Sources: Allison Mack ‘married’ Actress Nicki Clyne to defraud US Immigration

Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne, both members of DOS. They might be married.
Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne

For regular readers of the Frank Report this info is not news.

Sources inside NXIVM told Artvoice that reputed sex cult leader Allison Mack ‘married’ former actresses/sex slave Nicki Clyne in order to allow Clyne to stay in the USA.

Clyne is a Canadian citizen and was having difficulties fulfilling visa obligations.  Sources said India Oxenberg – daughter of Dynasty TV star Catherine Oxenberg – witnessed the nuptials.

Up until cult leader Keith Raniere’s flight from the USA – and leading to his arrest in Mexico last week  – Mack, Clyne and Oxenberg lived together in Mack’s townhouse near Albany, NY.  Raniere lived nearby in a home with two other women.

Mack, Clyne and Oxenberg are branded on their pubic region with the initials of Raniere, who is now in federal custody awaiting arraignment before a federal magistrate in Brooklyn on sex trafficking charges.

Mack – who is second in command – has her initials burned on the pubic regions of the NXIVM slave women, alongside Raniere.

“The reason for the fake marriage is that Clyne is Canadian and Mack a US citizen,” said a source close to both women.

According to another source:

Marriage is actually a common way for NXIVM foreign nationals to stay in Albany with Keith before he fled the USA. Women from Mexico, US, the U.K. and Canada played this game. Marry someone when your visitor or work visa runs out! And Nicki had a O-1 visa as a Canadian. That means she was bringing worth to the US entertainment economy. But Keith told her not to work in acting and she hasn’t done much film or TV work since Keith got his hands on her so she probably couldn’t reapply for the same visa when the original one wore out. But since gay marriage is legal now and she and Allison are both devout followers, it made sense. It’s a great solution.

Allison Mack posted this cartoon on her Instagram account around the time she married Clyne, sources say.

Shortly after posting it, this comment appeared on Mack’s Instagram:

  • Congrats love to you and Nicki Clyne. I didn’t know you got married. I’m happy you found love amongst all the bad stuff:).

Another source told Artvoice she gave them a wedding present. Another source told Artvoice she provided flowers and other arrangements for the modest ceremony.

At the time of the wedding, Clyne was working for Raniere’s sub-group called Knife Media and paid $15 an hour ‘off the books’.

Nicki Clyne gave up everything to follow Keith Raniere. In order to stay near Raniere, she quit acting and lied to immigration authorities, and then married Allison Mack, sources say.

In order to pay Clyne,  Clare Bronfman – a top NXIVM leader – laundered money from USA to Canada and back to the USA.

Bronfman, a Seagram’s heiress, donated more than $100 million to Raniere to support his cult and attack his enemies.

Clyne (born February 11, 1983) played Cally Henderson Tyrol on the Sci-Fi Channel television program Battlestar Galactica from 2003-2008. She joined NXIVM around 2006, having been recruited in Vancouver.

She would fly back and forth to Albany to take Intensives. She appeared in concert for Raniere in 2007 with actress Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack in Albany.

Clyne was encouraged to quit acting by Raniere, according to multiple sources. Although under contract in her recurring role in the series, in 2008, she asked the producers of Battlestar Galatica to let her out of her contract. They agreed and, in an episode, her character was killed off.

She became a slave of Raniere and Mack and had her pubic region branded with Raniere’s and Mack’s initials.

She sought a visa and moved to Albany to live closer to Raniere. She began work for Clare Bronfman for which she was paid $15 per hour. From a successful actress on a TV show, she became a low-wage worker and Raniere sex slave.

Sources say Clyne married Mack to remain in the United States and it was not a romantic relationship. Clyne was active in promoting sex trafficking and helped recruit women to be branded and blackmailed. Clyne took a lifetime vow to obey Raniere.

Clyne was not alone in giving up a TV role for Raniere.  Mack gave up her role in the TV show Smallville to follow Raniere in 2010.

Mack is expected to be arrested on sex trafficking charges and has been identified as a co-conspirator by the US DOJ. Clyne’s role was very significant in the alleged sex trafficking cult. She is almost certainly going to be charged by the feds.

The brand with the initials of Keith Raniere and Allison Mack.

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  • I imagine Allison is thinking to herself “I stuck it out for 13 years, branded other women and engage in all manner of deviant sex acts for this schlub, and STILL everyone just wants to know what Lana was up to.”

    Between this and Hyde the Rapist, my favorite tv shows are becoming unwatchable. Damn you, PizzaGate!

  • I hated Callie. I was never so happy to see someone get sucked out an airlock.

    For this, I thank you, Vanguard.

  • Good question about the parents. My guess is they are around, Instagram posts have her and her mother as being close.

    My instincts tell me Allison has been cooperating with the Feds for awhile, or she would have been arrested with Keith. If she wasn’t working with them at the time of arrest, I bet a small sum she’s cooperating now.

    I’ll go out on a limb and say she may have tipped off the Feds. I
    Know it’s a stretch, but somethings not right with this whole thing.

    Anyone have any thoughts on this?

    • Well someone is a mole on the inside. I think there has to be.

