Gathering at Apropos today draws 20 vehicles – one from Vermont

By Laura Darby

Clifton Park Correspondent


As of 9 am, there was some kind of meeting at Apropos today. The lot was not full but there were about 20 cars. Most of them had New York license plates. But there was one license plate from Vermont.

Generally Apopos has been empty during the last few months since Keith Raniere fled the USA.

By 1:45 pm, there were a few people walking out the door, both male and female.

The Vermont plated car was still there. Lauren Salzman’s BMW was not there. However I am pretty sure Nancy Salzman’s BMW as there in the parking lot in the first spot..


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    • “Creepy” is repeatedly raping a 12-year-old, of which you must surely be unaware. Comment from the child’s mom: “I spent years hoping my daughter would not be one of the suicides (running away, putting herself in dangerous situations beyond my reach) all because she felt safer homeless than living where Raniere could get to her. To make it worse, I did not know the backstory at that time [that she was raped by Raniere] because she did not tell me until years later. After all, I had not been able to protect her in the first place and even encouraged the association with that group in my naivete.”— February 19th, 2012 @ 4:36 pm, Times Union.

      That’s right, the child of a friend. That is seriously creepy, the kind of creepy that should end up in jail.

      Or perhaps you haven’t seen this story?

      So are you pro-pedophila? Or do you think the Justice Department undertakes federal investigations for no reason at all?

      Creepy is surveilling people who have broken no laws (in stark contrast to Keith Raniere and his cult) and only want to see justice served. But you don’t? No interest in justice? Just in leaving nasty messages?

    • Nah. What’s creepy is pretending to be some “spiritual guru” or monk when you’re clearly not. Sending flying monkeys after women because they are defiant and don’t want to fuck you once or anymore. Manipulating a twelve year old into sex when you should be tutoring her. Abusing ethics for self-serving purposes. Scamming money from people while doing all of these things.

      VanDouche is an utter fraud. A total charlatan. He’s the definition of a creepy mofo.

    • Hi Anonymous
      You seem very interested in what’s being reported here and commented on here. Should we consider that a little creepy?

      You know what is really creepy?…..some of the things that have happened to me recently – like a creepy stalker who kept posting my address and personal info on a public site. Then another creepy stalker who made a twitter account just to harass me and bully me , and this bully account is too cowardly to even confront me.
      Now THAT shit is creepy!

      I wonder if it is connected to these creepy NXIVM people….or maybe all creepy, cowardly stalkers use the same playbook.

    • The description sounds like a comedy or the plot line of a Rom Com. Truly sad considering Tourette’s syndrome is no laughing matter for those afflicted.

      Please tell me who thought this was a good idea?

    • Chris Jackson/Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf who I met along time ago and talked to for a little while suffered from Tourette’s syndrome, but he was able to become an outstanding college basketball player and had a solid NBA career until he was blacklisted for standing up for his principles by not standing up for the national anthem, something QB Colin Kaepernick is currently doing in the NFL and is facing a similar type of backlash. Chris/Mahmoud was able to succeed by hard work and dedication and had no need for these no better than placebo human potential/LGAT intensives.

  • Vermont connections from the Archives are Damon Brink (SOP loyalist) and Katrina Veerman (DOS slave of Dani Padilla). Or perhaps someone recruited by one of them.

    • One would hope Katrina came to her senses about DOS and has either nxited or distanced herself. She does have a business to run in Stowe. However, she still is friends with the Brinks who apparently visited her on a recent trip to the Green Mountain State. Perhaps she was reeled back in?

      A likely scenario would be Damon Brink still has VT plates. Anyone know what kind of a vehicle he drives. This was an SUV but not a Beemer or Mercedes.

      • Katrina is very smart and told Daniella Padilla “no thank you” a long time ago. Damon, however, was so beaten down by the NXIVM gestapo and can no longer think for himself. I think that car was his but I hope he wakes up soon. He is a good man with a good heart. Go be with your family Damon!

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