Rosa Laura Junco is expected at V Week. If her father Alejandro Junco the most famous newspaper publisher in Mexico doesn't take her away. After all, what father would stand by while his daughter gets herself branded and gives blackmail to a psychopath? Mr. Junco was a journalist first. He has the skill to determine if what I have posted is true. These are not make believe people. Alejandro Junco is a force in the world. Nothing in his life suggests he would stand by and let anyone's daughter be branded and blackmailed by a sex pervert with a lot of Bronfman booze money backing him up. Alejandro Junco may be Keith Raniere's fatal mistake. He took millions from her. That might be forgivable. He taught he bullshit that made her confused. She can be deprogrammed. But he branded her and took black mail on her and other women. That is the mark of a demented man. A man who must be stopped. Alejandro Junco can determine if it is true. And he can stop it and all the Bronfman's money and all their lying lawsuits won't put Keith Raniere back together again if Rosa Laura's father decided to weigh in.

Rosa Laura explains the Knife – but never mentions Raniere


This is one strange interview. Rosa Laura Junco talks about the media and The Knife. But she does not mention Keith Raniere – her master and the founder.

IdeaMensch – Mensch is defined a person of integrity and honor.

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