Mexican news website attacks Frank Parlato; but makes no mention of Keith Raniere

By Frank Parlato

In my business, if you can dish it out, you gotta be able to take it. But why do I enjoy articles like these so much?

An article about me appeared in

I am not sure what is, or how many readers it has, or if any of its readers have even heard of me. There is no byline. I wonder if the world’s smartest man wrote the article.

I was flattered [especially with the graphics] that they took time to notice me. However, there are several factual errors in the story which, if I get time, I will try to help them correct.

In the USA [perhaps it is different in Mexico], a person is innocent until proven guilty. The jury, not the government, has final say. This what is meant by “trial by the country” [the jury] and not “trial by government”, as they have in some countries.

In the USA, 12 jurors have to unanimously agree that I committed any crime. It is not up to the government to decide. This has led to the axiom: “A person is innocent until proven guilty”. The mere government assertion means nothing unless they can persuade 12 Americans [the jury] that the crimes were committed beyond a reasonable doubt.

I have never been convicted of anything in my life. I was indicted in 2015. It is now 2018. The US government has not set a trial date. I await trial before a jury, before whom I plan to show that the charges against me are false and this was a misguided prosecution.

A corrupt lady by the name of Clare Bronfman seems to have perjured herself and, consequently, may be the main reason I was charged. She is led by a psychopath who brands women. His name is Keith Raniere.  All that and more will come out at trial.

Meantime, I am, by US law, an innocent man. Is it different in Mexico? Is the mere desire by government – or some rich person – to put a man in prison sufficient to send him there? Is there no jury of 12 peers who have final say?

As a journalist, I am curious as to why there is no mention in this story of Keith Raniere, Emiliano Salinas, NXIVM, female pubic branding and blackmailing women – which I think are the essential ‘news pegs’ to link Mexican readers’ interest to me.

Anyway below is the story and the before and after picture


Frank Parlato, if he were imprisoned, before and after a 20 year sentence. 

Without a favorable answer in the case in which a Federal Jury indicted the businessman Frank Parlato, everything indicates that he will spend 20 years in prison.

These accusations against him were made after it was determined that he committed the crime of obstruction to the functioning of the Internal Revenue Service, in addition to electronic fraud.

As if this were not enough, other direct accusations made about the founder and owner of the newspaper, The Niagara Falls Reporter, are for the crime of money laundering, as well as to create a conspiracy against the United States.

Added to this, Parlato is accused of defrauding his audience and readers, even though he himself affirms that he is a transparent person, and that is how he bases his work ethic and how he presents his reports and stories.

In fact, one of his biggest problems came when he tried to prove his innocence in every year that is involved, filed a lawsuit against the City of New York, as well as the Niagara Falls, giving him full back to the place where it has been established and developed professionally.

Judging by his recent appearance, Parlato is much more worried, which has determined that even the age makes havoc on his physique, it looks much greater than it really is.

Once the Federal Jury ends this process, Frank Parlato would finish his sentence within 20 years, which means he could see the outside world again when he turns 82.


Here is the original Spanish version of the story

Sin una respuesta favorable aún dentro del caso en el que un Jurado Federal incrimina al empresario Frank Parlado, todo indica que pasará 20 años en prisión.

Dichas acusaciones en su contra, se dieron luego de que se determinara que cometió el delito de obstrucción a la función del Servicio de Rentas Internas, además de fraudes electrónicos.

Por si esto fuero poco, otras de las acusaciones directas hechas al fundador y dueño del diario The Niagara Falls Reporter, son por el delito de lavado de dinero, así como de crear una conspiración en contra de los Estados Unidos.

Aunado esto, Parlato es señalado por defraudar a sus audiencia y lectores, a pesar de que él mismo afirma que se trata de una persona transparente, y que es así como basa su ética de trabajo y como presenta sus reportajes e historias.

De hecho, uno de sus más grandes problemas, llegó cuando al tratara de demostrar su inocencia en todo año que se le implica, interpuso una demanda en contra de la Ciudad de Nueva York, así como a la de Niagara Falls, dándole por completo la espalda al lugar donde se ha establecido y desarrollado laboralmente.

A juzgar por su reciente apariencia, Parlato se muestra mucho más preocupado, lo que ha determinado que incluso la edad haga estragos en su físico, pues luce mucho mayor de lo que realmente es.

Una vez que el Jurado Federal termine con este proceso, Frank Parlato terminaría su sentencia dentro 20 años, lo que significa que podría ver el mundo exterior de nueva cuenta al cumplir los 82.

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  • This story has a feminine flavor to it – the jealous unvetted wrath of a female is the nuance. But, Keith himself is extremely effeminate and much more attuned to the feminine than any normal man. I think it’s part of that extremely high IQ status he claims.

    • Yes ionwhitepoetry
      Keith really is just like a little teenaged mean girl who is having a hissy fit, which is why I think the tips I’ve recieved on NXIVMs involvement in my harrassment might be correct. The people harassing me have a fondness for trying to trick me with some PATHETICALLY photoshopped fake pictures. They also are hackers, who are now (since yestersay) deleting my tweets from my twitter feed in apparent retaliation for exposing them.
      Sound like something NXIVM might do?

  • Gee Frank, must be those good Italian genes. You don’t age much during the 20 years!! just a few more worry lines.

    Obviously these Mexican “journalists” have not fact checked anything.

  • Haha
    I like your sfter realistic. Lol
    These assholes love to photoshop…but they really suck at it. You should see the work of “Sam I am” at photoshop gurus…..the word is he helps them out with the photoshopped pics they use to harass people.

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