Salinas stands tall for NXIVM in testimonial

Emiliano Salinas
Emiliano Salinas

Whether Emiliano Salinas is arrested for being  part of the conspiracy to enslave women and deceive NXIVM followers and students remains to be seen.

Back on October 18, 2017 – a day after the New York Times published its seminal story on NXIVM and its practice of branding women – Emiliano Salinas published the following on his website.:

“On October 18, The New York Times published a story that links, without foundation, Executive Success Programs (ESP), a company that I lead in its Mexico chapter, with allegedly recent events in the United States.

“Although my name does not appear in the aforementioned article, nor is there a link with what I do in Mexico, there were some who, in social networks and taking advantage of the resonance in my country of my paternal surname, tried to link me personally and directly, thereby confusing public opinion with it.

“For this reason, it is very important for me to point out the following:

“1) I categorically reject any accusation made about myself, the programs we offer in Mexico and the institution that I am honored to direct, with respect to the facts that are referred to in the article of said media.

“2) I condemn and reject personally, and through all the associations of which I form and have been a part, any form of violence, submission, intimidation, pressure or abuse against any person, especially women.

“3) Never, under any circumstance, has any of our clients been coerced, pressured or forced to do anything against their will.

“For more than 15 years, I have been part, facilitator and administrator of ESP Mexico. In this period of time, more than 16,000 people, from 30 countries, have participated in our programs with a remarkable degree of satisfaction.

“I keep with particular pride hundreds of personal testimonies and surveys that show, convincingly, the operation and the gratitude of the vast majority of our clients. More important to me, we have been able to see, together, that our tools, educational programs, corporate training and coaching work and help many people achieve their life goals and overcome challenges.

“On numerous occasions, through these same tools and at no cost, we have helped victims of violence, kidnappings, abuses and personal tragedies to get ahead.

“This is a core commitment of ESP Mexico; that’s how it has been and will be for me.

“My work is public and numerous texts have been published in well-known media and testimonies on social networks. It has never been a “secret”, for me, or for the hundreds or thousands of clients with whom I have had the privilege of interacting personally (many of them, friends whom I continue to frequent).”

– Emiliano Salinas

Original Spanish Version

El pasado 18 de octubre, el diario The New York Times publicó una historia que vincula, sin fundamento alguno, a Executive Success Programs (ESP), empresa que dirijo en su capítulo México, con hechos presuntamente ocurridos recientemente, en Estados Unidos.

No obstante mi nombre no aparece en el citado artículo, ni hay un vínculo con lo que yo hago en México, no faltaron quienes, en redes sociales y aprovechando la resonancia en mi país de mi apellido paterno, me trataron de vincular personal y directamente, confundiendo con ello a la opinión pública.

Por ello, para mí es muy importante puntualizar lo siguiente:

1)     Rechazo categóricamente cualquier imputación que se haga sobre mi persona, los programas que ofrecemos en México y la institución que me honro en dirigir, respecto de los hechos que se refieren en el artículo del citado medio.

2)     Condeno y rechazo personalmente, y a través de todas las asociaciones de las que formo y he formado parte, cualquier forma de violencia, sometimiento, intimidación, presión o abuso en contra de persona alguna, especialmente las mujeres.

3)     Nunca, bajo ninguna circunstancia, alguno de nuestros clientes ha sido cohersionado, presionado o forzado a hacer algo en contra de su voluntad.

Por más de 15 años, he sido parte, facilitador y administrador de ESP México. En este periodo de tiempo, más de 16,000 personas, provenientes de 30 países, han participado en nuestros programas con un notable grado de satisfacción.

Guardo con particular orgullo centenares de testimonios personales y encuestas que muestran, contundentemente, el funcionamiento y la gratitud de la inmensa mayoría de nuestros clientes. Más importante para mí, hemos podido ver, juntos, que nuestras herramientas, programas educacionales, entrenamientos corporativos y coaching, funcionan y ayudan a mucha gente a lograr sus objetivos de vida y superar retos.

En numerosas ocasiones, a través de estas mismas herramientas y sin costo alguno, hemos ayudado a víctimas de violencia, secuestros, abusos y tragedias personales a salir adelante.

Éste es un compromiso central de ESP México; así lo ha sido y lo será para mí.

Mi trabajo es público y del mismo han sido publicados numerosos textos en reconocidos medios de comunicación y testimonios en redes sociales. Nunca ha sido un “secreto”, para mi, ni para los cientos o miles de clientes con los que he tenido el privilegio de interactuar personalmente (muchos de ellos, amigos a los que sigo frecuentando).