      But if I was to place my bets on which one of the celebrities it is, then it would be Nicki, since she’s not one of the CC-#’s in the warrant.

      • I think it’s Lauren Salzman. She is the true ringleader of DOS and wasn’t mentioned anywhere in the complaint in support of the arrest OR the petition for permanent detention, yet Allison, India, and Clare Bronfman were all over them.


        • That would be sad for Catherine Oxenberg if India is arrested because she did the right thing. Does anyone know if the authorities would go easier on someone because a relative was the one calling attention to the illegal activities?

          • I think Allison not being picked up might be a case of them not being able to get an arrest warrant in time or not getting permission to extradite. I’m not familiar with the process but if they don’t have as much on her as they’d like they might have just grabbed the “big fish” while they could.

            Sadly if Lauren is the leak she’s probably doing it for a plea bargain or immunity rather than any kind of moral epiphany that might lead the other members into flipping.

            I think India being listed as one of the co conspirators is another example of Raniere being a bastard. Mack was placed at the helm of DOS so her name would distract and help give him a smoke screen. I wouldn’t be surprised if he lead India into an incriminating place to punish her mother if he ended up being caught. And more deserving parties like Salzman reap the side benifit of being secondary concerns.

            Diminished mental capacity might get some of the girls, including Allison, leniency to varying degrees. Reading more on thought reform it is truly terrifying, The person that originally joined the cult is imprisoned by the Keithdrone occupying their body and probably doesn’t know it. Breaks my heart. I can see some juries recommending court ordered institutionalization for at least India thanks to her Mother’s influence, hopefully for any that can be helped really.

  • Does anyone have any information on Allison Mack’s relationship to her parents? Have any close friends or family voiced public concern?

    • More important question might be if she has retained counsel.

      Slightly unrelated, Clare Bronfman is scheduled to appear at the Vail Film Festival, where the Tourettes documentary she produced is scheduled to be shown this weekend….

  • Does anyone know what typically happens to the closest followers of a guru when they get arrested? I can see the leftovers banding together for a time. But it seems like the veil would just slowly naturally lift when the source of thier obsession is no longer readily available.

    • I’ve been reading up on it lately, it seems that, regardless of jailtime or not, some will slowly return to normal, some will have a swift reality check as the infrastructure maintaining their conditioning collapses, and some will persist, mentally unable to accept that the sacrifices they made and the terrible things they’ve done were for nothing more than the whims of a lying sociopath.

    • I think it’s something that stays with them for life. Some will never accept they were part of a cult. And that feeling of being connected and intimacy may be something they miss and be susceptible to in future. Our industrialized society can be very lonely. I knew one person, she spent 30k USD on a similar set of courses and the leader later got embroiled in a typical scandal. She accepted mentally that he was a fraud but said that her heart was still connected to him and she couldn’t change that however much she tried. Either way they will need a lot of counseling and family support. btw the documentary Wild Wild Country is a great watch about the Osho cult in the 80s.

  • Does anybody know where Allison Mack is currently?

    I would guess she is on the lam and is no longer in Mexico.

    I used to watch Smallville back in the day and it is very sad what has become of Ms. Mack.

    With that being said, I hope she spends years in prison for all of the physical and emotional pain she caused everybody.

    • I wonder myself. I hope she gets apprehended before she might hurt herself. I hope she’s sent to a prison that truly works on reform and provides appropriate therapy. I’m guessing something like a 5 year sentence if she cooperates. I hope the five or so years isn’t wasted warehousing. She has a lot of insight to share that she’s not aware of yet.

  • “Up until cult leader Keith Raniere’s flight from the USA – and leading to his arrest in Mexico last week – Mack, Clyne and Oxenberg lived together in Mack’s townhouse near Albany, NY. Raniere lived nearby in a home with two other women.”

    However, previous posts in the last week or 2 have claimed that Mack lived WITH KR on Oregon Trail (one of the houses raised by FBI last week, #21?).

    These inconsistencies from the same source(s) are beginning to undermine the credibility of what’s being reported here..

    • The answer is Keith, Allison Mack, Marianna Fernandez and possibly India were living on Oregon trail before his flight to Mexico . Prior to that, India and Allison were attached to Allison’s Knox Woods condo at 127 Grenadier which is across the street from Keith’s Flintlock townhouse. Nicki has been traced to a condo in Knox Woods on Monmouth Way. It is unknown where she actually lives. You have to understand they have multiple addresses at their disposal and move around like the Manson family did.

    • Come on…these might be inconsistencies but they are very minor in relation to the massive amounts of information that Frank has shared on this blog for YEARS.

      It’s pretty apparent that you are either a nexian or a Kreuk fan if you are claiming that these tiny “inconsistencies” are undermining the credibility of Frank’s entire body of work here.

      • Frank’s credibility is a result of his anonymous sources within the group providing him with information. His opinion that surrounds it, not so much.

        Way to poison the well again by group Nxians and Kristin Kreuk fans together.

        The fact of the matter is, Frank’s credibility took a shot because the person primarily responsible for bringing the branding and sex cult story publicly and nationally to light vouched for Kristin in no uncertain terms as not being in the “inner circle” and having nothing to do with the “sex cult”, while Frank presented the opposite in the media for click bait.

