NXIVM Coaches summit Jan. 10, India Oxenberg may be in danger; aided by Raniere’s ploy with Park Dietz

All a guy who had the stature of Casper Van Dien would have to do is call for an investigation. Confront Raniere. Threaten to blow his whole con game up. But I doubt he could even find the time to investigate. He is too busy. As these pictures of him show. But at least he should stop sending India messages 'Love you.'. When a person is in trouble - and a little investigation will prove she is in trouble, you help the people you love. Action hero? Indeed.

The summit of Executive Success Program’s (ESP) coaches begins January 10th and is expected to be held at Apropos, the NXIVM clubhouse.

It will bring together not only the remaining NXIVM coaches but most, if not all, the DOS women into one place – the Albany area.

The DOS women will have their secrets and secret orders. What they will be ordered to do is unknown to any except, perhaps, Lauren Salzman and her master, Keith Raniere, at this juncture. I believe India Oxenberg may be targeted for some special danger. Possibly others are as well.

I personally do not accept the so-called findings of Dr. Park Dietz as quoted in the New York Times that India appears healthy and happy. Forensic psychiatrist Dietz was hired by NXIVM to conduct a psychiatric evaluation of India to determine her competency to take NXIVM/ESP classes only. He was not hired to evaluate whether India was competent to be a member of DOS.

That means Dr. Dietz did not get paid by NXIVM to assess whether India is competent to perform readiness drills, where, if a master texts her [as a slave], she has 60 seconds to reply or pay penalties, including fasting, or physical punishment.

In an assessment of whether India is “thriving, healthy, happy, better off, and hasn’t been coerced”, [as Raniere boasted of the DOS women in a statement], Dr. Dietz was not hired to assess India’s competency to recruit others into DOS, or her competency, when she herself knelt naked, and then moments later was held down forcibly and recited a script that began: “Master please brand me. It would be an honor.”

He did not asses whether India is competent to be manipulated by Raniere into having sex with him and whether she is competent to resist his commands to find other women for him to have sex with, and follow near-starvation diets to achieve the type of physique he finds appealing.

He did not get paid by NXIVM to judge her competency to resist doing something demanded of her by DOS including something that is absolutely detrimental to herself – like commit suicide or take the legal blame for the crimes of Keith Raniere or both to save her master and leader, Keith.

Cult expert Rick Ross has stated, on the record, that he fears a suicide scenario is not impossible.

Consequently, India may be in danger.  I do not accept that Park Dietz has done any good by his interloping  in this matter – as a NXIVM [not DOS] hired gun – but rather the use of his name and fame seems more like a cynical ploy by Raniere to save himself and possibly do India [and her mother, Catherine, who has done so much to make this a public issue] immense harm.

I hope that all who care and can be proactive will monitor the DOS women and particularly India Oxenberg during the coaches/DOS summit this week. We shall all live with regret that, in the event of a calamity, knowing so much, we did too little.

The brainwashed never know, much less admit to being brainwashed. Above India Oxenberg [right] with her slave master, Allison Mack. Forget the smiles or the goofy poses, look at their eyes and see the mirror of their enslavement and their lack of awareness of it.

Dr. Park Dietz was not retained to determine India Oxenberg’s  competency to be a member of DOS.

Keith Raniere may have but one objective now: to save himself from life imprisonment. What he will do – or how willing he will be to sacrifice others to save himself – is anyone’s guess My guess is he will stop at nothing to save himself and that others matter nothing whatsoever to him. His track record informs my judgment in this respect.

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  • 21 Oregon Trail driveway empty of cars, but the driveway is plowed as is Nancy’s and Edgar Boone’s. Lauren Salzman’s (21 Lape Road) on the other hand has not been plowed since the last dropping of snow although cars have been through the drive. We know she doesnt pay her taxes, so maybe no one will plow her drive? There was a car parked behind the house in the driveway to day but we couldnt tell if it was Lauren’s BMW. Her garbage cans are not out like her neighbors are for pickup tomorrow. Someone may be staying there perhaps cat sitting but it may not be Lauren. Nicky Clyne was out and about on the streets of Knox Woods a few days ago per a neighbor. First slave sighting since Keith fled to Mexico. (Note Nancy has been seen at least twice)

    Apropos is plowed. It is supposed to hit the thirties and then into the forties by the end of Coaches summit.

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