Daily Mail: Expose: Dalai Lama paid $1 MILLION to endorse women-branding ‘sex cult’

The Daily Mail has just published a shocking story – well known to readers of the Frank Report – of the sordid behind-the-scenes arrangements that led to the Dalai Lama coming to Albany, NY to “endorse” Keith Raniere.


BTW, I understand there may be a follow up story coming soon….

Here is how the story in the Daily Mail begins…..

EXCLUSIVE: Dalai Lama was paid $1 MILLION to endorse women-branding ‘sex cult’ after secret deal between Buddhist’s celibate U.S. emissary and his Seagram billionaire ‘lover’

  • Buddhist leader the Dalai Lama was linked to NXIVM, the controversial self-help organization described by former members as a ‘sex cult’
  • He spoke at an event in Albany, New York, in 2009 and put a Tibetan scarf round the neck of its founder Keith Raniere in what was said to be a ‘victory’ for NXIVM 
  • DailyMail.com can disclose the Dalai Lama was given $1 million to spend on causes he backs in return for attending the function 
  • The deal to get him to go was made by Sara Bronfman, a billionaire heiress to the Seagram fortune, and Lama Tenzin Dhonden, head of the Dalal Lama’s U.S trust
  • But Bronfman and Lama Tenzin face claims they were lovers, even though the Buddhist cleric took a vow of chastity
  • NVIVM hailed the Dalai Lama’s visit but it is now being hit by claims founder Raniere runs it as a sex cult with a ‘harem’ of women 
  • The women are branded, call him ‘Vanguard’ and believe that sleeping with Raniere, 57, will heal them, according to claims made about NXIVM
  • Raniere denies it is a sex cult but neither NXIVM or the Dalai Lama’s office addressed the latest allegations 

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5230067/Dalai-Lamas-1-MILLION-women-branding-sex-cult.html#ixzz559nU28u7
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  • Vanguard fooled lots of people and he fooled the Dalai Lama into visiting Albany. Still the headline is wrong as there was no women branding sex cult at that time. Sex cult, maybe, but it was not branding at that time. In the end it is no more than a nice headline for the yellow press.
    Let us hope the Dalai Lama used the money for something better than litigation or funding a moron.

  • In trying to raise (hype) the stature of Vanguard, the Bronfman’s lowered the stature of the Dalai Lama.
    In a recent tweet, the DL said, “What’s past is past, nothing can change that. But the future can be different if we choose to make it so. This is no time for complacency, hope lies in the action we take.”
    Let’s hope these words are taken to heart by those in the criminal justice system.




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