Cause for alarm or business as usual: Keith, Clare, ESP members furtively plan for the new year

Sources say things are moving fast.
Certain ESP members have been ordered back to New York State.
Officially, there is to be a ‘Commitment Weekend’ at SOP in New York City, Friday, January 5, 2018.  There is also a rumor of a Special Meeting, or New Years’ Party which may entail a surprise ‘request’ for members after they arrive.
It is not known whether Dr. Danielle Roberts has been advised by her NYC attorneys at Abrams and Fensterman to do no more branding of women on their groins, but at least one insider speculated that Keith may demand a renewed ‘commitment’ from women in early January.
With the noose of law enforcement possibly tightening on Vanguard, after decades of unrelenting crime, some – and perhaps these are alarmists –  have conjured up a Jonestown style mass suicide scenario.
For the record: There is no hard evidence of this, or any evidence that Keith Raniere will return from his haven in Monterrey. But one source who knows Raniere intimately said, “If Keith is genuinely ‘freaked’ he could try to arrange, but less likely participate in, a mass suicide.”
“Keith is too craven to commit suicide himself,” said one source. “But he might be willing to ask his followers or better yet trick them into it. He might also fake his own death as he leads them to higher levels [i.e. suicide] via skype.”
Others say that scenario is wild, not remotely likely, conspiratorial, foolish and should not be published on Frank Report.
Twenty years of torturing women might be leading to a reversal of fortune for the Vanguard.
In the rare event that it could become a reality, I decided to mention it with the firm warning that there is NO EVIDENCE OF A PLAN FOR MASS SUICIDE.
But when even eminent authorities like Rick Ross mention it as a possibility, it should not go unstated.
As another source told Frank Report: “I think Keith needs to change the narrative. Someone dying – even his own faked death – or someone committing suicide might be the necessary distraction. He teaches distraction techniques.”
One thing for sure, during this holiday season – and this is a message directed at parents and family members and friends of those ensnared inside the cult of Keith Raniere – no one in ESP is safe and no one should expect a normal response from a man who is not used to being hunted but rather has spent decades hunting enemies, mostly women who scorned him.
At this critical time, Keith Raniere appears to be keeping his remaining followers busy focused on their ‘issues’. Some have been called to New York. All have been given assignements – although several have been shunned and their names might surprise you if I was at liberty to name them.
“He has devised multiple outs, and he is 10 steps ahead of the game,” said a source who was in regular contact with Raniere until recently. Among the options he has include: disappearing, plastic surgery, using Bitcoin and other hidden money to bribe his way to escape and a new identity.
Karen Unterreiner has been named as the only follower, other than Keith, who is fully aware of the road map to Keith’s secreted money. He has taken to using burner phones to communicate with her and calling from others’ houses.
We only know this: Something is up. People have been summoned. Nancy Salzman’s health condition remains closely guarded. Raniere remains in Mexico and sources claim he is NOT coming back in January, except possibly in shackles.
Meantime, according to an inside source, Clare Bronfman, Lauren Salzman and others are spreading false ‘data’ about the numbers of remaining followers and are exaggerating wildly the numbers of dedicated people in Mexico and in the USA.
Self centered, cruel, and myopic, Clare Bronfman is now on a ride she cannot entirely control. Even her inherited wealth cannot get her free, not entirely. If she holds on, she is in trouble and if she lets go – she falls in the water. Which is safer — the answer is clear_ she will have to let go – the only question is when?
In addition, Clare Bronfman reportedly confided to more than one source that her attorneys advised her to engage a top criminal defense attorney versed in federal criminal practice with experience in both the NYC Manhattan [NY Southern], and Brooklyn [NY Eastern] and ‘Main Justice’ [DC headquarters of DOJ.]  The end objective: to seek a plea deal ahead of the pack.
Is Keith Raniere 10 steps ahead of the game, or is he really 10 steps behind the most common man who knows crime does not pay; honestly pays and deceit always brings ruination to the person or the empire?
Ironically, Raniere may call upon followers to make a lasting, more significant commitment, as Clare may make a secret commitment to save herself 20 years in the federal penitentiary for women, skating by with a period of institutionalization, payment of a significant penalty, and a possible old age in quiet retirement.
And this my friends is Executive Success precisely as Vanguard planned it.
In an upcoming post , I will examine Raniere’s latest fleecing of Bronfman wealth to the tune of more than $20 million and where he hid the money.

