Guest View: Who will make a deal? – the bus is small and leaving soon

By Who Will Cut A Deal?

Keith is so full of shit. If you said ‘boo’ to the man, he’d run like a baby to someone to help him.

You can only mess with someone’s mind for so long. There is therapy. Come on 10,000 years, really. He’s so full of hot air they must be having a heatwave in Mexico.

Keith wants everyone to think he’s evil, but the only power he has is access to money and the ability to con others. Take away his source of money (freeze the Bronfman money via an investigation) and start breaking up the herd by bringing in the top leaders one by one and seeing who will take a deal first.

So who will play “Let’s Make A Deal?”

Nancy Salzman to help save her daughter Lauren;  Lauren to save her mom?

Steve Ose to save himself so he can be with his wife & child; his wife so she can raise her child?

Clare Bronfman so she doesn’t have to wear that orange jump suit?

Karen U;, she was really dumped by Keith; after all these years, what does she really owe him?

Ben Myers, so he can be with Michelle Salzman?

Emiliano Salinas, so he can get a fresh start with the people of Mexico?

Kathy Russell, she knows about the cash, as does Karen Abney?

These are just a few, but the bus ride to making a deal is short.

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  • The bus ride to making a deal is short, especially when you are on the short bus! You forgot to mention some key players destined for that bus ride: Jim Del Negro – RICO fool, Doctors Brandon Porter – terrorist trainer – and Danielle Roberts – human brander, Rosa Laura Junco – human trafficker of underage girls, Allison Mack – sex trafficker extraordinaire, and the money-laundering Boones…



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