DOS diet said to be the way for women to cure their indulgent nature and weak word

 Keith Raniere has told women, “When you are hungry, there is no need to eat. You can drink a lot of seltzer or carbonated water and it will fill you up and the hunger will pass.”

So what do the DOS women eat.  They are told that a fully-integrated woman does not need many calories. It is her weakness that makes her gluttonous, eating 1500, 2000 or even more calories per day.

Stevia, which is used by most as a simple flavoring, is used as food and it is sometimes poured into tea to provide a substitute for sweets.

Four or five drops is what the average person might put in a cup of tea. Allison Mack, for instance, might put in 50 – 100 drops. It is nourishment.

Sugarless gum is another substitute for the weakness that makes women want to eat sweets. Allison chews a lot of gum, as do some of the other women.

Keith recommends no sugar and preferably no caffeine for women.

Keith, on the other hand, takes plenty of black tea, with almond milk and stevia,  He also drinks an energy drink called ‘Guru’ which has 11.67 mgs of caffeine per fluid ounce – so it gives one quite a buzz.

Keith Raniere advises women to shy away from caffeine. He drinks an energy drink called ‘Guru.’

Keith also likes chocolate, pizza with hot sauce, and waffles. He also has a fondness for flour-less chocolate cakes, macaroni-and-cheese, and omelettes,

Keith often has people hired to cook for him. At one time, Camila Fernandez cooked for him.

Keith Raniere has advised women to maintain a 500-800 calorie per day diet.

He would start his meal with pizza and hot sauce and one or another woman would go to a restaurant and get take out foods. One woman told me she thought a meal with meat was brought to him.

Once a self-proclaimed super-athlete who had, among other things, tied the New York State record for the 100-yard dash, Keith seems to be a little pudgy these days.

As for the DOS women, they drink copious amounts of water with lemon. If their weakness inclines them toward caffeine [and usually they are dog tired because Keith teaches them that sleeping more than 3-4 hours per night is a sign of disintegration], they drink their coffee black or with a little low fat or no fat milk.

They naturally don’t contain any calories because the glucomannan starch they’re made of is an indigestible dietary fiber and also contains no carbohydrates.


Zero calorie noodles is a wonderful belly filler – yet does not make a woman disintegrated for she still stays super thin.

Allison Mack enjoys cucumbers and sometimes squash.

For a time, DOS slave Dani Padilla seemed to be on a candies only diet.

Lauren Salzman has had blood sugar issues and did not stick to low calories for she was trying to maintain her blood sugar. Trying too hard to sleep less and eat little would cause her to pass out and sometimes she had vertigo.

She has cellulite and her baggy clothes help disguise her lack of ability to be integrated at least as far as diet is concerned.

Clare Bronfman keeps to her ‘integrated’ diet, those who know her say.
Keith Raniere at the time he was having sex with 12 – 15 year old girls. This was well prior to DOS.

As for Clare Bronfman, she seems to have the least problem keeping integrated. She eats vegetables, lemon water and Stevia

When the women do cook, they know enough not to use oils or butter which have calories and fat. They employ the low or zero calorie spray for cooking like Pam.

While butter is out for DOS women, a light fry cooking spray may have a ‘butter flavor’ which is not necessarily indulgent since it only has 1 calorie per serving.

No fats with the veggies. No butter. Esther Chiappone Carlson ears butter – but she is known as indulgent.

Esther may be the only slave to openly eat butter in the Clifton Park group.

Women are indulgent; they need discipline, Keith explains.

Allison Mack succeeded in following the diet prescribed but her colleague, Lauren Salzman, has had many ups and downs in maintaining the diet.
In her pre-DOS days, Allison Mack appeared to be both indulgent and voluptuous.

Allison Mack became a leader because she tried her best to eat as little as possible  – and often when she did binge and eat too much, she would throw up after her meals.

The women of DOS help encourage each other to eat little. All of them – and  this is consent which is not consent – are afraid they will be seen as indulgent if they overeat.

For many years, Nancy Salzman ate more than the DOS women did. Some think this may have caused her recent illness. Often times, she was following Keith’s dietary directions – like the time he put her on a juice cleanse that lasted for 40 days. The “good news” is that she did lose weight.

