Father of DOS slave worried publicity might tarnish daughter and possibly him too

It always struck me as odd that not one father of any of the DOS women are doing anything to publicly stand up to Keith Raniere.

Instead, only a woman – a mother – Catherine Oxenberg – has had the guts to stand up to the tyrant Raniere.

I do not want to say that these men are ball-less [although I think it sometimes]. There are nuances to such delicate relationships of daughters in a cult especially when the daughters are over 21.

Recently, I had the curious experience of a powerful and prominent father fighting my efforts. I was trying to encourage him to help his daughter –  a young branded DOS slave  – get out.

He had read on the Frank Report that his daughter was named. He declined to say if he believed his daughter was being blackmailed or was branded.

It did not matter, he said.

I asked him if he knew or had any reason to suspect that [name redacted] is being used for money laundering, tax evasion and visa fraud schemes?

He did not want to discuss it.

His one concern was that his daughter should not be named on Frank Report for she might become known as a member of a sex cult and it might hurt her future career. And, he added, he is, after all, a quite prominent and well known man. His status might have something to do with her getting publicity that she otherwise would not get.

Reporters might tie his name to hers and use that as a lead for a story naming them both.

I told him some victims left DOS because I named victims and exposed this criminal enterprise. Some women did not know the initials of Keith Raniere were on their groins until they read it on Frank Report.

He said I know nothing about that.

I asked him if he thought his daughter was safe and fine where she is? And if she is not, what efforts, if any, would he make to get her away from Raniere.

He said he saw nothing that indicated she was anything but fine.

I told him his daughter is reportedly bulimic and stopped having a menstrual period like many DOS women.

He said he knew nothing of such things and it was not something his daughter would tell him so why should he take my word.

He said the one thing he knew was that his daughter should not become known as a branded woman in a sex cult with all this publicity getting out for that might hurt her future business career and might hurt his business too – which his daughter would definitely not want to happen.

Both he and his daughter spoke about it and they agreed that naming her on the Frank Report and the possibility of getting publicity was wrong and worse than anything that was happening to her now – which he knew of nothing bad that was definitely happening – except what he read on Frank Report and in the media – which he doubted was as bad as it is said.

He did not think the branding or even the sex cult thing was wrong in itself. He himself had done a lot of playful and kooky and kinky things, when he was young.

When I was finished talking to him, he called the mother [they are divorced]: According to her, he said, “Frank is not an expert. He is a mean spirited bully, trying to use terrorist tactics to shame people into doing things the way he wants. I don’t know why you think it is OK for him to shame our daughter and shame me. You know that I have always been there for [redacted] & I will protect her precious heart as I have always done. He obviously does not care about her.”


Vanguard teaches ethics to people. He likes to teach ethics that he does not practice. Ethics are something Vanguard specializes in. It takes rare talent to teach when you know nothing about the topic.

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5 years ago

He is only his stepfather and the”i m a prominent figure “make me laugh because he is only a shitty actor who would be nothing without the two women he married considering they had more connections in the business than him. This guy is only an egocentric and relevant for nothing. Concerning the girl, the fact that she has more respect towards someone who treated her mother badly and who is not her father tell a lot about her. People in this organisation describe it as something ethical, but all this people seem only concern about their well-being and they seem to don’t care about the lives they might have destroyed. They want more people joining. All this espians who choose to stay should take responsibilities of their act and be punished. I’m very sorry for Catherine Oxenberg, it’s obvious that she is the only one who truly cares about her daughter. Hope this girl would wake up before it’s too late and don’t listen to the stepfather who is more into publicity than her safety whatever he says.

Concordia Prof outed
Concordia Prof outed
5 years ago

Someone I know who attends Concordia University just sent me a message saying there was a reddit thread this morning outing a Prof as a sex slave. Diane Limm. Holy eff! I wonder if Concordia knows they have a cult member teaching their students. My friend said the post expressed concern about students being recruited:(.

Reddit Thread
Reddit Thread
5 years ago

Anyone find the Thread?

5 years ago

When the father only cares about HIS image, the father betrays his narcissism. He and Keith are birds of a feather. The daughter never stood a chance…

The Shinny Thing
The Shinny Thing
5 years ago

If they are still in the sex cult and bowing down to their Vanguard, why not out them for who they are? There is no reason to protect the father or the daughter. This is what happen when one makes bad choices in their life. Sometimes it comes back to bite the parents in the butt.
If she leaves the sex cult, she can heal her reputation, many have in the past.

5 years ago

Imagine, your daughter is branded and in a cult and the father is saying “ how does this affect me?”

My customers and peer group would not shun me, they would support me in my efforts to regain my daughter.

Catherine Oxenberg is NOT shamed or shunned. She has the respect and support, of every parent in America.

5 years ago

Catherine Oxenberg is the only true, loving , and caring parent of the bunch.

If KR has met his match, it’s Cat Oxenberg.

Even if Raniere skates free, India will have her to go back to, and I think even she knows this in the recess of her brainwashed head.

Like Frank, I’m saying to myself, “Where are the fathers?”

Darth VanDouche - Chicken Shit
Darth VanDouche - Chicken Shit
5 years ago

It’s a good thing “father of the year” here cares about his and his daughter’s reputation instead of the fact that she still remains in a sex cult under the will of a dirty old perverted man.


Shame only works on people with a conscience. People who have no conscience have no shame. They do whatever they want, like VanDouche. At least if you still have shame, consider it a good sign you that still have a conscience.

F. D. C. Willard
F. D. C. Willard
5 years ago

Even if you cannot get her out of the cult or her parents to try to do something it is still important to name these people publicly. What is worse in the end? Making the truth public and possibly saving only one girl she might try to recruit for her master and possibly damaging her public self-portrayal or to let it continue?
It is a shame to see so many superficial people, who are only interested in not losing their faces. One would think helping their children and others would have a higher meaning to them, but in the end there is one question that remains. What would the friends/colleagues/customers say? This is the important one i guess.

5 years ago

She should not be known as a branded slave of a sex cult, even though she is a branded slave of a sex cult is probably the reason his daughter IS a branded slave in Keith’s sex cult. Daddy obviously did a horrible job of letting his little girl know that he loved her.

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