Viva Executive Success: Nicki Clyne needs a Mercedes

Nicki Clyne was one a rising TV star. She quit that line of work and has now invested more than a decade into Executive Success Programs (ESP), one of the brands under which master-manipulator Keith Raniere does business.  For more than a decade she has been repeating the mission statement about how ethical it is to control as much of the world’s wealth as possible.
She drives a cheap compact car – a Honda Civic – works for $15 per hour as Clare Bronfman’s gofer – probably is or was in the USA illegally [she’s Canadian] and, in short, HAS NO WEALTH whatsoever to control.

Viva Executive Success!

The Honda Civic is one of the least expensive cars. It’s good on gas mileage for people who control little of the world’s wealth.


But you would think that, since she was once a [semi] star and has been used by NXIVM to lure people into the cult, that the cult’s primary financial sponsor, Clare Bronfman, or the cult leader, Keith Raniere, would buy her a better car so she at least ‘looks successful.’

Wealthy Clare Bronfman strikes a ‘cute’ pose with Nicki Clyne, who is reportedly broke – which is not cute.

Can you imagine – you’re pitching how this course will make you successful and here’s a former TV actress who gave up her acting career to be a full time ESPcoach and she runs around in a Honda Civic.

Optics are important. C’mon Clare and Keith, get her an old Mercedes or something.


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    • I think you have the wrong picture Which one is Clare ? There’s a man with his chin on a woman’s shoulder. I’m pretty sure the girl is Nicki but who’s the guy in the picture ? Is that Nicki’s grandfather?

  • Please consider the environment when you choose a car. None are better than a Honda Civic. Nicki is making a classy executive success statement by driving a Civic. “We care “!



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