Raniere has left Oklahoma City Fed. Transfer Facility – on his way to Brooklyn

Keith Raniere sitting inside a Mexican police vehicle on March 26, 2018. It is our last known photograph of the Vanguard. Treasure it.

An official at the Oklahoma City Federal Transfer Facility told Frank Report that Keith Raniere has left the facility — and is on his way to Brooklyn.

Federal officials were tight lipped – for security reasons – as to whether Raniere will be flown or bused in. He left the facility, escorted by US Marshalls, in handcuffs and shackles.

Raniere – who is now in the federal prison registry as Prisoner 57005-177 – will be arraigned in Brooklyn on federal charges of sex trafficking and other charges.

The indictment has not been made public.

His arraignment could happen as soon as today.  Or as late as next week. One source with familiarity with the federal prisoner transfer process told Frank Report that Raniere would be likely flown for security reasons and that because of the concern that his followers might try to rescue him, security will be extra tight and secretive.

If Raniere/570005-177 is traveling by bus – which is commonly called “diesel therapy” – it will take several days for him to arrive in Brooklyn.

It is known that Allison Mack, Nicki Clyne and other female followers chased the police car in Mexico when Raniere was arrested on March 25th.

So, Vanguard has left the house – and is on his way to his new home-away-from-home.

Stay tuned…

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  • Nicki has authorized me to post this on Enemy Social Media (her husband Allie is too distraught to lead the Sororium at this point).

    All Sisters of DOS, brothers of SOP, and faithful of ESP, are Commanded to watch the Movie of Honor this week: The Fugitive. Like Dr. Richard Kimble, our Vanguard is falsely accused.

    All Faithful are Commanded to Find The Bus, and Free the Vanguard! The Future of Humanity is at stake!

  • Every picture I’ve ever seen of KR his hair is very straight. – but in this pic in the back of the police car, it’s curly/wavy, almost wet looking. Did one of his hoes call the Mexican popos when Keith was in the shower??

  • Oklahoma City to Brooklyn, by car, no stops: 22 h 37 min (1,471.7 mi). And the bus may include other prisoners and destinations as well.

    With a minimum 2, more likely 3, and possibly more, days of travel, Keith will arrive back in his home state maybe Thursday or Friday.

    Thankfully that gives his slaves a few days to plan and prepare a welcome home party!

  • Will his harem be faithful? Let us hope for him they are not trying to find a new Vanguard while he is unavailable.

  • Given the absolutely confused look on Mack’s face in the original arrest video, if the ladies try to disrupt his transport, it will be quite entertaining. And will end well for nobody involved.

    I have to wonder when the DOS slaves are going to rise up and overthrow Mack, assuming the cognitive dissonance can be overcome.

  • Somewhere Allison Mack is pissing her pants. I’m sure they have and are continuing to give Keith a very uncomfortable journey. By the time he gets to New York, he’ll be done. I don’t think all the going-ons over the past 5 or so years were his sole ideas. I think he’ll crack like an egg by the time he gets home.

  • How about they advertise his full schedule in every media possible. When Allison and nicki show up to bust him out, tasers set at 100%. They might enjoy the shock therapy.

  • He will be free soon. Keith’s message must live on and the best way to that is thru him personally. We have full confidence that these charges will soon be shown as mere fabrications, He is the victim of years of media fantasy. It was a good tale bu he paid the price, temporarily. The wheels of just ice are in motion

    • As long as he is his authentic self and takes full personal responsibility, I am sure he’ll be just fine.

      Which one of you do you think he will pick to marry to get conjugal visits?

    • You’re so funny! There is one great truth in your comedy writing: the wheels of justice are in motion.

    • Keep blaming the media. That’s what’s wrong with ESP. They teach responsibility, while blaming everyone else for their mistakes, faults and crimes. No real understanding of what it means to be 100% Responsible for your life and circumstances.

    • The sooner you open your eyes and accept reality for what it is, the better off you’d be. While no one is 100% evil, no one is 100% good either. Your teacher made mistakes. Big ones, and it’s time for him to learn from them, if he wants to evolve. He will no longer be able to terrorize people using the legal system backed by Clare’s money. No one is beyond redemption, but he needs to really accept where he fucked up. His pride and your blindness is what’s keeping him from evolving into someone who could have a message that might live forever. Wake up for his own sake.

    • Awww kitten. I’m so sorry you are so deluded and still under the spell. 57005-177 is done. His sins have caught up with him and now it’s time to reap what he sowed. You and the minions will have to wake up at some point. I just hope it’s before you’ve wasted your lives away for a false prophet. Fabrications? Now I know how you take in “data” and which is your favourite🤣. Yes. They are.

    • Ethical Human you are a complete MORON. He won’t be getting out. He is only a man ( actually a RAT) who has brainwashed people. He will go to jail and NXIVM, JNESS and THE SOURCE will go down. End of story. Find another man to follow.

  • I’m telling you, this is far more entertaining than “Game of Thrones”. Let’s hope the Vantard has a cellmate who became deeply emotionally disturbed following the loss of a sister.

  • The Karner Road parking lot is empty. Have to think the few remaining sheep are in Brooklyn to support this clown!!

  • The USMS (US MARSHALS SERVICE) has its own jet fleet called JPATS or Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation System. More commonly known as CONAIR.

    So, Vangrifter/Vancrook will get his final flight aboard a private jet. The CONMAN traveling CONAIR.

    WTG U.S. Attorneys Office in Brooklyn!

  • Hooray!! Next step: Bail denied, to be held pending trial. This man can not be allowed to escape justice, because he will if he can. I hope he’s held at the MDC in Brooklyn, which is said not to be very nice. Keith, you will finally experience the deprivation you imposed on your slaves. Crummy food, little sleep, and answering 24 hours a day to those in charge.

    • I am sure he has definitely had crummy food since leaving that villa. I can only imagine what must be going on in his system switching to prison food from his organic diet.

      Maybe he will have to go into solitary for his own protection, which would prevent any outside visitors or phone calls while the investigation is still going on.

      Curious to see how long the voyage takes. Hope it is long and slow.

      I can’t believe MDC has a Yelp page. https://www.yelp.com/biz/metropolitan-detention-center-brooklyn

      • OMDG… The Yelp review is hilarious … Here are some lowlights…

        The “old building” which was dorm-style and, from what I heard, “a rat infested trash dump filled with terrorists and mobsters”.

        Although there was only a stabbing in my pod ONCE, I felt rather safe and secure, and the guards normally did their duty.

        Can I do negative stars for this one? Hmm. Where do I begin? The workers tend to be cruel, overpaid, all from the area so they know many of the people in there and thus, if you dont know them, you are the one getting busted for one too many blankets. At mail call, the cops get jealous of the mail you get and it goes missing. The counselors have office hours they do not keep and to get ahold of them or an answer to your cop-out is impossible. The place is packed with about 2300 people and the “old MDC’ is a crumbling crap hole. I spent two months here in 2007 waiting to get shipped to the midwest. The food is horrible, the dorms are loud, the laundry doesnt work and its so cold in here. Visitation is the loudest I have ever seen and you have to do some really bogus searches. i.e. the cops want to look at you naked.


        My boyfriend was sitting there for 3 years for drug trafficking (that happened many years ago). He lost a lot of weight and become almost autistic. He lost a job, his business, almost all friends (that’s maybe a good thing after all) and almost lost me. The “clientelle” is rather friendly.


    • “Crummy food, little sleep, and answering 24 hours a day to those in charge.” DOS slave life described.

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