6'3" inch, 2000 lbs, Jim Del Negro claimed to have been sexually assaulted by a 5' tall, 100 lbs teenage girl.

Mr. Del Negro goes to Guadalajara

James Del Negro is headed south to share the tech of Keith Raniere.



James Del Negro, the published of the Hank Report, and a longtime trainer of Executive Failure Success Programs (ESP), is headed to Guadalajara to teach a five day intensive.

It starts March 9th  and ends March 13th.

The Hank Report is a periodic blogging about the adventures of his pet rabbit, Hank.

Chino Fregoso, Jack Levy, and David Garza are all NXIVM/ESP Proctors in Guadalajara. [Orange sashes].

Coaches [Yellow sashes] include: Luisa Merodio, Carlos Fernando Palacious Orozco, Jesus Sainz, Maria Elizabeth Sierra Valencia, Jorge Aragón Lozano, Alejandra Salazar Lozano, Ana Maria Silva Martinez.

At their head in March will be the inestimable Mr. Del Negro. He is the epitome of what ESP is all about. He lives with Esther Chiappone Carlson. The winsome couple recently lost their house in the Albany area when it went into foreclosure.

This is called ESP ethics.

He has been in ESP for well over a decade. His income is estimated to be, in a good year, as much as $75,000 – $90,000 – about the same pay as a school teacher or police officer – but without the pension.

Now he is headed to Guadalajara to teach people – most of whom are far wealthier than him [which is not hard since he is broke] – few of whom have ever earned money for themselves.

Here are links to his unpaid taxes on record in Saratoga County.

Del Negro State Tax

Del Negro NYS tax 2014 

Del Negro State Tax

His students in Guadalajara might ask their superb teacher how come he has judgments against him.

They might also ask about how he lost his house and where he lives now.

As for me, I’m waiting for the next edition of the Hank Report. Unless, of course, Jim and Esther already ate the little guy.


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  • I just love how the address on the tax lien is 5 Southside Drive Ste 11-123. There are no Suites with those numbers .The address is the home of the UPS store that has mail boxes there. – Take a quick look at this link – https://www.fastpeoplesearch.com/address/5-southside-dr-ste-11_clifton-park-ny-12065/page/2 and the names of espians who use this for mail start appearing: Charmel Bowden on page 2, Vanessa Sahugun (Edgar Boone’s wife – name mispelled) on page 3 – Rose Chiappone (Esther Carlsons daughter believe to have nxited ) page 4 along with Jimmy Del Negro stating he lives in Danbury CT with the businesses of – BOONE INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMS LLC, LEUMARIA MU LLC, BRAVERS LLC, Esther (Carlson) Chiappone page 6, Lauren Salzman page 7, Page 8 Sarah bronfman, Page 10 Clare Bronfman (Slate River Farm LLC which was her farm in PA that has been sold) and Bonnie Piesse who we know has nxited has a mail box there.

    Most of these mailboxes were probably set up by one of the Chiappone boys and some of these boxes like the ones in Rose’s, Vanessa’s and Bonnie’s names were probably used to Launder money through. I wonder if Bonnie even knows her name is still attached to one?

  • If NXIVM keeps sending more of its leaders to Mexico, the Mexicans are going to volunteer to pay for the damn Wall!

  • Given his performance as a witness in the Dones’ bankruptcy case, I don’t think they’ll be a whole lot of learning going on at this particular intensive. But since NXIVM doesn’t offer any refunds, it just means that there’s going to be a whole lot of unhappy campers in Guadalajara.

  • So is he really going. to head train a five day intensive or is this a plan to get him out of the country? Jimmy Boy has a lot he could tell the FEDS that his Master Keith Sr. Boy Wonder wouldn’t want to make it so easy for the FEDS to get their hands on his mini me.
    Why isn’t Mexico’s finest Alex or Emi, teaching the five day? Why import a semi like warm head trainer to Mexico to train?




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