Guest View: Seek Safely non profit designed to help people from being preyed on by self help gurus

Guest View by Cindy;

Good afternoon Frank;

I have read your extensive coverage of Keith Rainere, in the FRANK REPORT.

After reading the report numerous times,  the information remains shockingly unnerving.  This behavior flourishing under the guise of “SELF-HELP” and “PERSONAL GROWTH” is deplorable.

As the director of a senior center in rural Alaska, I have experienced the results of misrepresentation by yoga “gurus” and other self-proclaimed nutritionists, life coaches, and trainers.  Upon months of research, I have yet to find a standard to which such instructors are held financially, physically & emotionally liable for the welfare of their client.

One nonprofit in New York has surfaced as a noble and worthy organization that is funneling energy into legislation on the state level.

 SEEK SAFELY is the name of the nonprofit and their webpage begins like this:

“Meet Kirby. She had an adventurous, dynamic spirit and lived every day to be a better person. Her boundless energy touched everyone around her, but her beautiful life came to a tragic end.”

Kirby’s family started SEEK Safely as a way to guide consumers and keep Self-Help practitioners accountable for their actions through legislation.

Kirby died during an intense 5 day “Spiritual Warrior” retreat in Sedona, AZ , hosted by James Arthur Ray in 2009.

SEEK Safely is a five year old organization and could use exposure and funding.  If you find this information worthy of investigating further, you can find them at

Thank you for your time in this serious matter,



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