-Emiliano Salinas

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  • Friend of mine is “investigating” them. It’s a pretty hilarious interview “almost half of the group is mexican”.

    • His mindless followers are an embarrassment. They have always been a bunch of arrogant smart-asses who thought they knew better than everyone else. Will they now be able to see that they were the ones being manipulated? FOOLS.

  • In Clare Bronfman news she has lost a handful of Facebook friends since news of Keith’s arrest hit: Numbers dropped from 1184 before Keith’s arrest to 1179 as of today. Her friends consist of Espians, friends from her time in the equestrian world, family: Sara, Basit, a handful of young cousins but no half-siblings, and Fijan’s who she probably employs and who have no clue what a soulless, heartless, creature she is.

    A media person from Voice of America posted on Clare’s Instagram account wanting to speak to her. We all know, that will go unanswered.

    • Wow, you did a great job getting him to lower his defenses and open up! The part about how “Scientology is so misunderstood” was very effective. Well done, sir!

    • Great scoop. It is nice to see how suspicious and defensive they are about what they do in the first place. You are pushing the right buttons at pretty much every point during the interview. The best moment was when you were speaking about media moles. You made no obvious mistakes and had sufficient half knowledge to keep the conversation going. Pls never call me.

    • It’s amazing how a group that professes to teach that there are no ultimate victims, and hence people should take responsibility for their actions, can talk out of two sides of their mouth and then implicitly assume a position that none of the actions of its leader is responsible for the negative media coverage, but that it is only a “severe smear campaign” directed by the media.

    • OMG this is golden. What a tool. “Scientology has only negatively impacted a few people” ….. UHH wake up MARC!! There are thousands of victims to that cult, just like NXIVM. You are a freaking predator. Thank god the FBI is pulling you in for questioning.

  • Take a look back a this prior Frank Report post – – Kristin tried to warn various high rank about what they were in for if they let Keith to continue. Even Kristin, knew Keith’s behavior was escalating.

    “Here is a copy of her email, written under the email name of “ sent to Clare Bronfman, Nancy Slazman, Mariana Fernandez, Loretta Garza, Camilla Fernandez, Steve Ose and other NXIVM members. It was originally written to NXIVM lawyers Steve Cofey and Pam Nichols who, according to Keeffe had blocked her emails:


    … To:,,,,,,,

    PS: Let’s not forget that Emiliano is believed to have conspired with Keith in the kidnapping schemes of Toni Natalie, Susan Dones et al. If Keith used the same email address that was subpoened and there is no reason to believe he did not, Emiliano has some explaining to do.


    In October of last year and after leaving the United States, Raniere lived a short time in a residential area of ​​Monterrey. He went to the capital neoleonesa to hold a meeting with Mexican businessmen in one of the ESP centers. Later (and presumably supported by a network of Nxivm partners), Raniere moved to Puerto Vallarta and even his stay in this place was subsidized.

    Reports from US authorities mention that Raniere lived five months in a villa in Vallarta whose income costs 10 thousand dollars a week, in the exclusive area of ​​Conchas Chinas south of the municipality.

    Testimonials indicate that in addition to various luxuries, Raniere shared the villa with a large group of women behind closed doors; it was the women who left the farm to buy food and other supplies. It transpired that during his detention by immigration authorities, Raniere was uncooperative and even when the detainee was transported by the authorities to the detention center, the women he lived with ppursued the official units.

    • I find this very interesting. I thought Raniere was connected to the upper echelons of Mexican political society, yet as the poster Albany Attorney With Big Ears pointed out, Raniere was arrested by Mexican feds and deported from Mexico to the US. I’m willing to bet this doesn’t occur as frequently as deportations from the US to Mexico. This must have added insult to his ‘perceived’ injury. Where were all the Mexican Nxians who wrote the glowing testimonials? where were the men still flogging the Mexican Executive Success programme? Where was Laura Junco, stalwart of the Knife? When the Mexican Govt. came for their man, they came in broad daylight and they weren’t messing about. So much for Salinas, Betancourt, Junco and all the other courtiers with delusions of state capture Grandeur. I reckon the fathers’ stepped in to end the out-of-control party once and for all. The children may sulk, but NXIVM and all its tentacles will be next.

  • Thanks for the link to Frank’s post from below

    Like you, I find it hard to believe Frank wouldn’t have known about NXIVM’s nefarious activities before 2015 especially since he was doing their PR and mixed up in that housing scam

    But if it did really take him 8 years to realize the truth about NXiVM, he shouldn’t feel bad as he would be in the company of all of those former members who claim they were just as clueless.

