Guest View: Putting Toni Natalie’s exposing Keith in perspective

The leader of NXIVM - Keith Raniere - from a video.

By Several ways to look at this:

When Toni Natalie left, she had no idea the fury Keith was about to unleash on her and her family. The  ridiculous wrath that Keith came at Toni with is what really opened people’s eyes to what was below the surface of Keith Raniere. What Toni had to withstand, after she left Keith, is something no person should have to go through. She is still facing frivolous lawsuits and looking over her shoulder. This inhumane way Keith has acted towards Toni has obviously helped militate against NXIVM’s growth. However, KEITH (with the help of his blind followers) did this to himself.

At, and after, his breakup with Toni Natalie [r], Keith Raniere [l] went from lover, to tearful lover, to scorned lover, to vengeful hater. The natural progression of a warped and demented mind. 

– Where Toni herself has probably helped the most people is by not remaining silent. Telling her story over the last 20 years has helped countless people not get involved or to leave NXIVM early. It hasn’t gotten her anywhere personally, but it undoubtedly has helped others. Thank you to Toni, and thanks to Google for this. (Or maybe we can again thank Keith, because didn’t he and Toni invent search engines?)

– An unsung way that Toni has helped is by allowing the NXIVM inner circle to have a front row seat into the mind of a lunatic. Keith was sold to everyone as a saint. Something doesn’t add up when you see your “saint” behaving as a madman. Keith showed his true colors with Toni. She was the first. For some, it was all they needed to see. For others, it was the slow beginning towards a future tipping point. I have no doubt that Kristin and many other insiders wouldn’t have left without witnessing Keith’s behavior towards first Toni and then others.

–  The fact that Nancy Salzman wimped out and chose her new business over Toni’s life is an example of a decision that inner circle members were forced to make over the years. Even if you make the wrong decision (as Kristin did many times), you don’t feel good about it and most people want to ultimately make amends. I’m still betting on Nancy coming around. Her life literally depends on it. We all know what Nancy really needs to do in order to heal. It’s one HUGE ass music stand that Nancy’s been carting around for 20 years and he (it) needs to go.

Keith Raniere is still suing Toni Natalie, something those who adore him might want to consider: 20 years have elapsed since they last laid eyes on each other – but he continues to hunt the woman who got away from him.

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  • Not many know Toni was trapped in her bankruptcy for eight years with Keith , Nancy , and Kristen are coming after her one after another filing one suit after another and her bankruptcy . That led Toni parents into their own bankruptcy in an attempt to defend their daughter . And her parents bankruptcy Nancy and Kristen came after Toni parents .

    That’s just one lawsuit, eight years she spent one lawsuit . Finally the bankruptcy judge threw the case out of court saying it appeared to be a jealous lovers attempt at revenge . Regardless of that the financial and emotional damage and torture still taken place .

    There were are still are plots with in the inner circle of NXIVM with what to do with their defectors and those that are in that are defiant. Over all the plans are ineffective and mostly set up to scare the weak willed.

    Those that have a strong foundation cannot and will not be silenced and will stand as Ghandi did in the face of great danger. We are the one who want to be the change in the world and see this madness stopped.

    If you’re an ex member of NXIVM, don’t let these lawsuits worry you. Since To his first the understanding of NXIVM playbook is well-known, working together, there is a refinement of how to beat NXIVM in court and expose their lies with a team of people who will work together to help with any defense.

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