Ion White Poetry: Like most cult leaders, Raniere is more gay than straight

As with the majority of Cult leaders – and that’s all Keith Raniere is – Keith is also more homosexual than he is heterosexual, and while that doesn’t always mean that one hates and wants to degrade women, this trait is often found in pathological males with mommy issues.

If Raniere even liked women, which he does not, he wouldn’t put them on starvation diet, brand them with his initials, abuse them mentally and torture them physically.

Sex with women for him is an act of hatred and violence, also rape, since these women are far too beaten down and debilitated in every aspect to even begin to give consent to sex with him. He’s a disgusting, homophobic brute who obviously blames women for his attraction to men and daily takes this out on all women of all ages who are unfortunate enough to know him or be around him.

Is Keith Raniere more gay than straight? He does like to put women on near starvation diets to help get them flat chested and give them a boyish figure.
He created a cult disguised as a self help coaching group. He turned that into a sex cult and most reports are his main interest has been in women. Yet reports have surfaced that he has had affairs with boys and young men. A Frank Report correspondent has a photo of Keith in drag which is to be published at the appropriate time.



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  • You are equating homosexuality with hating women and that is dangerous, spurious nonsense. His sexuality has nothing to do with how he treats women. There is no evidence of him having sex with men and if he is attracted to men and women that would make him bisexual although it’s not right to label someone who has not officially come out. Again, the sexual out look of this site seems mired in the 1940’s.

  • Based on what I observed of Keith and what I have learned as a therapist, I still believe that Keith was sexually abused as a youth, most likely by his mother. He definitely hates women but is also attracted to them, especially if they’re rail-thin like his mother was.

    I have also heard stories about Keith hitting on young men. That would also be consistent with a man who was sexually abused as a child himself.

    And while it’s interesting to speculate exactly what it is that fuels Keith’s bizarre behaviour, the bottom line is still the same regardless of the reason: he needs to be taken down so that he can’t hurt anyone else.



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