’t be surprised if Keith doesn’t even make it to trial if you know what I mean. I’m sure Carlos Salinas wants this chapter of his son’s life done and will do whatever it takes to end it.

  • This is some strong evidence that Emi’s father was behind getting Raniere tossed from the country.

  • Absolute and definitive action and statement. I did not expect such thorough resolution so quickly regarding the demise of NXIVM in Mexico.

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