Apropos Parking lot: Morning: Full; Afternoon: Empty; Evening: Full for Winterfest dinner and talent show

Saturday, January 13th –  Apropos:

Before noon the front lot was full. The back lot was almost full.

Things appeared to be winding down by mid-afternoon. Cars were leaving.
By 2:00 pm, only five cars were in the front and the back lot had about 20 to 25. People were leaving out the back door

Nancy Salzman may have been in attendance. She pulled into to her garage shortly after 2:00 pm.

No one is residing at 21 Oregon.

All the license plates up front were NY plates (Some of these could have been rentals). Later, there was a NJ plate out front when there were only 5 cars up front

After a lull at Apropos, people again started coming back. Tonight is the NXIVM Winter Fest dinner and NXIVM talent night. In the past, Simply Human and Siobhan Hotaling performed; Nicki Clyne did comedy; etc.

The dinner at the Saturday night Winter Fest is typically a little better than what is usually served at Apropos or during Vanguard Week, and is said to rival the meal served at the Festival of Flowers Coaches Summit which coincides with Prefect’s birthday.

The lot was quite full tonight at 9:30 pm. Five cars were pulled up to the building and the row along fork onto 236 was full (maybe one empty spot). Back lot was pretty full maybe another 30-40 cars.

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