Barbara Bouchey’s response to Keith Raniere’s arrest

Barbara Bouchey will appear on panel in Albany.

Yes, it is a great day for everyone – but – most especially for people like you, Kim Woolhouse, Toni Natalie, Joe O’Hara, Rick Ross, and now Sarah Edmondson whom have experienced the most dramatic effect of their far reaching use of the legal system to silence, threaten and abuse. I thought the same thing that Keith will now know what it’s like to be US. To feel hunted, stalked, frightened for our lives and those loved ones around us – and to lose our freedom, assets and resources – not to mention the immense trauma, pain and suffering endured. Today was made possible by the collective voices and efforts by all of us and many others – -including the tireless efforts of the media including the Albany Times Union, James Odato, Brendan Lyons and bloggers John Tighe and Frank Parlato. CONGRATULATIONS to you, too, and ALL of us. We’ve climbed the mountain and are at the top now. Everything from here on in is a much easier walk down. I was starting to give up hope that he’d be held accountable, but TODAY has renewed my faith and optimism that JUSTICE will be served.

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  • the government should also go after the Seagram sisters… without their $150M, this POS would be able to do what he did.

  • I stumbled upon all this over the summer before the NYT piece as someone who has an interest in sociopathic leaders in social groups and cults; back in the early aughts I was involved with Operation Clambake exposing Scientology. As more than one person has noted, Raniere and the Bronfman sisters seem to have taken a page or three from Scientology.

    Over the past nine months reading about Raniere’s particular evils and the women involved I’ve been close to posting before, just to encourage the women still involved and let them know that many, many other people, not just folks from Albany were praying for them and would be there when this house of cards tumbled or they defected, but I remained a “lurker” until now.

    I have so much gratitude and admiration for Ms. Colette, Ms. Doans, and Ms. Bouchey fighting this Monster and continuing to speak out against the fraud and criminality of NXIVM and Mr. Parlato for amplifying their voices in his blog. I gave mention of this blog in a discussion on an article about Vansociopath’s capture in Mexico; I hope you receive more traffic here and that outsiders can gain an understanding to the level of abuse perpetrated.

    I’m not sure what else I can do other than continue to pray for the courage and clarity of mind for the women this piece of shit has tortured to let go of this chapter of their life, and find the love and support they need to heal from this from their family members and friends they may not have communicated with in years.

    I hope that now, all of you, can begin to live a life truly free of Keith Raniere.

    Much Love and Prayers,


  • So happy for you Ms Bouchey, and all those impacted by this thoroughly evil cult. I wish every good thing for you. especially a good rest from the debilitating effort of constant defence.I expect a lot of people will be enjoying some decent nights sleep, free from howling injustice, sleep that comes like the poet G. Herbert says from ‘hearing the music at midnight’ at last. A big hug.

  • Thanks for posting this, Frank, I thought those were wonderful words Barbara had to say to all of us who have done our part to expose the illegal activity of what I believe is the crime organization that runs behind the veil of what is called self-help group called NXIVM.

    There have been many brave souls who have done their time in the trenches of exposure. Some of us have paid a higher price than others, some of us have been in the trenches longer, but in the end, we all want the same thing: justice for all the victims of what I believe is a truly evil man and his band of women who do his evil deeds.

    There are so many names to be mentioned who have helped. Family and friends listening on the phone when no one seemed to care, lawyers who help with advice, counsel, and guidance, Newspaper reported far and wide. TV shows which hosted stories, magazines articles, the list is truly endless. I believe everyone knows what they have added.

    There are not enough words to say how truly thankful I believe we all are for everyone’s contributions. It’s all made an impact and gotten the first big victory we been seeking.

    Susan D.

  • Everyone in the “justice” system that did their dirty work- all the lawyers, investigators, etc. All these people need to be publicly exposed and held accountable, for being the servants of this powerful and abusive group. It looks like a number of people in law enforcement, in addition to prosecutors, worked closely with them to try and punish people for speaking the truth. Now it’s time for the public to learn about those people. This needs to be a documentary, only the corruption and crimes run so deep that it would run too long. Maybe a tv series like that one on Scientology.

    • And the documentary series about OSHO, Wild Wild Country, which is a great success for Netflix, so maybe Netflix will have interest. Sex and Hollywood stars and heiresses! Great ingredients for a compelling documentary.

      15 years!! So many people did nothing, despite endless opportunities to do something.

      • Yes, most people did nothing- but look at the price paid by those who spoke out. They made examples of everyone who dared to cross them and tried to ruin their lives. Much respect to all the heroes who had the courage to publicly speak out against this monster, knowing his army of goons would come after them. The tide is finally turning. Now they are going to be the ones on the run. We have to keep up the pressure and make sure the media covers this and the public is aware. There are powerful and influential people who are going to do everything they can to sweep this under the rug.

        • Hopefully some that were intimidated into silence and compliance will find the courage to help tear KR down now that the writing is on the wall. For their own consciences if nothing else. Hope these women get the help they need.

    • It’s one thing to not stop the lunatic. It’s another to help him destroy innocent people. I’d personally be fine if not one other NXIVM person other than Keith saw jail time – if the Albany area people in the “justice” system are somehow held accountable for the pain and suffering they imposed on innocent people who were simply trying to either stop or escape from this evil little man.

      • I believe that anyone of them that has committed abuses and crimes against other human beings should be held accountable. I spent more than 10 years taking Nxivm programs and teaching them. I was not brainwashed or hypnotized. It was the unethical behavior of Kieth, Nancy,Pam, Clare, Sara, Lauren, and others that led me to my decision to leave. I never agreed to do anything illegal or harmful to anyone. I knew of others who did things” for the good of the mission” or because one of these leaders represented it to be so. I made a choice to not participate with them and leave. It came with a cost. Lost friendships, work, income,community, being shunned…etc. I chose to uphold myself and leave. We all make decisions and the consequences are “good to experience” ..just like we would consider for our children. TIMES UP for the rest of them that perpetrated crimes against humanity. It is just for them to experience the result of their causes!

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