Volleyball does not figure into Keith Raniere's future.

Marck: On Keith pantomiming picking up trash


By Marck Steffling

For anyone who still believes that story about Keith pantomiming the picking of trash is a noble thing… it’s not… for once a person is truly noble and humble, he  wouldn’t need to talk about himself so much, and, even if he did, it wouldn’t be the same stories over and over again.

This guy is a pretender.

Keith said he wouldn’t really pick up the trash because that was someone else’s responsibility and were he to do it again and again, they wouldn’t learn and to prove he isn’t a lazy piece of shit, he would pantomime it.

What a load of trash…

If he truly cared about the responsibility of the people… he would find other ways to get the message across to them, rather than blaming them for not picking up the trash…

In my opinion, here he is pretending he is teaching and doing the noble thing, but really it’s just him blaming others for not being how he wants them to be…

It’s all about him. Even the pantomiming is about him not being lazy, not about addressing the issue in the community.

Enough with buying anything he says or has ever said or done as being noble.

Keith Raniere [left].

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  • No way Hopeful! I don’t believe it. That can’t be real. A grown man would NOT wear those shoes! Where could he even find a size big enough to…..oh…never mind…..

  • ROFL. He wouldn’t pick up trash “because that was someone else’s responsibility and were he to do it again and again, they wouldn’t learn and to prove he isn’t a lazy piece of shit, he would pantomime it..”

    How anyone believes this guy is beyond me? It’s the methodology of a guru conman that he intersperses some truth that he’s ripped off with the trash that comes out of his mouth. It’s like his mouth is a specialized bullshit factory.

  • Is this another photoshopped pic of Keith, Frank, or is this just Keith looking goofy without any extra help?
    I wasn’t quite sure if you had edited his face onto the body of a 10 year old, or if Keith really wore velcro sneakers.

      • I guess it must be real then Frank. I was thinking there was no way he could find those velcro sneakers in a men’s size, but then I realized he probably shops in the junior section …so that makes sense.

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