  • Before Emiliano Salinas embraced a guru who is a psychopath, he was raised by a father who is a psychopath. What is up with Salinas?

    Regarding his father, Carlos Salinas was 4 years old when he told a 12-year-old maid to get on her knees and shot her dead. The official story was innocent child playing war games. Notes of interest, the maid was as tall as an adult (12 year old girls are five feet plus) and Carlos Salinas showed absolutely no remorse. (And 4-year-olds absolutely have capacity for remorse.)

    I’ve stood next to 3 year olds where one, upon noticing a ladybug, instantly steps on it and kills it, while the other in response cries at the senseless death. Go visit a preschool class with 4-year-olds. Notice how personalities are fully evident. And that some children are cruel, while others are kind. Someone who researched psychopathy in children said, when asked by a journalist at what age could he identify psychopathy, 2-3 years old. I bet any expert who reviewed and interviewed Emiliano Salinas’s father would concur he is a psychopath.

    And we all know Keith is a psychopath. Raping a 12-year-old girl, leaving people financially and emotionally destitute, and so forth. The list of situations where Keith’s lack of empathy and remorse are on full display is very, very long.

      • Keith ‘Torquemada’ Raniere. Bringing the torture tech to help people reach their life goals and overcome challenges.
        it gets worse by the day! Thank you for finding this.

        • Thanks for the link to Frank’s post claiming he didn’t realize what nefarious crooks Keith and Clare are

          Like you, I find it hard to believe Frank wouldn’t have known about NXIVM’s nefarious activities before 2015, especially since he was doing their PR and mixed up in that housing scam back in 2010.

          From the NYPOST Seagram $$ scam employed fake Bronfman
          By Jeane MacIntosh

          March 27, 2010
          “According to the documents, Rainiere — whom the senior Bronfman has blasted as a “cult” leader — didn’t have the dough to fund the project as promised, and wanted to cut the partner, Yuri Plyam, out of the equation before Plyam realized the truth.

          So Raniere enlisted his pal, Frank Parlato Jr., to pretend he was a representative of the Seagram’s boss.

          Parlato’s goal was to convince Plyam that Bronfman wanted to buy into the real-estate deal and cut Raniere out, the papers allege. ”

          But if it did really take him 8 years to realize the truth about NXiVM, he shouldn’t feel bad as he would be in the company of all of those film people who claim they were just as clueless.

          • For the link – its pleasure Anon. Just typed Frank’s name into the box at the top of the page. However, I don’t recall feeling or expressing any curiosity about Frank Parlato’s dealings with Raniere. I’m as satisfied as I need to be with his own explanations and more than satisfied with his apparent level of atonement. Could be a case of ‘set a thief to catch a thief’ then again, it could be whole lot more nuanced than that.

      • What a great find. And fascinating. Keith describing himself!

        “A Luciferian is a person, who commits destructive acts. A Luciferian is a type of sociopath. He has severe behavioral problems that are masked by good psychological adjustment. He appears on the outside to be sane but he is not. A Luciferian is fundamentally unhappy and feels enmity toward others but has learned that, for him, pleasure can be had from achieving his selfish desires such as destroying material objects or relationships, and causing others pain, distress, or unhappiness. A Luciferian realizes his desires by any means—without consideration for others and without remorse. A Luciferian is a person lacking in conscience and loyalty to others. He commonly employs manipulation and deceit to achieve his desired end and is therefore capable of acts that could be highly destructive to those that interact with him. A Luciferian, therefore, typically experiences pleasure or gratification in situations where “normal” people would be repulsed or disturbed.”

        • “A Luciferian is a person, who commits destructive acts.”

          It kills me that “the smartest man in the world” doesn’t know how to use a comma.

      • Yes,just like the sociopath studies in his books (he claims to have spent years studying them) ….they are self studies,I mean, come on..we all know what he’s been up to for a very long we believe he’s been visiting incarcerated sociopaths to study?? nope..just himself and the women he has groomed..some of whom fit the model He is trying to figure out if he can cure himself

    • …and I love how sweet innocent Emiliano claims he “personally condemns any sort of intimidation,pressure or abuse against a person”…did he decide this after he lied to officials about Toni Zarantini and Catherine Oxenburg being in cahoots with Barbara Bouchey and the Nxivmh 9??? Did he decide he was wrong to accuse them all of extortion and use a resignation letter dated 9 yrs. ago as part of his proof??Maybe this is part of his apology for threatening people and using his position to extort them all?? Nahhhh…I doubt it..nice try!

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