Coaches Summit meeting discusses 20-20; NXIVM claims ex-members lied

Sarah Edmondson

Sources told Frank Report that at a special meeting during the recent  NXIVM/ESP Coaches Summit, NXIVM officials analyzed the 20-20 news show about Keith Raniere, which aired on December 16, 2017. Their analysis concluded that Mark Vicente and Sarah Edmondson lied throughout the televised program.

Coaches were told that Sarah lied about not wanting to be branded on her groin. NXIVM officials, led by Lauren Salzman, Vice President of NXIVM in charge of education, and Allison Mack, head of humanities for NXIVM, said Sarah desired the hot iron brand and signed a contract so indicating.

NXIVM did not show the contract to coaches.

Ms. Edmondson told the New York Times, 20-20 and other media outlets that she did not consent to be hot-iron branded on her groin and that she had been told it was to be a small tattoo. She also alleged that even after she had been branded, she did not know the brand was the initials of Keith Raniere and Allison Mack because she was told it was  an esoteric symbol representing the elements of nature.

Sarah Edmondson

NXIVM officials shared with members their reasoning for concluding that Ms. Edmondson and Mr. Vicente lied repeatedly on 20-20. Both Ms. Edmondson and Mr. Vicente were Green-ranked NXIVM officials, operated the Vancouver and Los Angeles Centers respectively, and left NXIVM this spring, leading more than 100 others to question NXIVM’s policies and practices and, ultimately, leave NXIVM.

Both the Vancouver and Los Angeles Centers abruptly closed. Since then, NXIVM officials have endeavored to reopen the Centers in both cities, thus far without success.

NXIVM officials said the fact that Mr. Vicente and Ms. Edmondson had achieved the High Rank-level of Green even though they were “suppressives” – a term NXIVM labels people who are not in conformity with NXIVM beliefs –  convinced Keith Raniere that the ‘stripe path’ has ethical problems because it has no surefire way to weed out suppressives before they achieve the High Rank of Green. At that rank, suppressives could do much to harm to the organization.

During NXIVM’s history, 4 of the 14 individuals who achieved the High Rank of Green have left NXIVM, accounting for a 30 percent defection rate at that top level.




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  • So were Lauren and Allison speaking as representatives of NXIVM or DOS or both? Does it even matter?. Step right up Lauren and Allison and take your seats beside Clare on the short bus.

    From what I can put together as an outsider and after reading Mark’s blog posts. Mark began to question his place in NXIVM after watching how his wife was being treated by the bipolar flying monkeys (my characterization not Mark’s). His wife left first, but not before tipping off Catherine Oxenberg that India was potentially in harms way. At or about the same time, Mark found out his good friend Sarah Edmondson had a bait and switch pulled on her and she had wound up branded. At that point he finally realized enough was enough and he saw VanFraud, Lauren, Nancy, Allison et. al. for what they really were: abusive and vile beings. It may have taken a good ten plus years for Mark to see the light but his speaking up and efforts to stop the abuse deserve a big thank you.

    Now for the $100 question: if this stuff is leaking out, then obviously NXIVM has more leaks then the White House does. Maybe in their calorie deprived brains, Lauren and Allison think the remaining sheeple will buy this crock of bull but my prediction is the exodus will continue, especially with Keith and Clare in Mexico..Vandaddy isn’t around to herd and mindfuck his flock.

  • They need to get their stories straight! I thought they stood by the statement that NXIVM has nothing to do with DOS. How do they know about this alleged contract that was signed? Or anything about any of it? And why are they bothering to comment on it at coach summit if they want people to believe it is an unrelated “sorority”? Look, if you are going to lie, you should stick to one story Lauren and Allison. Also, you are assuming that the idea of consent makes any of this less fucked up. If there are 50 branded DOS members and they all consented to the branding, it does not make it ok. For example, there are child brides all over the world. The majority of them would say they consented. Does that make it ok?

