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Guest View: Changing Stripe Path rules is not new for NXIVM

Guest View By Sad Stripe Path;

This isn’t new.

They have changed the system a few times in order to keep people in and the cash a flowing. It has happened with coaches/proctors who were working their way to Exploration of Meaning Practitioner [EMP]. Just before they reached EMP status, they changed the system and made them start at EMP 1 again.

LAST Coaches Summit, they were threatening this. They said that to remain an Orange (Proctor), you had to be an EMP (Exploration Meaning Practitioner) before they changed the system. In true NXIVM style, they never told us WHEN they were changing the system. That would mean extra time in classes ($$$$$$$$$) and they are only held in Albany ($$$$$$$$$).

This threat was also used to coerce people to join the University. It was sold as a fast-track to EMP. We now know that the only thing learned in University is grammar from children’s books and 1984. It definitely shook up the current Proctors, who pride themselves on being Orange. It’s all so laughably sad now to think it’s just part of the game Voldemort plays. It’s so smart though; just when people are leaving and the cash cow is no longer moo’ing…

I think they would be nuts to demote people after such a mass exodus. If I was on the edge of leaving, it’d push me out.

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