Mexican-Jewish ‘leader’ comes out for ESP: Rafael Zaga Kalach owes his ‘achievements’ to Keith Raniere

Rafael Zaga Kalach says his “achievements were obtained with the learning obtained from the methodology developed by Mr. Keith Raniere.”


The ‘save Keith Raniere’ public relations work continues in Mexico. This time it is a man named Rafael Zaga Kalach, who purportedly is a leader of the Mexican-Jewish community. Zaga Kalach has come out publicly saying he owes it all to Keith Raniere. This appeared on the website Mundo Ejecutivo.

One hopes it does not come back to brand him as a supporter of female blackmailing and hot iron branding of women, which is part and parcel of the methodology developed by Mr. Keith Raniere.

Here is the English translation followed by the Spanish version of Zaga Kalach’s “I owe it all to Raniere” press release.



The businessman of Jewish origin, Rafael Zaga Kalach, said he has experienced the damage caused by prejudice on a personal and professional level, so he resorted to the methodology of self-improvement Executive Success Programs (ESP) to be able to develop in the social field and business

“I have even had the privilege of leading some of the organizations in my community and I know the commitment and effort they require; I have also learned and experienced what prejudices generate in society and how harmful they can be in many cases, since most are totally unfounded, “said the business leader.

Rafael Zaga has served as president of the Central Committee of the Jewish Community in Mexico. In addition, in the private sector, he chaired the National Chamber of the Textile Industry, positions in which he was recognized various achievements in human rights and inclusion, endorsed even by the National Commission of Human Rights.

“Without a doubt, these achievements were obtained with the learning obtained from the methodology developed by Mr. Keith Raniere. I have had the opportunity, over the years, to learn from the courses and tools that have been created, as well as to grow in some aspects such as social and human development, “he said.

Finally, Zaga Kalach commented that the methodology of ESP has positively impacted thousands of people in different parts of the world, to whom it has helped to develop in a better way in the different aspects of his life.

“They are tools that have served thousands of people and whose objectives are to contribute to the construction of a society of harmony and non-violence,” concluded Rafael Zaga.



El empresario de origen judío, Rafael Zaga Kalach, aseguró que ha experimentado a nivel personal y profesional el daño que generan los prejuicios, por lo que recurrió a la metodología de superación personal Executive Success Programs (ESP) para poder desarrollarse en el ámbito social y empresarial.

“He tenido incluso el privilegio de dirigir algunas de las organizaciones de mi comunidad y sé el compromiso y esfuerzo que requieren; también he aprendido y vivido lo que los prejuicios generan en la sociedad y lo dañinos que pueden ser en muchos casos, ya que la mayoría son totalmente infundados”, dijo el también dirigente empresarial.

Rafael Zaga se ha desempeñado como presidente del Comité Central de la Comunidad Judía en México; además de que, en el sector privado, presidió la Cámara Nacional de la Industria Textil, cargos en los que se le reconocieron diversos logros en materia de derechos humanos e inclusión, avalados estos incluso por la Comisión Nacional de los Derechos Humanos.

“Sin duda, estos logros se obtuvieron con los aprendizajes obtenidos de la metodología desarrollada por el señor Keith Raniere. Yo he tenido la oportunidad, a lo largo de los años, de aprender de los cursos y herramientas que ha creado, así como de crecer en algunos aspectos como el desarrollo social y humano”, aseveró.

Finalmente, Zaga Kalach comentó que la metodología de ESP ha impactado positivamente a miles de personas en diferentes partes del mundo, a las cuales ha ayudado a desenvolverse de una mejor forma en los diferentes aspectos de su vida.

“Son herramientas que han servido a miles de personas y que tienen entre sus objetivos el contribuir a la construcción de una sociedad de armonía y de no violencia”, concluyó Rafael Zaga.

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When did he speak up
When did he speak up
5 years ago

Frank do you know when this guy spoke up? I wouldn’t put it past NXIVM to be using old testimonials to boost their strong hold in Mexico.
Some people only did one 5 or16 day training and never were in the brainwashing, cult, aspects of NXIVM so they were never aware of the abuse that takes place on so many levels.
They could of gotten a wow experience from taking any self-help program, NXIVM was just their course of choice.
It could also be this guy is a moron and like to sleep around so Keith is his Master.
Let’s see if he’s singing the same song in a few months.

5 years ago

I derived some intellectual benefit from reading Mein Kampf and enjoyed viewing a number of Harvey Weinstein movies. Does that mean we should let those two guys off the hook?

5 years ago

Oy Vey!! A disgrace for our people!! Well if he comes from Sephardi side…. lets wait and see what basit and his terrorist friends will do to him and all his info and collateral… and if he comes from ashkenazi side must be the stockholm syndrome all over with mussolini and the nancy hitler, etc etc… OY VEY IZ MIR!!

5 years ago

Someone needs to inform this Jewish leader that part of Keith’s spiel is to tell his followers that they are all reincarnated Nazis. I wonder how well this will go over among the Jews… but wait… Even the Bronfman Bitches are Nazis according to Keith, so I guess it’s alright.

5 years ago
Reply to  ionwhitepoetry

They are traitors to the Jewish nation, the darkness is already on them.

Darth VanDouche - Chicken Shit
Darth VanDouche - Chicken Shit
5 years ago

I like how all of these “supporters” of VanDouche regurgitate the exact same things. How NXIVM “technology” has helped thousands of people, blah, blah, blah.

The fact of the matter is, any association to VanDouche is implicit support for female branding, a polyamorous lifestyle, underage sex, evasion of taxes, misogyny, lying, theft, etc. It is utterly moronic to actually endorse him now.

You’ve made your bed, now lie in it, both figuratively and literally.

fed up
fed up
5 years ago

Interesting change in PR strategy in cartel-land- at first there was a strong push for Emiliano to distance himself from Keith, and even avoid mentioning him at all, now there is a push to vindicate the old turd. Oh boy are these promoters of a psychopath going to look like ill-informed idiots when Keith gets extradited and thrown into a US penitentiary where he belongs. I am going to remember each one of their names and remind them lest they forget the stance they took.

5 years ago
Reply to  fed up

You put it well

5 years ago
Reply to  fed up


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