Guest View: NXIVM contracts protect only Keith

Nancy Salzman AKA Prefect and Keith Raniere AKA Vanguard.

Guest View By No Contract

NXIVM has no written contracts that protect anyone doing business with them. Salespeople, field trainers, center owners, EMP, etc. No one is protected other than their own self-interest.

How is this morally ethical?

When you believe Keith and Nancy are honest, noble and what most people would consider ethical is (other than just consistent) and you have the upper leadership supporting this, most people won’t even ask.

If you do ask about contracts, you have the entire leadership up your business if you question why there are no contracts as if it’s a sin to even ask.

“Why would you even need to ask? Do you think Keith is going to steal from you? Is this your projection? Are you planning on stealing from Keith or have you already done it?”

One sided trust: Vanguard and Prefect are supposed to be trusted completely by NXIVM members, so no contracts are necessary to protect them. Students, however, are not trustworthy, so they must sign contracts at every step. In most instances, students are not given a copy of the contracts they sign. Students are expected not to ask for a copy of what they sign since that would indicate they don’t trust Vanguard and Prefect.


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