Ivy Nevares would starve herself to the point where she looked anorexic, then she would binge until she looked bloated. Like Lauren, Keith had promised her that she might be privileged to bear his avatar child. Her ‘indulgence’ might have doomed her to be barren of motherhood just like Lauren.

Monica Duran is said to be good at watching calories. All the women need to stay in practice checking out packages for calories. It is so easy to make a mistake and get an extra 100 calories by simple inattention.

Recent photo of India Oxenberg [thinning hair] Michelle Hatchette [emaciated] and Dr. Danielle Roberts [haggard] show off what women who follow the DOS diet can look like after a few years of being non-indulgent. Imagine what they will look like in a few more years.
 Dr. Danielle Roberts is trying to stay on top of it. From her recent pictures, her cheek bones seem to be sticking out – which is a sign she is getting ‘integrated’ by Keith’s standards. India Oxenberg seems to be losing her hair and one person who saw her not long ago noticed that her ankle bone seemed to be sticking out. Michelle Hatchette looks like a concentration camp prisoner.

Keith Raniere teaches that women have weak words and in Monterrey when he dines out at Taller Veganico, he likely keeps an eye on the women with him to make sure they eat sparingly.


Keith Raniere watches over the dietary regimes of the DOS slaves. He has said that women are indulgent, and are treated as princesses in society. They need to learn to control their weak word and discipline such as eating the right amount of food [500-800 calories per day] is how they can accomplish this. He says that it is a scientific myth that women need more than 800 calories a day. He has said women who eat 900 calories per day have defiance issues. However he has arranged for some women to eat 900 calories per day provided they work out after every meal to burn off the extra calories their indulgent natures incline them to consume.

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[…] The Vow circle of only women like slaves. Since he was obsessed with thin women, they were put on strict diets, containing only 500 to 800 calories per day. Many of them became so thin they stopped […]


[…] The Vow circle of only women like slaves. Since he was obsessed with thin women, they were put on strict diets, containing only 500 to 800 calories per day. Many of them became so thin they stopped […]


[…] The Vow circle of only women like slaves. Since he was obsessed with thin women, they were put on strict diets, containing only 500 to 800 calories per day. Many of them became so thin they stopped […]


[…] The Vow circle of only women like slaves. Since he was obsessed with thin women, they were put on strict diets, containing only 500 to 800 calories per day. Many of them became so thin they stopped […]

5 years ago

Keith would be smart to consider what happens when you starve an animal too long- eventually that animal will turn on you, and rip you apart. Humans are animals as well- and a pack of angry woman can be pretty dangerous, Keith.
Maybe you should take that into consideration. ..

5 years ago

Why don’t any of the women call out this short, small dicked, unhygienic ugly fuck? Makes no sense to me.

Cake critique
Cake critique
5 years ago

Vandouche also had about 100 birthday cakes on his birthday. A female chef cooked many variations then he would taste them and give critique i.e. this one needs a little more sugar, this one a little less cocoa etc. The poor woman had to sit through his critique and act thankful for his ‘feedback’. Like wow how special she was to be criticized by him for all her hard work making him birthday sweets.
Another thing I noticed at V-week was that the pizza late at night was the best meal around (and the granola bars). Vandouche’s woman slaves would sneak in while everyone was still in the auditorium worshipping His Sloppiness and grab a pile of pizza for him. Many others missed out on pizza as there wasn’t enough to go around.

5 years ago

lol it sounds like some stocky egomaniacs fancy themselves fitness buffs and nutritionist directors when it sounds like they’re nothing more than hypocritical misogynists

Darth VanDouche - Chicken Shit
Darth VanDouche - Chicken Shit
5 years ago

VanDouche is a fucking hypocrite. He’s a slimy, slithering serpent, requiring of others what he could never maintain himself. Moral exemplars live to higher standards than those who follow them. You can see the strength of a leader in the type of people he produces. He lies to control them and then denigrates the others to invert the ethical judgement: he’s the ethical one, you are not. Therefore, do as I do when I do, do as I say when I don’t do what I require of you.

This kind of muddle-headed thinking lasts only under an environment of brainwashing.

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