Darby: Nancy, Lauren, Edgar, Nicki, Carlos, Emi & Keith

By Laura Darby

Clifton Park Correspondent

Nancy Salzman: As to her cancer there is no way of knowing if she ever had it years ago or even now. Put it this way: she can always claim “the tech” cured her and she is a walking miracle. That being said, I have seen her with my own eyes, as have other members of the NXIVM Neighborhood Watch committee (they lurk here and don’t comment) and she is thinner than she every was.

Stress could be the cause for weight loss and her haggard look. IMO anyone who would fake cancer is a despicable “human” being and deserves very bad things to happen to them.

“I hope the bitch rots in a jail cell” said one of the watchful eyes to me. She may have taken a trip to Mexico, but I know she was here during coaches summit as I saw her car pulling into her garage and there has been activity at her house as recent as Sunday.

Lauren Salzman still appears to be MIA from her home. She still has a “kissing” ball up (It is February Lauren). Who knows, we can all dream of Federal Marshals accosting her at the airport if she was to return to the USA. I did hear she was deposed by the FBI. (My own source in the Albany legal community, not Albany defense attorney that posts here)

Hackers: Sorry Keith and Carlos and Emiliano, here forever to be known as the Three Stooges 2.0 or Los Tres Chiflados. Unless you have the chops of J E S T ER A C T U AL or even Guccifer 2.0 who was caught, you’re toast. I hope you fuckers rot in jail cells also.

Edgar Boone will make a nice fall guy, some think. “Better he, than me,” as Keith might say.

Edgar Boone was home very as recent as Sunday. One car in the garage, another outside in the driveway, garage door up. And Edgar, close your tool shed door if you haven’t already; we would hate to see your stuff get damaged by foul weather or theft.

Nicki Clyne was in NYC for the Philip K. Dick Film Festival this past weekend – her new sci fi web series Personal Space premieres on Amazon Video March 2nd.

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