    • Well, look into the Epstein/Branson/Prince Andrews connection. Epstein is a known pedophile (or at least an ephebophile – early to mid post-puberty sexual attraction) who has hosted sex parties with underage girls on his private island that many celebrities and politicians have attended. Branson has an island near Epstein. And of course, Branson is friends with the Bronfman sisters, and he allowed the famous from NXIVM, including known celebrities Kristin Kreuk (no longer in NXIVM) and Allison Mack (still in it), to privately vacation on his Necker Island back in 2010. Epstein is certainly an individual who finds nothing wrong with sex with underage girls. VanDouche is obviously like him to and a known statutory rapist. I don’t know whether Branson and Prince Andrews are. These pedophile/ephophile rings are apparently prevalent in such circles of the wealthy and the dirty laundry concerning them are repeatedly hushed. So perhaps, these connections are one of the diseased-ridden reasons as to why nothing has ever happened to VanDouche and NXIVM, et al.

      By the way, the argument over sexual “readiness” varies and is a philosophical/scientific one. In most states in the US, the age of consent is 18. In other cultures, it is post-puberty, typically with 14 set as a minimum. However, some philosophical positions have criteria that is more rigorous. For example, in the Abrahamic faiths, consent isn’t sufficient. Marriage is also requirement. There is no strict lower age, but it is when the person can manage their own property and affairs, and hence have the mental and emotional maturity to handle adulthood on their own and all the things that come with it, i.s., the raising of children.

      • Donald Trump was connected with Jeffrey Epstein before his sex-conviction, and said this about him:

        “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy,” Trump said of Epstein during a 2002 interview with New York magazine. “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.”

        Trump seemed to know about his ‘terrific” pedophile-friend’s preference for young girls years BEFORE it was exposed in the criminal case……hmmmmm….maybe President Trump knows pedophile-Vanguard, too, and will offer him a pardon….

  • I wonder if a MOTIVE for lying was offered to these fools? Ordinarily, normal people don’t lie just on a whim or for the sake of lying. One has to be a certain kind of psychopath to just lie without cause. One would have to be Lauren Salzman or Keith. Even they have motive though. It’s called GREED.

  • Here’s what really happened – Mark finally realized VanDouche is a fraud, and what happened to Sarah was the driving motivator for his defection. I saw Mark quote Malcom X a few times. Malcolm X was a morally upright, intelligent, dignified, and religious leader, with outstanding eloquition. He was of the Nation of Islam and was Elijah Muhammad’s right hand man who was its leader. He eventually found out that Elijah had sired a number of children outside of wedlock among many of his secretaries who worked for him. Knowing that this was unethical behavior for his religious principles especially of a leader who claimed to follow them, he soon after left the organization. Though the details are obviously different, a similar path was chosen by Mark after he found out VanDouche was not all he was presented to be.

  • Wait a second. The smartest and most ethical man in the world’s course design is so flawed that it allows the ability for suppressives to climb the coaching ladder for year after year?! Do you know how much harm on the world this could cause?!

    This “reason” is more pathetic than it is ridiculously laughable. This is the retarded reason they gave for Mark and Sarah’s departure, who had been with NXIVM for over ten years? The sheep of “critical thinkers” in this clown-led ship who buy this bullshit deserve to go down with it. I wonder how the cognitive dissonance wheels are spinning now?

    I know. There is so much evil in the world, even the smartest and most ethical man in the world cannot defy it all. Especially with all those evil forces out their gathering like bugs to put out his spiritual light. They’ve become even more insidious. See how Mark and Sarah broke through! We must gather even more stronger than ever, blah, blah, fucking blah.

    I just barfed inside my head.

    This is nothing more than more cultic mileau control and mystical manipulation.

  • Wait Lauren Salzman is calling them liars?! But she’s a PROFESSIONAL liar… She’s required to lie as a DOS Slave/Master. She has signed her life away. She has to do what the Vanguard says. So everything that comes out of her mouth is to serve her vow and any blackmail hanging over her head. Call it truth if you want. OMG. I’m shaking my head at the stupidity.

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