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DOS also named as ‘fast track’ on new stripe path; grumbling heard by coaches

More details have emerged on the NXIVM/ESP Coaches Summit that was held last week.

At a special meeting, it was suggested that the surest way to advance on the new Stripe Path will be to enroll in NXIVM’s ‘University’ Program because the new Stripe Path’s rules and higher ethical standards will be the  focus of the curriculum.  The cost of the University is $5,000 per month, which is comparable to Harvard or Yale – and is said to be a bargain price compared to the earnings NXIVM students will earn after graduation.

NXIVM verbally guarantees students will earn significant money and evidences this, officials say, by the fact that the company is willing to accept half [$2,500 per month] in cash, plus a signed contract from the student that he/she will work for NXIVM in the future to pay the other $2,500 per month.

NXIVM agrees to garnish 50 percent of future commissions earned by the student to repay tuition until it is paid in full.

However, another method to advance on the new Stripe Path was mentioned at the special meeting, which was attended by about 60 individuals. This alternate method is available only to female students – and only by invitation.

The problem with the old Stripe Path was that the commitment to the NXIVM mission was not always equal to the highness of the rank. In other words, certain high ranking individuals were not committed to the mission and hence became suppressives. Because of their high rank, they had the capacity to hurt the mission since many students worked under them.

Now to advance on the new Stripe Path, the higher one goes, the more she or he must evidence dedication to the mission.

Women are especially favored in this for a woman, if she is qualified, might be invited to join a sorority, apart wholly from Keith Raniere. Known as DOS, it is a special intensive coaching relationship whereby a coach [known as a master ] coaches several members [called slaves] who form a pod.  These fortunate ones will be taught secret methods that will enable them to grow and qualify for higher levels on the NXIVM/ESP Stripe Path.

Despite the fact that DOS is separate from NXIVM, the rigorous training and robust dedication to the mission will enable women to be prepared to advance quickly on the new Stripe Path.

Some grumbling was heard among certain coaches since some worked pretty hard over the years and paid a sizable amount of money to get to a certain level on the Stripe Path. Now, they might lose their standing if they do not begin spending anew at the University at $5,000 per month, or make an intense commitment of time and effort and become a slave in a secret sorority called DOS.

It was left unspoken, but it was pretty clear to all, that the surest method is to do both: Be a member of DOS and attend the University. Plus, it goes without saying, take the upcoming 16-day intensives, and, from a practical consideration, because of the value that is offered, continue to pay for Ethos [$300 per month].

This extra commitment is not, NXIVM officials argue, a monetary ploy to strip members of their remaining wealth, or, in lieu of money, their full time effort at minimal wages.

Lauren Salzman made a potent argument for NXIVM when she said, “What does it mean if you don’t want to make the effort to make the stripe path perfect?”

The low wages paid to members by NXIVM to repay the high cost of tuition [for those who cannot afford to pay cash] is explained also by Lauren:  “What does it mean when a student is more interested in making money from the mission rather than adding to the wealth of the mission and by so doing adding to her own wealth?”

Lauren Salzman has the answers for coaches who may be stripped of their status: Re-Certify! But she also has a Branding alternative for those who want to move along the Stripe Path even more quickly. 

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  • Where does this leave two of Mexico’s biggest enrolling Sr. Proctors and Center owners Emi & Alex? They will lose all their income unless Vandaddy makes special consideration for them.

  • I have to say this is straight up sexual discrimination. If DOS gets you through the rankings faster, and you need to be a skinny female and have your pubes branded and have sex with the smelly one, then losers like Lucas Roberts and Brian Elliott are getting fucked over. Will Keith make exceptions? Can Lucas and Brian get their tiny little worms branded and be accepted into DOS? I’m sure both would happily take the shaft from Keith to advance (as they have been anyways metaphorically for years). Keith, be fair about this. Let the loser men join DOS too.

About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

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