If Keith gets raped while held w/o bail awaiting trial, it will be investigated, if he reports it

Readers might like some inside information regarding the facility that will most likely end up housing Vanguard for awhile – and to help Keith get ready to make the transition to his new surroundings – here is some info about Metropolitan Detention Center
   – Facility “Prison Rape Elimination Act” (PREA) report: https://www.bop.gov/locations/institutions/bro/bro_prea_2017.pdf
The Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC), in Brooklyn, houses Federal pre-trial detainees from the New York Metropolitan area as they go  through the judicial process.
MDC Brooklyn is an administrative security facility which houses maximum, in, out, and community custody inmates. The facility has a population capacity of 1,878.
The facility consists of two mid-rise structures — the East and West Buildings. Both buildings cover approximately three and a half acre city blocks. The West building opened in 2000. The East Building was built in 1918. The East Building has eight floors; the West Building has nine floors. There are 2 Special Housing Units (SHUs), divided into Administrative Detention and Disciplinary Segregation.
One Special Housing Unit is located in each building. One consists of 36 beds and the other 124 beds. There are a total of 19 housing units and within those units are showers, lavatory facilities, a common dining area, activity rooms, recreational facilities, a kitchen facility, and a limited number of computers and telephones.
The inmate age range is from 18-82 with an average daily population of 1,770. The facility houses both male and female detainees separately.
The facility supposedly provides mental health and drug-related counseling, religious services, recreation, work programs,  medical care, counseling, education, and law library services. Prisoners tell a different story.
Now, many of you are worried that Keith may be anally ravished.
You will be happy to learn that The Prison Rape Elimination Act [PREA] makes that illegal without his consent.  This law requires a zero-tolerance policy of all forms of sexual abuse and harassment.
Staff receive training on the zero-tolerance policy.
If Keith has any worriment about being raped, he can feel comforted that efforts to comply with the standards are being made in this facility and that all inmates are informed of the zero-tolerance policy during in-processing and during orientation. The procedures are also outlined in the inmate Admission and Orientation Handbook that each inmate receives. It is available in English and Spanish.
Keith can rest easy knowing that if he is raped, all he need do is make a complaint and it will  be investigated.
He can feel confident that he has access to telephones and an email system to report rape if it should so happen. He should also feel safe about not being raped by a female guard.  Cross-gender strip or cross-gender body cavity searches are prohibited, except in emergency situations. The individual shower stalls have shower curtains for his privacy.
There are Special Investigative Agents (SIA) and a Special Investigative Supervisor (SIS), and the FBI may be called in to conduct investigations if Keith should be raped and he reports it.
The agency follows the uniform evidence protocol as described in the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office on Violence Against Women publication, A National Protocol for Sexual Assault Medical Forensic Examinations, Adults/Adolescents”.
If he is raped, Keith will be referred to health services for evaluation and, subsequently, transported to the Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center, where a physician trained to conduct the physical examination and collect the evidence utilizing the New York Sexual Offense Evidence Kit. Social workers will be provided by the hospital for Keith if he needs them.
Meanwhile the Special Investigative Agent (SIA), Special Investigative Supervisor (SIS), the Office of Internal Affairs (OI) and/or the FBI will conduct an investigation. The Special Investigative Agents are knowledgeable concerning their responsibilities. An investigation would never be terminated due to an inmate either being transferred, released, or being murdered. The facility utilizes a PREA Compliance Manager-Information Tracking Log to ensure all required steps of the investigation are completed in a timely manner.
In addition, the facility makes an effort to ensure that inmates such as Keith, if he should be be deemed to be at a high risk of being raped, is separated from those inmates who are at a high risk of raping him.
If Keith gets confused on how to report being raped, there are posters and other documents on display throughout the facility which explain reporting methods.  Keith can email the Office of the Inspector General anonymously and the email is untraceable at the facility level. He can also confide his rape to family or friends who may report the rape by using the BOP website, making a phone call or contacting facility staff.
In the event that Keith is raped by a guard, the facility procedures would allow him to submit a grievance  without submitting it to the guard who raped him.  Normally, Keith would report being raped to the shift operations lieutenant. Policy requires the information concerning Keith’s identity and the specific facts of his rape to be limited to staff on a need-to know basis.
Staff are well aware of their duty to report all allegations of rape and retaliation relevant to PREA standards.
They are required to act immediately to protect Keith, separate Keith from the alleged predator, secure the scene to protect possible evidence, not allow inmates to destroy possible evidence and contact the operations supervisor, medical and psychology staff and refer Keith to medical and psychology staff, if needed.
So, as you can see, Keith has nothing to worry about. At MDC, there is equal justice for all and he can be relaxed knowing that he is not disadvantaged by not having Clare Bronfman’s wealth to gain a superior advantage over his legal adversary.
This rule applies equally if Clare, should she be housed in the same facility. But sources assure me there is no need for her to worry whatsoever about being raped for they say that it is impossible to imagine anyone male or female attempting to rape or even sexually harass her.

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  • This PREA thing is certainly good news for Keith. Now PEA won’t have to worry about him (but I do suggest a name change, maybe to Pooh Pooh?).

  • Wonder if Keith will require all the other prisoners to sign a “Confidentiality Agreement” before he’ll talk to them…

  • All of of this is based on Keith’s not giving consent to homosexual sex. No worries, Keith will give his consent. He’s bisexual and degenerate and will no doubt find it very satisfying. Maybe he will start a male DOS cult? I wouldn’t put that past him

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