        It’s not a matter of being a Kreuk fan. It’s a matter of knowing the difference between truth and falsehood.

        • ‘Inner Circle’ is quite a flexible term and can mean the social circle rather than command and control. Kreuk was mixing with the senior/inner group in a way others would not have access.

          • That’s just playing loose and fast with definitions. The inner circle are those who are one step away from the leader who forms the center and are privy to the secrets and running the most important aspects of the organization. Hence, the term “inner”. I don’t think Rick Ross would consider Kristin to be part of the “inner circle”. Just because they might deal with some of the inner circle members at a different access level than most members because they have a special status like celebrity or some other reason doesn’t make them a part of it.

  • I remember as a kid watching a mini-series about Jim Jones with Powers Boothe that was riveting. I can’t wait for the NXIVM mini series. Even though it’s not as tragic, thankfully, there is still plenty of sadness and tons of craziness. I worry about some of the experiments and how children were being raised according to this madman’s edicts. That horrifies me. I worry about the children and hope they aren’t scarred for life and can recover.

  • When did this marriage occur? I’m trying to figure out when it would have been needed. Clyne hasn’t been visible in entertainment, but she voice acted in an indie film that came out in 2010, was the host of a web show on the syfy site in 2013, and was etheir promoting or filming the web series that just launched with her in it between 2015-2017. I would have thought that would have at least kept her visa alive. unless it ran up in ’14 or something when she was between Keith letting her out.

  • A few months ago a comment linked to video of Ally, Nicki and Kristin on stage hosting the first of the two Acapella concerts. What struck me was a moment when Nicki said the first singers blew our minds, and there will be more “blowing” to come.
    As the audience howled at the double entendre, Kristin blushed and laughed uncontrollably like a virginal teen high on pot…while Nicki and Ally winked at the audience, like young women very much at ease with sex, tho all were about the same age.
    Maybe even then the three actresses displayed a different character that would determine what their future would be in NXIVM.

    • Nope, and more nope. You’re reading way too much in an uncomfortable and unintentional moment.

    • Sex is not anything nice or happy with Keith.

      Sometime in the last month or two, FrankReport posted the words of a woman who escaped. A woman who experienced “sex” with Keith Raniere.

      “Sex” with Keith is nothing pleasant. The blowing is all from Keith to the woman and it’s all about control. Nothing good about ir, and it brings the threat of herpes.


  • I know many of us can’t for legal reasons. But don’t you worry the books, the movies, the series are all coming.

    • It’s not about books, movies or series, Oh My! It’s about (listen very carefully) It’s about putting an end to a predatory organization. So it doesn’t infect my kids or anyone else’s. Get it? Or do you need a few more years to wake a little more UP?

  • Okay, this is certainly the last straw. Why does Frank have the only blog about this? This man has been holding the spine of truth all by himself because all the others are far too scared to speak up. We know who you are. We, being the several hundred people reading this blog over the last couple months. I’m a huge nobody. One of hundreds of nobodys reading this blog and reading the comments. I’m horrified by the critique of this blog by obvious members! Who do you think you are? I’m a nursing assistant. A big nobody. But, I’m telling everyone I know about this story and directing them to this website, NXIVM Articles and the hilariously fake founder Wiki pages. Also. Those of you who have first hand experiences, where are your blogs? Where are your very own testimonies? This needs to end. You need to tell what happened to you so it doesn’t happen to anyone else…on your own platform. I’m not an outsider. I’m a person just like you.

    • Aliz,

      REALLY, just Goggle and you will find enough reading material to last you a long time. Check out

      There is some good reading on Rick Ross Cult education website that goes back years. On the left hand side is a message board, do a search for NXIVM and ESP, you will find a lot of information there also.

      Most of us who have left have wasted enough of our lives on this and are busy rebuilding our lives and speak out when we can or have worked behind the sense with legal authorities and the media to help crumble this house of cards.

      You’re new to the game, unless of course you one of the the insiders trying to distract the conversation for your faithful Master.

    • I agree. A few, very few, have had tne courage to speak up but most are either still true believing cultists or too afraid of retaliation to speak up. I get it, this cult has ruined the lives of those who dare to criticize it. Hopefully, as it falls apart and it becomes obvious they are powerless, more people will be as courageous as Frank and be willing to speak the truth.

      • Many of them are financially or legally leveraged. The ones on the “legal team” are shaking in their boots. They did a lot of bad things to good people and they know their days are numbered. Arrogant, self-righteous, and brainwashed. Now, they await their fate. They continue to justify their support in the hopes it will all go away. They cant function in society. FOOLS.

  • Eep. That is against the law, in no uncertain terms.

    I was once asked to participate in such an arrangement, with a great friend, and froze out of fear of the legal implications, then said no without hesitation.

    That those two women did not refuse speaks to how muddled their instincts and thinking are. Their brains have been rewritten by Keith. A lie is not a lie if it helps the NXIVM cause!

    Sorry, ladies, the justice system has not been brainwashed by Keith.

    Truly a tragedy, these two bright talents warped into slaves by Keith.

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