Times Union: AG suspends investigation into Bronfman/Porter – in deference to Feds’ criminal case

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In what must be seen as bad news for Clare Bronfman,  The NY state attorney general’s office has suspended its investigation of the Ethical Science Foundation, a bogus nonprofit foundation associated with the sex slaver cult of  NXIVM. The reason given:  The ongoing federal criminal probe of the organization.

Brendan Lyons of the Albany Times Union breaks the story that the AG notified a state Supreme Court justice last week that its case against Clare W. Bronfman and Dr. Brandon Porter, both associated with the Ethical Science Foundation that conducted brain-activity studies on behalf of NXIVM, will be put on hold.
The reason this is bad news is that it suggests that Bronfman and possibly Dr. Brandon Porter and their deeds are of interest to the Feds – and not just Raniere and Allison Mack. The reason why the AG would stop getting evidence in their probe is that disclosures made here might impact the more serious criminal probe that might place Clare Bronfman behind bars for years to come.
It is stunningly ironic since Bronfman tried so hard to put people behind bars for so many years.
The AG notification was made one day before Porter and Bronfman had been ordered to produce documents in the case, Lyons reports.

Bronfman and Porter were due to to turn over their records related to human fright experiments, and other human behavioral studies, conducted without oversight.

Porter and other unlicensed NXIVM members were claiming that they had cures for Tourette’s Syndrome, Chrone’s Disease, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders  and other maladies.

The human fright experiment consisted of bringing in an attractive woman – and setting her up on the brain wave machine then showing her violent and graphic scenes including rape and actual killings to measure her response.

If the woman responded properly she would be asked to join DOS. If she exhibited emotional reactions she would not be asked to join the cult.

On March 25 NXIVM founder Keith Raniere was arrested on federal charges of sex trafficking and conspiracy to commit forced labor.

The state investigation focused on the Ethical Science Foundation that was formed in 2007 by Bronfman, an heiress of the Seagram Co. who described herself as operations director of NXIVM.

IRS records reveal the Ethical Science Foundation acquired more than $145,000 worth of computers, medical equipment and brain-activity monitors several years ago.

The state Health Department faced scrutiny last year when it was reported that the agency had brushed off complaints about the brain studies – done by Dr. Porter  – and the branding, done by another licensed medical doctor, Danielle Roberts, associated with NXIVM and a DOS slave herself.

Read the Times Union story: https://www.timesunion.com/news/article/AG-suspends-probe-of-NXIVM-nonprofit-12819035.php

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  • Pathetic Evil Soulless Clare, hiding away. She didn’t have a life prior to NX due to the fact that she was unable to relate with humans on her ranch in AUS. Animals and money. Her master built her up so she would pay his way. Gave her the attention her daddy didn’t and she gave in. Such an easy target. She went up the ranks ever so swiftly right along with her party girl asshole sis Sara, the monk fucker. I hope they both get what is coming to them. Clare, even if she hides away in a far away place, will rot from within due to her wealth and no internal happiness. But Hey, You can buy friends in the clink! Miserable Beeatch! All that you sponsored for that sick fuck of a human Vantard. You do unto others as you do to your self. Now, you get what you practice. SUCKER! Geawd I love justice!

  • Clare is tucked away in Fiji. Or is it Switzerland?? Her brother in law has ties there, aye? Either way, it’ll be tough to get her back on US soil

    • One place I doubt she is: Montréal.

      The feds will know where she is. She will have sent e-mails. If the plane has gone anywhere, they will know. Accessed $ somehow. Called Sara. There is only Sara. No way any of the half siblings are going to help her.

      Sara has got to be just as culpable in the foundation she formed with Clare. We’ll see.

      Not sure why Israel would take her. She isn’t Jewish as far as I know. Your mother has to be Jewish or you have to convert.

      • Well, if it’s in Switzerland, she will be arrested by the international security police asap and sent to your country by the first plane.

      • Exactly, she’s NOT, but her father was so they would help her because of that and Israel does not deport people, this worries me

        • I wouldn’t worry about it. If it were one of the Bronfman boys, I am sure they wouldn’t be extradited.
          Israel doesn’t deport Jews. As we agree, she is not Jewish.
          There is no Jewish by degrees. Either you are Jewish or not.
          Israel doesn’t want to be associated with protecting the non-Jewish funder of a sex-slave cult and illegal human experiments.
          They aren’t even really Bronfmans. They are tag along randoms who got a piece of the family fortune for being members of the lucky sperm club. Just ask any of the family (if they will even admit their existence).

        • In response to the Sheinbein Affair, on April 19, 1999, the Knesset passed an Amendment (Number 6) to the Extradition Act, which permitted the extradition of Israeli citizens who had committed crimes abroad. It divided Israeli citizens into two categories: Israeli citizens who are residents of Israel at the time an extradition request is made and those who are not residents at the time of the extradition request. The former are to be extradited, but then returned to Israel for sentencing. The latter group may be extradited and serve sentences in either the state where the crime was committed or in Israel. The 1999 amendment was an attempt to distance Israel with its reputation as a harbinger of criminals and to be a safe haven for only Israeli residents. However, Abraham Abramovsky and Jonathan I. Edelstein argue that current extradition policy in Israel still leaves loopholes and problems that will allow many criminals to recede to Israel’s soil and the sanctity of its courts.


  • http://cbs6albany.com/news/local/neighbor-speaks-to-cbs6-about-nxivm-party-house

    The second floor of the Hale drive home, referred to as “The Library” in court documents, featured a hot tub and a loft bed.

    “They put in spiral staircases – it’s like a party house. No regular people would be able to live there,” the neighbor said.

    The neighbor also told us there were several instances of raucous parties.

    “It was very loud and it was till 12 o’clock, and I remember I knocked on the door and said can you please keep it down?!”

    “There always was a lot of activity, and I always felt this was kind of the headquarters,” the neighbor tells CBS 6. She did not want to show her face on camera.

    Keith Raniere, the leader of NXIVM was arrested in Mexico last month. He’s been accused of branding female followers as part of an initiation ceremony has been charged with sex-trafficking.

    • I had to laugh when I saw this clip with one of my unknown neighbors. I was wondering what she had on underneath that coat if anything. Even if we did not have a cult in our development, Knox Woods would be nuttier than the psych ward of Bellevue on a full moon. . One of my committee members and I call Knox Woods “the Island of Misfit Toys”. We have the woman who sprays Keith with her hose. An old man on Burgoyne Drive who walks around with bare legs and his robe all hours of the day. There is a crazy lady who sued the prior owner of Allison Mack’s unit on General’s Way, which caused Michelle V. to put her unit up for sale and Allison Mack wound up buying it. Then, we had the attempted coup of the pool and tennis court management a few years back that the police had to be called to prevent a melee on the night of the ballot count which crazy Generals Way lady and another wing nut on Schuyler Court almost wound up in a fist fight over – And you all wonder how a cult is allowed to operate for so long in the suburbs? By all accounts, Keith is just your basic charming and polite sociopath when you see and greet him on the street and he and the harem mind their own business.

      • Just your everyday run-of-the-mill psychopath and sex slaver, that hides in plain site in the suburban wasteland. Neighbors would later say he was quiet and kept to himself… Just LIKE JEFFREY DAHMER.

        Stephen King could not write this story. It would be too unbelievable…

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