Allison Mack claimed she won EMMY but no record found of award

Comparisons are often odious but is Allison Mack to be compared to her mentor in the art of conflation or not?

Allison, before she rose to sudden, startling international fame for being second in command of a sex cult that brands women on their groins with her and her mentor’s (Keith Raniere) initials, claimed a nearly as impressive feat: She won her first Emmy.

It is on her website and Facebook: Allison crowed she won an Emmy award on May 23, 2017.

Perhaps readers could help me out. I could not find any record of her winning an Emmy.

I had the same problem finding Keith Raniere’s record of being an East Coast Judo Champion at the age of 11 or his tying the New York State record in the 100 yard dash.

But those happened some years ago. This was 2017 when Allison claimed she won her first Emmy.

I did find a “Daytime Emmy” awarded to some people involved in an episode of an animated show called Lost In Oz: Extended Adventure.

While Allison had a small voice role as the character Evelyn Gale, she herself did not win an Emmy.

The episode won three Emmys.

WINNER: Lost in Oz: Extended Adventure | Amazon
Executive Producers Kallan Kagan, Abram Makowka, Darin Mark, Jared Mark, Mark Warshaw; Executive Producers Flaunt Productions Jack Liang, Andrew Pearce, Richard Scott, Shuzo John Shiota; Supervising Producer Ken Duer; Senior Producer Dan Mokriy; Producers Sean McAlear, Amy Paterson, Therese Trujillo; Line Producer Sarah Cortina

Outstanding Sound Editing – Animation
Pat Rodman (sound supervisor)
Eric P. Sherman (sound supervisor)
James Scullion (dialogue editor)
Ricky Watson (adr editor)
Justin Kohler (sound effects editor)
Eric Paulsen (sound effects editor)
Tony Solis (foley mixer)
Dicken Berglund (foley mixer)

Outstanding Sound Mixing – Animation
Pat Rodman (re-recording mixer)
Ricky Watson (dialogue production engineer)

Allison is not named on any website for having won the award.

She did not win OUTSTANDING PERFORMER IN AN ANIMATED PROGRAM for that went to Kelsey Grammer, as Blinky in Trollhunters|Netflix/Dreamworks Animation

For Allison to claim she won an Emmy because she had a small voice role in a TV episode that won a Daytime Emmy would be similar to someone who claimed they won an Academy Award because the movie they appeared in won an Academy Award. It is not the same thing.

But in Executive Success, it is not what you do, but what you claim you have done that matters.

As for Keith Raniere, for years he said to incredulous listeners that he was one of the fastest sprinters in New York State history. Frankly, the speed he went running down to Mexico made me a believer.

I honestly used to doubt Keith Raniere had the body that could break human speed records.

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  • It is not the same as Raniere tying for fastest 100 yard dash. He did not get the trophy because he ran the record dash with Pam timing it. But he alone tied the record. There was a photograph too but it was lost when his landlord evicted him.

  • So let me understand. If I appeared in a small role in the movie Titanic . Say a drowing crewman I could claim honestly I got an academy award ?since Titanic won best picture? Is that industry etiquette ? I can go about telling agents and folks back home I won my first academy award ?

    • I agree, Allison is full of shit and delusional. She buys her lies and so do her fake friends around her.

  • She would be technically correct. The award for the episode, which, as episode #0, at over an hour runtime, was either the pilot or a pre-series movie, and having won in the overall category of Children’s Animated Program, is earned by the ensemble production, including all cast and crew. Typically for television, when the show wins an overall category award like that, only the producers are named. It’s a team effort and even the lowest assistants can be proud of the win.

    • but she isn’t going to have an Emmy on her counter at home to show off right. She can say the show go an Emmy and I played a small part in it, which technically would be more correct.

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