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  • If a mass suicide *were* to happen, I expect it would be in Fiji: where it would be easier for Keith to escape blame and comeuppance.

  • Keith has always had an aversion to cell phones, although we have witnessed him walking and talking on one (and usually his arms moving a mile a minute when doing so) I believe it was Kristin Keeffe who stated in her recorded call with Barbara Bouchey that he never had a cell phone in his name. He also used to talk on the pay phone at the Stewart’s on the North side of the Crescent Bridge not the Stewarts closest to Knox Woods on Guideboard road.

    I hope the FEDS are monitoring this blog and move in on Karen U who resides at 3 Flintlock Lane and drives a Mercedes SUV. It’s time to cut off the funds to Keith.

    Nancy is mobile; she was seen getting into her car in her driveway and she was also seen a few days ago over near Raleigh/Wilton Court in Knox Woods. Probably visiting Dani Padilla in her carriage house. Question? Who is EMing who? She does not look well at all. Battling cancer for a second time and knowing and living with the fact that your eldest daughter is under investigation by the FEDS most certainly will quicken up ones demise.

    Also appears that an ESPian who drives a silver KIA suffered car trouble. It was being towed out of Lauren Salzman’s driveway sometime last week.

  • The one thing Keith loves is destroying things. He enjoys the long drawn out journey that takes place of his destruction. I think he’d rather see people in jail than a mass Jones Town kind of situation take place. That would be too quick, too easy and I don’t think his type of followers would be up for doing that willing. His joy would be over too soon.

    I can’t imagine him coming back to the United States especially New York knowing that it would be easy for the FEDS to snatch him up if they investigation at that stage.

    NXIVM has always lied about its number of active members. Those that get paid for training and EMs know the truth. How’s your on-going paychecks been lately? Thinking of getting a part training job at the cheesecake factory? Clare paying to destroy so papers or films? How about leaving Albany and moving back home and living with family for awhile until you can get back on your feet?

  • I wish we could all go back in time to when obese Keith existed. It feels like that time was more carefree. He was mainly interested in scamming large amounts of people for money vs. branding, rape and pedophelia it seems like. If I could go back in time, I’d chemically castrate him then watch old re-runs of Star Trek eating burgers and picking his brain on what it’s like to be a sociopath. Maybe that would have changed the future. I like the episode with Gorn – the green dinosaur that Kirk fights. I will always wonder if chemically castrated Keith would have liked that episode too.

  • Keith will never commit suicide, he will never fake his own death — his ego is far too attached to being who he is known to be. Nor will he have plastic surgery to alter his appearance – outside of surgeries necessary to maintain an appearance of youth. He is invested in his personal Brand. He cannot even create a new scam like he has done in the past – There nothing that he can come up with that will top what he’s already accomplished. I honestly wonder what he’s going to do now. One thing that might very well happen is a mass suicide, particularly among the women – for they have given up the most, and it’s they who are willing to give up everything – even their lives – for Keith. The women hold his darkest secrets, from abuse of power, money and sexual abuse of slaves to murder. He must get rid of them if he’s going to have any peace of mind going forward. TO THE AUTHORITIES: You must not rule out this possibility. You have investigated the women. You have said that nothing can be done about the branding etc because it’s all been “consensual” — okay, fine. But, there are laws against incitement, would inciting others to self harm be considered part of this? Or is it a case of Law Enforcement not being able to do anything legally until the crime has been committed or is in process?

  • I can’t believe people still follow this charlatan. He’s nothing but a massive con artist who has used the rich and naive to secretly enrich his own pockets. He’s laughing inside at all of you for being so mindless every time you buy into the utter bullshit that is regurgitated from his mouth. It is simply unbelievable how clueless these people are.

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