Ivy Nevares 2016 at V Week. She did not attend V-Week 2017.

Report from Clifton Park Neighborhood Watch Committee

Perhaps a trip over to Half Moon town hall and some title searches would answer these questions: Who holds title to the NXIVM occupied properties? Are their liens on the properties? Are there mortgages on the properties?.

I have a sneaky suspicion that like the Russian Oligarchs, NXIVM moved cash brought across the borders and it laundered it into real estate that was purchased for cash.

Allison Mack is known to have purchased 7 Generals Way and 127 Grenadier Court in Knox Woods.

Frank Report has reported she also cosigned and/or loaned Dr. Brandon Porter money for him to buy his house on 45 Oregon Trail because the “doctor/scientist” didn’t have good enough credit to afford it on his own. She also has/had an apartment in Brooklyn (unknown if that was a rental or purchase). Allison lived in 127 Grenadier for a while (conveniently located across from 1-3 Flintlock) and it is also where India Oxenberg stayed at least for a while when she first came to Albany. The current inhabitant is a skinny, dark haired girl who sunbathes outside all summer and currently has a bunch of Christmas trees up and a Buddha outside.

Ivy Nevares’ town home unit at 115 Grenadier has its windows papered up and it appears that no light ever enters. Maybe a sliver does through the deck door. She could be holed up in there like a vampire, dead or vacated it. It is very eerie.

Keith may be in Mexico and the walkabouts with the harem members may have ended, but there is still activity in NXIVM Village and the Neighborhood Watch Committee has its eyes and ears open.

And this may or may not be true: A friend who is a paralegal for a major Albany law firm with no NXIVM affiliations mentioned that a certain NXIVM high rank has been deposed.

We don’t call it Smallbany for nothing.

Ivy Nevares, writer and dancer, has been a member of his harem since the early 2000s. Mr. Raniere once promised she would bear for him his first born child. In the summer, she was reportedly suicidal when she learned that her Vanguard had lied to her. Where is she now?


Everything is designed to be ethical in the secret world of Keith Raniere – or so he says.


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